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Stocks to Buy Today

Updated on November 27, 2013

About six months back I have began my journey into the convoluted world of stock trading. I have to say that some of my first trading choices were questionable. However, I have learned my lessons and have moved on since. I am currently a successful stock trader making approximately two hundred dollars per day trading stocks.

So let me begin by going over some strategies that do not really work. Some amateur traders may think that purchasing a stock at a low point guarantees a speedy profit. Well, my first trade ever was made on this misconception. I naively purchased some shares of Broadcom semiconductor stock when it hit its 52 week low in July. Big mistake! It took several months for this stock to start going back up and it still goes lower than the price I initially bought it for. My best advice to the newbies is not to hold on to losing stock for too long without a very good reason. Unless you think there is some big event up ahead which is magically going to make everything better, just sell it and move on.

I actually waited several months to sell this stock before finally selling it at a loss. It was not a very big loss, but I still felt bad. Let us not forget that I still have to pay taxes on all these so called earnings. Well, I am very much looking forward to my Christmas bonus, lets just put it that way.

So after selling BRCM at a loss, I decided to implement some other trading strategies, which were not all that bad, but not one hundred percent successful. I have attempted to purchase Guru bargains, growth stocks, stocks rising on high volume and more. Well, you get the point anyway. Eventually, I realized that all of these surface indicators were there because of an internal reason having to do with the company I was looking into and its business operations. In the end of the day it is all about growing profits and the bottom line. I have quickly learned that a company that recently completed an acquisition is almost always a great investment. Some people may choose to hold on to these types of companies for too long. As for myself I only wait to make one percent from my entry price and after that I am out and on to the next stock. So currently I am possibly looking to buy Cubic. If you check out the recent news, Cubic just completed the acquisition of the Transport Solutions Business of Serco. I am not so sure about this stock and I will be watching it in the next few days. But if you are to buy anything right now, this would be it. Penny stocks may offer more growth over the long term, but I do not feel comfortable with holding onto stocks for too long. Good luck and happy trading!


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