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Pocket Fillin' Successful Garage Sale Tips

Updated on May 25, 2010

If you have a successful garage sale once a year this is a fantastic way to reduce the clutter in your home and make a few dollars over the weekend. The problem is, many people don't understand what it takes to have a successful garage sale.

A successful garage sale is one that has plenty of items to offer, plenty of buyer foot traffic coming to what you have, and plenty of sales to reduce what was put out to sale by at least 80%.

The following garage sale tips will allow you to have a successful garage sale in the upcoming weeks.

Plan Out Your Successful Garage Sale

Before you even start creating the signs and placing things outside, you need a successful garage sale game plan. Allow yourself two weekends in advance to plan and get your garage sale items together put these garage sale tips in motion

  • Clear an area of the house to move items to that will be sold at the garage sale. Scour the house and try to add as many things as you can to this pile. Even small silly items can be added to a free box or .25 cents table.
  • The more items, the more people will park instead of just driving by. Encourage your friends to take part in your garage sale. Don't allow yourself to become completely responsible for selling their stuff. Request that they at least participate for a few hours during set up or to give you a break during the actual successful garage sale.
  • Use garage sale stickers for price tags to determine the person who the item is being sold for. Each different family member gets a different color, when the garage sale is on you can keep track of who sold what easier.
  • While going through everything, set aside what will be donated or thrown out. Getting this stuff out of the way will make it easier to find more items to sell as you weed through your clutter.
  • Get a babysitter for the kids. They may want to help, but they will be more of a distraction. People will tend to pass up asking a question if a mom is preoccupied caring for her child, that question may have led to a sale.

How To Advertise A Garage Sale

Advertising garage sale is going to play a HUGE part in the amount of foot traffic you get. Plan out how you will advertise and where. Purchase, borrow, or gather signs, markers, stapler gun, etc more then a week in advance to ensure that you are ready. This article How To Advertise A Garage Sale will offer some great tips to bring in the masses.

Have Items Ready For Testing

If you are selling electronics, have a extension cord hooked up to check if it works. Same goes for batteries to check toys, CD's to check radios. Consider everything. You may even want to have some music playing in a CD Player or Radio that is meant to be sold. Make sure the price tag is visible. Letting the buyer hear it works is a great selling point.

Set Up Your Garage Sale With Pride

The most attractive garage sales are the ones that get the most visitors.

  • Clean up the yard and garage sale area
  • Put up balloons so that drivers will be able to see the sale from houses down
  • Use table clothes on tables
  • Set out big items along the sides
  • Use computer printed price signs to tape to large items.
  • Keep items organized by type on tables. This will reduce the odds of people overlooking things they might really want.

Sell Hot dogs, Bottled Water, and Sodas

Look at any garage sale during the heat, what seems to sell the best? The Hotdogs, bottled water and sodas. The hardcore garage sale shoppers go to as many garage sales as they can fit in a day. In an out of the car, even with air conditioning can be exhausting and hot.

Stock up when the stores are selling 12packs of sodas for under $3 each. grab the store brand bottled water when its on a great sale. On garage sale day, put them in a cooler full of ice with a sign for .50 cents to $1 each. Have someone making hot dogs (with sanitary gloves paying close attention to cleanliness) and sell them for $1 to $2 each. You will make a good deal of money from these two alone. Not only do people love them, but while waiting to get everyone in their car a hot dog, the rest of the family will keep shopping. You may actually make more sales just by selling hot dogs and pop.

If your not comfortable selling hot dogs, its not required. But selling drinks is very very profitable. Price them right for your area, buy extra depending on the hot weather.

Keep Track Of Sales

It may seem like extra work, but if you are selling for more then just one person, it is very important to keep track of sales. Regardless of how you kept track with sale tags, use a lined notebook sheet of paper or tablet.

Everytime there is a sale, write the amount and the color, persons intials, or something to identify who the sale is for. Using a premade spreadsheet with names at the top may also be a great way to keep track of who sold what.


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    • KCC Big Country profile image


      9 years ago from Central Texas

      Great tips! The stickers you are showing are fantastic. I've used them many times. Another helpful tip is if you live in a rural area try to coordinate your sale with others nearby so that it gives people a reason to go to any area if there are several in the area instead of one. Another thing I've done is, because of the rural area I live in, it has been easier, cheaper, and more effective for me to rent a space at the local flea market. It doesn't require advertising. However, you do have more hauling and setting up on sale day. But, the flea market I use is on the same street as the Goodwill donation center, so when I'm through for the day, I simply haul all my leftovers to them.

    • lafenty profile image


      9 years ago from California

      Great tips. Thanks for the hub. Am currently preparing for a town-wide sale in a few weeks.


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