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Succeeding in I.Writer

Updated on January 10, 2015

Qualities to look for in articles

I can confidently say 50% of the effort to succeed in i.writer is about choosing jobs with the best qualities.

Besides the normal writing and editing skills of grammar and punctuation you also need to have "i.writer skills" which essentially are about working smart, a strategy of choosing jobs with the right qualities that are most likely going to get you approved and earn you money.

Choosing jobs with the following qualities is paramount:

- The best requesters with five star rating,
- The jobs with the highest approval rating,
- Jobs of fewer word count,
- jobs with Important but brief instructions so that you don't get bogged down with rules and information,
- Topic with plenty but specific material available on the net to be used as research resource for your writing
- Jobs on a topic that you enjoy
- Jobs with fast approval waiting time - you can write many articles and get banned because of low rating so you need to make sure you rating is good in your first article and subsequent articles.

Choosing random jobs or being extremely careful; what is the right approach?

To find a job with all the good qualities at once is hard to come by, unless you are lucky to get a special requester who constantly sends you jobs on a topic you enjoy.

You can only find such a requester after working for some time. Sooner or later you will need to apply this strategy, it is not only important in making you money but also in keeping you motivated and engaged as a writer in i.writer, it is absolutely vital to apply this skill.

A continuum is a theoretical construct describing two extremes and a range of possible states between the two extremes
On one extreme all your article should meet 100% of all the above qualites and on the other extreme just choosing any article at random.
We know the truth lies somewhere in between hence the analogy of this continuum.

The continuum

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Explanating the diagram and other techniques

What is important is the direction in which you move as represented by the arrows at any given moment in time, we should strive to move towards 4 and be careful when start moving towards -4.
Judgement and common sense plays a crucial role here, it is the factor x, you will need to decide yourself, will this article really get approved if I write it?

You don't have to be Shakespeare to succeed in i.writer, it requires applying the above technique coupled with your basic writing and editing skills, but succeeding in i.writer does not stop with your article getting approved, what happens after getting approved?

- You need to have a goal of writing at least five articles per day to make your writing career a worthwhile endevour.
- You make use of hubpages as a despository for your ignored or rejected articles after tweking them instead of putting your efforts to waste.
- Specifically, You can communicate with the requester to ask for good rating, approval or to simply ignore article instead of rejecting.
- Make sure you return the favour and give requester the rating they honestly deserve, you are the judge.
- Learn from what the top and prolific writers from what they are doing to constantly fine tune my own strategies.
These are some of the few techniques you can use to stay in the game and succeed in i.writer, a good website by and large.

Good luck

Have fun! watch video


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