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Updated on May 8, 2015

My story;

When I joined campus,i became so extravagant.I didn't have the experience to handle my limited cash and wasn't able to budget for my unlimited needs

For instance I would spend a whole ksh.20,000 within a week which funny enough was meant for the whole semester

I could buy very expensive clothes and phones forgeting I had to eat moreso forgeting the rest of the semester

Turning Point»»««

I had to change after going through a tough semester without money and had to borrow therefore incurring more debts and burden on my financial status

When I started a new semester,i decided to budget half of my money,ksh15,000,for food,fare,stationery,and some fun too.ksh10,000 went to a group of friends we had decided to start a drinks inn within the school.Through this,i would be able to earn extra cash after a month or so

My other ksh.5000,i saved in a bank account

I had to stick to this and be consistent.Though it was hard adapting to a new behaviour

For free,i can frankly tell you that my semesters went so smoothly.I had no time to worry about money.I was also able to settle my debts

Advice To Students:

Don't compare yourself to friends,don't spend like they do

Stick to your class,be it low,middle or high

Evaluate your needs and wants.Compare them with resources at your disposal

Allocate resources to each need since resources are scarce

The remaining money,invest in a booming business opportinity,come together with your classmates,decide and venture in business

Stick to your plan

Borrow when the need arises and repay in time

Saves as much as possible for both interest and to handle emergencies


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