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Financial Independence

Updated on August 29, 2012

Getting to the point where it's not necessary to work to have money to pay all monthly expenses is more and more a target of the small investors who know precisely what are their financial goals.

Reaching the level of financial independence is not easy for a person who has a small asset base or do not have the commitment necessary to follow the objectives, overcoming the ups and downs of business and investments that will emerge along the financial way.

We know that money can generate money and the more you have more you can win. But there are ways to build a sufficient assets to risk more in order to obtain more substantial gains.

The first steps are not easy for those who have no assets, but there are some tricks to achieve this goal: sacrifice.

  • Saving - reduce waste and reuse;
  • Increase skills - to learn new areas, have more knowledge;
  • Working more - sleep less;
  • Be informed - decisions are based on information;
  • Investing - seek the best investments.

The way to have an unconcerned financial life is not equal for everyone, because the amount required is different from person to person. The risks that each one can be expose are different, therefore the time of applications will also be different.

Achieving the state that work can be an option, with the yields giving us the necessary funding so that our life flows smoothly is the goal of almost everyone!

You need to keep that goal in mind so that the path is drawn daily.

The three formulas that can generate constant monthly income and have greater chances of success are:

  • Buy Real Estate for Rent;
  • Investments;
  • Business.

  • Buy Real Estate for Rent

Buying real estate below market value and after obtaining a return of them through rental is a successful strategy that quickly produces results. The Real Estate is still the best investment that we can make, especially in certain locations.

The rental is one of the ways that produce better results in achieving financial independence because rents are deposited monthly.

  • Investments

Through investments is possible to achieve a return that can cover all monthly expenses, either through dividends or interest, but you will always need to apply a value on the order of 240 times what you want each month, because the average expected return for a low risk is around 5%.

The purchase of shares must be taken into consideration and stick only to companies that make dividend payments and applications where the proceeds are distributed regularly.

  • Business

Creating and give to us a business and delegating all the tasks can be achieved very quickly and give to us a steady monthly income in a few months. Finding the right business is perhaps the greatest challenge.


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