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Stupidly Simple Ways to Increase Sales with Up-Sells and Cross-Sells

Updated on September 6, 2012

Online commerce has an incredible advantage because of low overhead due to the ability to list unlimited items on virtual shelves. This huge selection of products on a website creates additional opportunities to earn even more money through cross and up sells. This article will share some of the stupidly simple ways to increase sales using these techniques – so easy you’ll be scratching your head why you weren’t doing it earlier.

Display Related Products

The easiest option for creating an additional sale is through displaying related products on the product page. The related products should be items that are extremely relevant to the visitor and the product they are researching. The visitor is likely to purchase a product if the related item goes hand-in-hand with the main. Related items can also be a great way to give people a way to comparison shop instead of letting those people head off to another website when looking for similar products.

Display Recommended Products

Recommended products are similar to the related items with the exception that these recommendations are coming from previous customers, shopping cart scripts or from in-house depending on your research. Recommended products can be a great way to increase sales because you are showing the additional options the buyer has which they may not have known about.

Set a Free Shipping Threshold

Free shipping is an excellent way to get customers to purchase additional items if they need to hit a certain threshold in their shopping cart to qualify. For example, if free shipping came into effect at $25 and a customer had $20 in their cart – your online shop could offer a selection of inexpensive items that could generate an additional sale and reward your customer with free shipping.

Share the Customer Ratings

People heavily buy products that come under recommendations from existing owners, friends and family. Customer reviews are one of the driving factors in ecommerce; they greatly affect the conversion rates. Implement a rating system on your shopping website where it displays customer reviews which could entice visitors into purchase higher-end products or a greater volume during their shopping experience.

Create a Limited Time Offer

The shopper essentially “votes” when they have purchased a product from your store; this is the perfect opportunity to create an additional cross or up sell because they are in the “buying mood”. At this time, send a suggested, limited time offer to your customer through the confirmation email or an additional page after the confirmation page; it may not seem like much but it can create many additional sales.


The virtual environment of online commerce gives you an incredible advantage to test and optimize your sales funnel that many big box retailers only dream to implement. Find a shopping cart that will give you options for creating cross and up sells throughout the shopping experience; implement the tips in this article and you will surely see your sales rise.


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