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Get Your Student Loans Forgiven - Borrower Defense To Repay Application

Updated on November 3, 2019
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Hello I'm Peter S. I'm not a Captcha Robot, I'm a human being. I love writing, my family, my saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Student Loan Forgiveness - Get your student loans forgiven

Well it's 2019 going into 2020 and America's Department of Education is still allowing colleges, universities, trade colleges, art colleges, and any college with a "description", to commit fraud daily! These colleges are signing up any college student without the proper credentials only for money and the true college students have to suffer!

Corinthian Colleges was allowed to operate under the Department of Education until fraud was discovered. The department investigated, found out that Corinthian had over billions of dollars in student loan revenue, low graduation rates, high college dropouts, high student loan delinquencies, and graduates holding worthless college degrees because no company wants to hire them. Read that whole story here:

Corinthian College Shut Down For Fraud February 2015!

Here is a list of colleges, universities, and trade schools shut down by the Department of Education:

  1. Argosy University
  2. The Art Institute
  3. Bramson ORT College
  4. Brightwood College/Brightwood Career Institute
  5. Career Point College
  6. Charlotte School of Law
  7. The Chef’s Academy
  8. Corinthian Colleges - Multiple States and Locations
  9. Culinary Academy of Long Island
  10. Dade Medical College
  11. Dowling College
  12. DuBois Business College
  13. Ecotech Institute
  14. Everest College/Everest Institute/Everest University
  15. ex’treme Institute
  16. Globe University
  17. Golf Academy of America
  18. Harrison College
  19. Heald College - dba Corinthian College
  20. Heritage College/Heritage Institute
  21. International Career Development College (ICDC)
  22. ITT Technical Institute - Multiple States and Locations
  23. L’Ecole Culinaire
  24. Marinello Schools of Beauty
  25. Mattia College
  26. MBTI
  27. McNally Smith College of Music
  28. Medtech College/Medtech
  29. Minnesota School of Business
  30. Missouri College
  31. Mount Ida College
  32. Park West Barber School
  33. Radians College
  34. Regency Beauty Institute
  35. Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute
  36. Sage College
  37. Star Career Academy
  38. University of Southernmost Florida
  39. Vantage College
  40. Vatterott College
  41. Virginia College
  42. Westech
  43. Wright Career College
  44. WyoTech - dba Corinthian College

Don't believe me? Find the list here on the Department of Education's web site at this link:

The University of Phoenix needs to be added to this list!

How do colleges commit fraud?

Here are some ways colleges commit fraud:

  1. Lie on the students college FAFSA application to get them the student loans with a "hook" saying you'll have your college degree and live a better life
  2. Lie about the student having a GED or high school diploma when the student does not have one
  3. Fraudulently forge student signatures on FAFSA applications without the students consent - If this happened you can fight your wage garnishment letter in court
  4. Sign up homeless people for money with the "hook" you'll get free money so just sign your FAFSA application and you'll get a college degree to better your life and come out of homelessness!
  5. Sign up homeless people for the "free" student loan money and with a "hook" saying if you decide to quit college, you still get the money for free! This is fraud!
  6. Lie about student loans under the disguise that its scholarships and grants so you don't have to pay the money back - Only in 2018, 2019 are Student Loans being forgiven. Before they could not be forgiven.
  7. Lie about accreditation
  8. Lie about companies students work at - Microsoft, Dell, etc. removed the University of Phoenix from their company tuition reimbursement program.
  9. People say honestly they don't have a GED or high school diploma but the very next day they now have one and are qualified for the student loans because the University of Phoenix enrollment counselor lied on the FAFSA application. Read about that University of Phoenix lawsuit here:
  10. Lie about graduation rates with the "hook" saying all our students graduate and become successful in their field of study. The findings showed high student dropout rates, high student defaults on their student loans, and very, very low graduation rates!

I've been paying my student loans. I've defaulted on my student loans. My paychecks are being garnished. Now what?

If you feel you have been a victim - Now you can fight back!

College students are now fighting back to have their student loans forgiven using the Department of Education's Borrower Defense to Repay Application. Go to the department's web site to apply for student loan forgiveness at the link here:

On your application you need to tell the Department of Education that your college lied to you about everything so you can get your student loans forgiven! There should be no proof because the findings are in your colleges high student dropout rates, high student default on student loan rates, and also if your school permanently closed down.

It's a huge mess and the Department of Education needs to do what is right and forgive students who have student loans whether they apply for loan forgiveness or not!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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