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Stock market "traps"

Updated on January 31, 2011

Modification of supply and demand
This is only the alteration of normal
current supply and demand in the stock market

 through fictitious transactions, as
depression or artificial stimulation of
Thus, it is possible that, for example,
you see a steady decline in the price
own action, and finally decides
discard it. However, it could
be possible that a number of
holders of these bonds, is the subject of
agreement to sell at the same time
Hopefully, by the great offer, this
drops action, then, on a common date,
buy them all at once.
Therefore, it is good to see a
financial advisor before discard
tenure, "even when you see that this low
plummet, to ensure that the market
REAL justifies this low.
"Makeup" of contributions
The "manipulation " of prices, deals
operations performed by a company
that trading through intermediaries or
a corporation, they manage to control a
value, defining whether this raises or lowers the price.
In this case, what actions should be investigated 

can be handled by these groups,
to dismiss the fluctuations of
stock market, and focus only on
balances and statistics from the company itself
Plus ...
Moreover, it should not forget
carefully controlled committees,
maturity, the balance of firms
listed on the stock market, supply and
demand and legal standards
force, and those who can reach
Closely following investment
As always, the best recipe to control
investments, is to follow them closely. To
this, you can use many different media: radio,
newspaper, TV (with channels Bag
cable, as Bloomberg and Reuters), or
Hiring a financial agent to make the
work for you can be a good
alternative, but also must "follow the
close ", and not leave everything in their hands,
informed of every move.
Internet, a separate chapter
Internet has revolutionized communications,
but especially with regard to all
referred to the financial market, thanks to
speed and interactivity. In several countries of the first world, and even in some

South America, the consultation on quotes
Internet, is a common mechanism and
The portals that can provide
information thereon are specialized,,
The journal serves to help them gain
understanding the world of finance,
Articles by analysis, but
stock information is a day late.
No time for controls
You may want to use your time
in other activities (work,
family, hobbies, etc..) and want to hire
a consultant to the grueling task of controlling
your finances. Indeed, there is great
number of organizations that provide the
information services and analysis of funds
investment, and the tools
needed to assess and control
these financial flows.
Of course, logically, you must pay
these services, and, as noted earlier, not
should "come off" completely
case because, in financial,
never be trusted 100 percent ...

read the whole series (:


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    • universalcable profile image


      7 years ago from Liberia

      If the economy is slowing down and a recession is feared, for example, the Fed may take action to increase the money supply. It may lower interest rates, lower the reserve requirement, or buy bonds from banks. Any of these actions will provide more money for banks to lend, encouraging consumers to spend more. Spending will cause businesses to produce more goods and services.


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