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Strategies to Use Groupon to Get the Maximum Savings

Updated on June 16, 2013


What is Groupon? Groupon is a service that uses the principle of collective buying power, allowing people to take advantage of very deep discounts on various services and entertainment in their area. It’s easy and fun to not only save a lot of money, but to discover new and entertaining things to do in your city, or a city that you’ll be visiting soon.

There’s no cost to join, simply sign up, and it’ll ask for the nearest city to you. Everyday, they will feature one coupon at a large discount, and if there are enough other buyers wanting to buy that coupon, the deal is on. You then purchase that coupon for the goods or services you wanted, print the coupon from your computer and use it when you want. Be sure to read the small print as to expiration dates or any other ‘fine print’ clauses, before you make the purchase. You are never under any obligation to purchase any coupons.

What Types of Products and Services Does Groupon Have?

Depending on your city, there can be a lot available, such as restaurants, spas, haircuts, tires, automotive services, chiropractors, dentists, flying lessons, museums, toy stores, and concerts are a few examples of what you might find with Groupon.

There are a variety of ways you can use Groupon.

1.               Sign up for the daily email alerts. They send you the deal of the day via email.

2.               Log in everyday, to look what the deal of the day is.

3.               There are iphone apps that you can use also. To get the deal of the day.

Savings Strategies for Using Groupon

If you’re not wise in your choices with Groupon services, it could lead to overspending, which can be the downfall to consumers. If you purchase many items that you don’t normally use, just because you get a good price, in the long run, it’s not a good deal. If you choose to purchase Groupons outside your normal usage, make sure it’s something that really is a special treat you are choosing to splurge on, otherwise pass.

A person can purchase Groupons from cities other than the one you live in. This single fact is often overlooked, and can really maximize the savings one can find.

When you are planning a vacation to a U.S. destination, take several weeks before your car trip and be diligent about searching Groupon for the deals in the city you are visiting and route you’ll be going. If you will be dining out while you are away, consider eating at the restaurants offering Groupon deals. The same goes for travel attractions in that city, you may find some deeply discounted admission tickets. Don’t forget travel to and from home as well. Any time you are eating out, try to plan your meals by finding those restaurants or hotels offering Groupon discouts, that you may be passing by.

Make a daily habit of checking out the deal of the day for several larger cities. Some cities and towns have more appealing deals than others. Many Groupons offer physical products and have web stores that will ship the product order to you.

Gift Giving

We all have gift giving needs, Christmas, birthdays, weddings and other occasions. Make a list of your entire annual gift giving requirements; who it goes to, the date needed, and the occasion. Keep this list close by your computer.

Check daily on many different cities’ deal of the day, with your gift giving list in mind. Especially check on the city location in which some of those recipients’ live. For those, you may find you want to purchase a gift certificate for a fun activity in their area. By checking other locations’ deals, you may find the perfect gift for a loved one, and choose to purchase the deal,saving significant money on a gift you would have purchased anyways.

One example in my case, I found a deal for a wonderful toy store, I paid 50 cents on the dollar, and could purchase my grandson’s upcoming birthday present, any item in the store I wanted to give him. In fact, if I could do it over again, I would have purchased several of these to use for other children in the family and other occasions. I then had the gift shipped to me; even with shipping charges I saved money over just going to the local toy store and buying a gift.

Shop for Necessities

Many times you can also find necessity services locally. I’ve seen services such as car repairs, oil changes, dentist visits, doctor visits, prescription discounts, eye glasses and exams, and similar services. For some services, it may even be worth the savings and the time to drive to a town near yours for these.

Take advantage of the discounts on things you currently do. If you love dining out on a Friday or Saturday night, use Groupon discounts and discover new places to eat.

With nothing to lose, and no obligation to buy anything, sign up now at Groupon and start utilizing what fits for your lifestyle to save money. Take advantage of two other similar programs in which similar strategies can be employed for even more powerful savings and options to you.

Zulily - Deep discounts on high end products, especially for children.

Living Social - Extremely similar to Groupon


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    • joyfuldesigns profile image

      Valerie Garner 6 years ago from Washington State

      That's especially awesome that you got to double up your savings!

    • Sloane Rossi profile image

      Sloane Rossi 6 years ago from The happiest place on earth!

      Groupon can really be a great way to save money. We have used Groupons for dinner out, to take our kids out for a day of fun, and other things. Our best deal was getting a $30 restaurant voucher for $15, then using it on a Kids Eat Free night. We regularly eat at this place, so it was nice to snag this bargain. Too bad we were limited to one!