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Top Student Loan Consolidation Companies 2013 | Best Listed

Updated on December 25, 2012

Expert Tip: You have a huge loan and if you suddenly get a lump sum of money ;then paying it to reduce your monthly installments (EMI) is a waste. Instead, you should pay it to reduce the total tenure of the loan.

Choosing The Best Student Loan Consolidation Companies in 2013

Many of the students graduating today bears a number of debt due to their education expense. Students expenditure for education is not a luxury commodity, but the future backbone of the country. So its also the responsibility of the nation that any student seeking better education should not stop pursuing it for the lack of finance.Unfortunately, all nations are not able to do so. But in the United States and some other this is pretty much implemented well by the government themselves. In some other countries the students end up bearing a handful of loans along with the degree. Loan consolidation is the process of combining all the loans into one single loan with less interest but longer payment time.This article provides the list of best student loan consolidation companies in 2013 providing this life-saving service. Choosing the right loan consolidating company can help you get out of a dept trap. The loan consolidating company usually buys all your unsecured loans for a new secure loan provided by them. It will have a higher amount but the monthly installment rates will be low and the payment duration will be longer. The advantage of loan consolidation is that you need to pay the money for only a single loan. Its con is that the the total amount you pay will be far greater than the sum you took the loan. Prompt payment and paying in advance as you improve your career to reduce the tenure can help you make significant savings.

How Conslolidation Loans Work
How Conslolidation Loans Work | Source

Best Student Loan Consolidation Companies 2013

Federal Direct Student Loan
Is a direct initiative of the U.S Department of Education. They also provide other helpful technical and strategic guidance for financial management.
NextStudent promises you bundle all your loans into onelow monthly payments with fixed interest rate. There are no applicaion or prepayment fees. You can do everything online.
DebtConsolidation is yet another helpful loan consolidation company which provides plans and services, Debt tools and tips, Credit counseling, Debt Settlement etc. They have a welath of information to educate you about student loan consolidation.

Other Helpful Loan Consolidation Companies


    Lower your monthly bills with mortgage refinance loans, debt consolidation loans, and home equity loans; plus credit cards, life insurance, wireless phone plans and more.

  • Attorneys for Loan Consolidation Settlement & Bankruptcy - BBB Member

    CA Bar attorneys for lowest fee bankruptcy filing under Chapter 7 and 13. Debt consolidation settlement and management. 100% money back.


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    • sacredlilac profile image

      Amanda Hare 

      8 years ago from England

      Thanks for these sites. This is really helpful.


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