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Success Strategies for the Self-Employed

Updated on July 10, 2011

Success Leads to Further Success


Set Yourself Up for Success

 Success is a broad measure.  It is based upon personal interpretation.  Success is based upon how one defines success.  When it comes down to small business, the self-employed must take some steps to ensure success is clearly outlined in order to achieve success.

The self-employed must be sure to:

  • Define Success
  • Demonstrate Success
  • Duplicate Success

Define Success

 You must define success for yourself.  No one else can determine success for you.  Search your soul.  Recall your dreams.  Set the course by defining what success will look like for you and every venture that you set your heart upon in your business.

Success cannot be achieved or attained if you never take the time to define it.  Define your success.  Describe it in gross detail.  Depict it with images, sketches, collages or other visual images.  Define your success.

Demonstrate Success

 Once you have defined success, you have to demonstrate success.  Make it your main business to attain success.  Take on the daily task of achieving success.  Let every step that you take lead to further and further success.  As you continue, you will experience more and more success.  Build upon every little victory and achievement.  Demonstrate success.

You must identify the benchmarks that will communicate that you are on track.  You will need to include some form of measurement that will serve as an evaluation of your success, demonstrating to both yourself and others that you have truly achieved success.  Let your results speak volumes about what you have both attained and achieved related to your pre-defined success level.  Demonstrate your success.

Duplicate Success

 Your journey towards success will have a story.  Journal throughout the journey.  Track your steps and moves, including the struggles as well as every single success.  Keep an accurate record of what it took to achieve success.  Use it as a reference and resource for your next business moves.  When you seek to expand your business, refer to what it took to get you to your current level of success.  Look at it as a guidebook to achieving more.

Repeat your success.  Replicate your success.  Take every lesson learned and apply it to your work.  Do not repeat what did not work.  Incorporate what worked and what worked well.  Keep dreaming of new ideas and innovations.  Duplicate your success.


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