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Strategies & Tips to Make Money Online with Amazon Associates

Updated on February 9, 2014

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Online Affiliate marketing is a term that many individuals have not heard before. What it really means is that you create a portion or percentage off of mentioning individuals to products or services. It is different than network marketing because it is done online, and you do not have to present anything to a individuals.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is becoming an internet affiliate marketer. You links to & promote individuals to products on Amazon, and when products is bought, you earn a commission fee or percentage. It is ideal for individuals who do not want to create or grow anything, but do like to relate individuals to products that they themselves like. You don't have to hassle with the buying, payments or delivery. You just promote amazon products , and leave the rest up to Amazon & make money online with amazon affiliate marketing.

The Amazon Affiliates program is one of the largest affiliate promotion programs in the world. This is just because Amazon is selling A to Z categories of products and almost all kind of product available on Amazon Store. Many companies use as presenting new customers, then invite them later to browse their own websites for more items or services.

The Amazon Affiliates marketing is a well developed, simple and easy to use, program that can be used on squidoo lenses, blogs, hubpages hubs and websites to promote items related to your niche topic for free, and you can earn between 4% and 8.5% commission on product sales depending on your volume of product sales recommendations. Amazon Affiliates links are super simple to place in your articles, and if you follow the strategy that I will outline in this article, I guarantee that you will build success with Amazon's affiliate program & start making money online without having any personal website.

The Best Amazon Associates Strategy to Grow Your Earnings

Amazon Store
Amazon Store | Source

Step-By-Step Guide and Low-Cost Setup for Beginners to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate. (Online Business Series)

Shop on Amazon Online

Shop on Amazon Online
Shop on Amazon Online | Source

First Step Towards Affiliate Marketing

Here is the best recommended eBook for affiliate starter. if you are thinking to jump into affiliate marketing, I would recommend t use this book. It's name on amazon store is Easy First $Dollar With Amazon Affiliate: Step-By-Step Guide and Low-Cost Setup for Beginners to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate.

Becoming a effective internet professional has a studying bend just like any new expertise. Once you comprehend how the program performs, you can implement your own skills in your market to create a following of clients.

Consider This : Remember that if you are purchasing with your affiliate link, you won't receive anything. So If you like purchasing good products from amazon, find a friend of yours that is also regularly purchasing from amazon. You both create new amazon affiliate account.Whenever you purchase, you both use each other's affiliate links to make purchase. This way you both friends will earn together.

With Amazon Affiliates, you earn a greater amount when you have more sales. Expenses and income are measured on what delivers out, not what is you will show the income when products actually delivers from Amazon. Rates (shown in the image below) are based on how many items deliver.

Note: If you are getting 10000 clicks on your affiliate link but no sale done, you will get nothing. But don't be panic. There are thousands of peoples who earning more than they expect from amazon affiliate marketing program. So try and try, you will get succeed.

There are a few exclusions to this concept. Some groups have a reduced profit edge, and therefore have a reduced amount, and others have a greater amount, usually when Amazon is trying to market them more. These do change every now and then, and you can keep up to date with changes in your Amazon Affiliates account.

Recommended eBook for Successful Affiliate Program Management

Amazon Associates Program Referral Rate Chart

Amazon Associates Program Referral Rate Chart
Amazon Associates Program Referral Rate Chart | Source

How Much Do You Earn Per Month From Affiliate Marketing?

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Promote Right Products to Earn More

The second thing to consider is promoting right products.If you are getting 4%, and are promoting only$10 product, you will get $ .40, but a $100 product will let you earn $ 4.00 hardly. However, it is less likely that people will buy as many high cash products as they would low cash products.

If you promote right product with higher amount, say 100 USD product, and your referal commision is 4%, you will get 4 USD per product. If that product getting sold 100 times, you will easily make 40 USD. If you are promoting best selling amazon product with such rate, there will be higher chances of make more money from your amazon affiliate account.

Plan A : Sell 10 USD products 100 times and earn 4 USD.

Plan B : Sell 100 USD product 10 times and earn 4 USD.

Just repeat your plan and start growing your affiliate income day by day.

How to Increase Amazon Commission Rate

There are two plan to increase amazon referral commission rate. Plan A and Plan B.

Plan A : Promote non-expensive products with most selling and demanded products. This way, sale will be more and referral rate will be more.

Plan B : Promote expensive products with most selling and demanded products. This way, make few sales and earn more amount than referral amount.

Next step is repeat the plan. Just choose which plan you like to proceed with and then repeat and repeat that plan again.

Thousands of Dollars

Thousands of Dollars
Thousands of Dollars

Original Content Product Reviews Bring Targeted Traffic

Note that, organic peoples who actually looking for purchasing product will concentrate more on reviews. If they comes to your review article and then purchase your product to give you commission.

Simplest Way To get More Selling is to Create Review Article

Don't ignore this. Most of the peoples, I think almost all persons who are trying to make purchase online will look for the review of the product first and then make purchase. For example, I have written review about Top 10 Android Phones to Buy In 2014. There are so many peoples who are interested to search about top 10 android smartphone & ready to spend 500+ Dollars on smartphone.

So what people will do is search for review of top 10 smartphone and then compare them with each others. They will decide to buy or not the recommended product from review. So write positive review about your product. Even if you are writing positive review about Sony camera worth 300+ USD and it got first rank on Google, you have done.

Whenever people will search with Sony camera keyword on Google Search or other search engines, they will get your product review link on first. They will read your review in brief and purchase product with your affiliate link.

With Whom to Start

If you are writing products review on your own blog, it would be little difficult for you to get it on rank, optimize your content & images for SEO, creating high quality backlinks, getting enough traffic and readers to read your site, If there are any SEO updates, you have to recover your site from those panda or penguin updates.It means you always have to stay updated with all search engine's algorithm, to get ranked.

You have to create on page SEO and Off page SEO to build domain authority and get ranked on Search Engine Result Page.Instead, I would recommend to use hubpages or squidoo to write review articles for any products.

Those are high pagerank and authority sites, regularly updated with search engine's algorithm. So you don't have to worry about any SEO techniques. Just write article, promote products and leave rest of things on those sites. They will do everything for you.


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