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Successful People Working on the Internet

Updated on November 1, 2015

There are many ways of making money on the Internet. Most of these people started out without a lot of money. It is here to inspire you about what could be done.



Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking looks like an unassuming person but she has sold over a million eBooks. She is from Minnesota. She started uploading her books to Kindle when she really needed rent money. They had been rejected before from publishing companies. She uploaded her vampire novel, "My Blood Approves" and a couple of the other novels. Within days she had
sold nine copies. Later she began selling thousands of copies.

She uploaded her novel "Switched," a children's and young adult style book. It is about troll like creatures. She had other books she put out also in the series. It took off and started selling many copies. One of the things she did to get people interested was to sell some for only $1.00.

She uploaded them also to Smashwords for a greater audience. She now has contracts from a major book publishing company.

Fair use for review
Fair use for review

Alessandra Torre

She is a good looking brunette woman that looks the part with long hair. She began publishing her books when she was just a housewife. They are in the style of the book "Fifty Shades of Gray." They are hot romance books that appeal to the middle class. The titles are ones like "The Girl in 6E" and "Masked Innocence." Some people may buy them just out of curiosity.

She put them on Amazon and started out selling 15 of them a day. She learned the language to promote them. "Blindfolded" was her first bestseller at 2000 a day. She was then making $60,000 a month.

On her website she is doing a giveaway as an incentive. She is also on Instagram and Twitter.

Information is from Elle magazine.


Pew Die Pie

Vlogging is blogging with video. He does videos on the Internet about the games he plays. He is only 25. He has a personality that attracts a lot of teens and young adults.and young people to listen to him. He says flamboyant things and curses on the videos. It is fun for them to watch him. He is Swedish.

He also does a lot of self promotion and keeps in contact with his many friends. He has many, many subscribers on Youtube. He has 32 million of them.

Instagram Art and Photos

Daniel Arnold

Daniel Arnold is a photographer and needed rent money badly. He has been a writer for MTV also. He decided to sell some of his photos on Instagram. He made $15,000 in one day selling some of his best ones online. He had sold them for $150 each. He took pictures around New York City. The pictures he sold had 1000 likes. One was of a Santa without his pants on from the subway.

Ashley Longshore

Ashley Longshore is an artist whose paintings sell for thousands. She has her own gallery in Louisiana. She does post on Instagram to enliven her following. She sells to people on Wall Street. They are pretty cute paintings. She gets inspiration from the past and makes them modern. They are very bright and colorful.

Ashley Longshore


Sophia Amoruso

Fashion Website

Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso made money by first selling on eBay and then on her own website selling used clothing. She is a good looking brunette woman of 30. She would find them in thrift stores. She made over one million dollars.

The clothing would be picked for being very fashionable for women and trendy
looking. She would use her own friends as the models and have them strike stunning poses. It is called Dirty Gal. It now has annual sales over 100 million.

Getting a Home in Second Life

Virtual Worlds

Anshe Chung, Second Life Virtual World

Anshe Chung was the avatar name of the woman that was the first virtual life millionaire. An avatar is her virtual world body that is made there. Her avatar was Chinese, but I read that she was German. Her real name is Ailin Graef. She was on TIME magazine. She started out when Second Life started and bought land. She began by making little weapons and selling them on another game site. Many articles list her by her avatar name.

In Second Life she made houses and communities for people that wanted to play on Second Life. People can rent land there and also buy it. They need to pay a fee if they buy it. It is an interesting site and there are many opportunities to make money there. It is not as easy as some might think to make money there.

Laptop for work
Laptop for work | Source


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      If they can do it, perhaps we can too.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Very interesting and should inspire many! Up and sharing.

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