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Student Loans Are Crippling Adults Who Aspire To Further Their Education

Updated on May 8, 2017

Student Loans Are Crippling Adults Who Aspire To Further Their Education

How many people dream of going to college to attain a higher level of learning?

When he or she discovers that the only way they can pursue higher education would be to agree to accepting student loans. Here's a staggering stat. The current debt of U.S student loans is currently at $1.2 almost 2 trillion dollars.

I personally, do not see the logic pertinent to accepting student loans. It is a debt that you will almost never be able to get rid of, simply because, interest is constantly being added or accruing daily on those loans.

Then, it is absolutely illogical to expect for people to take out these huge amounts of loans in the excess of $20,000.00 to literally over a $100,000, and pay them off.

I have interviewed so many people, young and old, and they still are paying off student loans.

It is asinine for our government to allow this kind of mess to continue. The government has even allowed for the Dept of Education to use cut throat tactics, by going and obtaining cut throat collection agencies to recoup monies loaned.

What does that say about the America we ALL live in today? Is this part of the American dream? This is what that is partially saying, It says, that Companies want people to be college educated, yet our government will do anything and allow anything to ruin a person’s financial future by dangling the prospect of him or her who wants to attend college, and the only way some can attend, is by taking out Student Loans.

It sickens me to think that our government thinks so little of assisting people with their education. Oh, and the colleges and the universities hands are not clean in this matter, by any means, they continue to raise the cost of their education that they offer. Those colleges and universities makes billions off of this too.

How can colleges and corporations alike, demand people to be educated, to have degrees, yet they do not provide any provisions for the individuals who have to pursue the education to attain those degrees? It’s pathetic.

People struggle to attend college, and some attain degrees in fields that they will never be able to find a job, or have the ability to pay back the money they were loaned. It’s a vicious cycle, and then the government wants to know why college attendance is down. Really? Anybody with half a brain would not even consider taking out loans to attend college.

Unless you absolutely know for a fact that you can pay the student loans off, DO NOT Accept Any Loans from anybody!! That’s about as bluntly clear as I can communicate that to anybody contemplating doing it.

I will close this out by saying, I honestly believe we live in a society where the weak is always preyed upon. People that want or need to further their education are being preyed on by the Dept Of Education, Colleges, and Universities, who will create an illusion that they are providing people with the ability to attain their education, if he or she burden themselves with student loans or financial debt.

Think about how much money the educational institutions and government would lose, if people stop obtaining student loans, they would lose billions. I hope, one day that people will wise up and stop borrowing monies to attain a higher education.

Obtaining an education is essential, but obtaining a higher level of education by acquiring massive debt is not logical.

Wake up Americans, Stop borrowing money to attain a higher level education. Seek other alternatives. CG


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