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Success Factors - An Inner Look at Success in Life

Updated on October 23, 2010

Success is a very generic term and usually associated with living a beautiful life and enjoying with the family. One part of success is having enough money, so that you are not worried about the money aspect in your life.

What is Success?

But what is success anyway? It is different for different people. It really depends on your own perspective in life. What somebody considers success may be nothing for another person and vice versa. Don’t know why, but some people seem to be success conscious. Other people don’t even bother about it. People who are success conscious have a different mindset. They want to accomplish something significant in their life, live life to the fullest and contribute to the world to make it a better place. They always strive to accomplish more.

People who are success oriented always cautious about how they spend their time and who they hang around with. They are always in learning mode. They want to make use of any information they come across on a daily basis in their life positively. They choose to look at the glass as half full when rather than half empty. Attaining success for each individual is different. Some people may accomplish great things in very early age, for others it might take years. Accomplishing success in one’s life depends on many factors. Some of these success factors are listed below.

Achieving success in life
Achieving success in life


It has been said that attitude is more important than aptitude (Zig Ziglar). Having the right attitude and willing to pay the price is the first characteristic of successful people. Your attitude towards life in general and finances in particular decides how successful you will be. One time I met a young man who joined as an intern in an office, fresh out of college. He said he is planning to work as little as possible in his job. What a pessimistic way to start a career?


People who are success oriented look at things differently. They see the possibilities and opportunities where regular folks cannot see. It’s as if they operate at different frequency and think at different wave length. The difference between a successful person and a broke person is how they think. Take everything he has got from a successful person, within no time he will acquire everything he had again. Because even though you can take his physical possessions away, you cannot take away the mindset.


Many people under estimate the power of association. Who you choose to hang around makes a lot of difference in your life. The people you associate with subconsciously influence the decisions you make. Choose to associate with positive, upbeat and encouraging people.

Parents influence and upbringing

Many times the success of a person can be traced back to the values their parents instilled in them when they were very young. I haven’t seen any successful person who hasn’t attributed some of his success to his parents, grandparents, closest family member or a favorite teacher. The values instilled by trusted and respected person at early age, will have immense impact in adult life. They plant the seeds of success when their minds are not polluted.


Contrary to popular belief, successful people go through the same journey as anyone else and have their own share of failures. They understand that failure is a part of success and to keep pressing forward when going gets tough. Nothing great has ever been accomplished without set backs, hurdles and failure.


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      Great Tips Sekharg thank you.

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