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Surviving Homeless

Updated on December 10, 2015
Though you may be depressed note that there is also hope for everyone in the future.
Though you may be depressed note that there is also hope for everyone in the future.

Rock Bottom

A couple things could have lead you down this road you are on right now. You could have lost a job, maybe lost you're significant other, or this could be your choice on how you want to live your life. It is possible to bounce back from the point of poverty, in fact, you can actually live below the poverty line. This is not an all-encompassing kind, though, there will always be tricks tips and other miscellaneous information that escapes all those except the intended eyes and strained ears. The most important thing to read right now is as follows: DON'T GIVE UP! It is as simple as that, you don't have to give up on your life, just because you are downtrodden doesn't mean that you turn your back on life. This state in your life is nothing more than a stepping stone on the path created by our own design.

Now What?

Alright, now you are homeless, maybe you have a place to stay but you are right below the poverty line. First things first you have to take care of yourself, having a car and having health insurance is the most important thing that you can possibly invest in for your family. Nowadays the state has programs to help you with health and food. It is important to know what your state offers, go online and you can usually find free wifi at a gas station or your local bookstore. If you don't have access to wifi through public means then seek a friend for help. Enroll in the state programs if you can for food and health insurance. Staying healthy is the number one thing that if you can do will save a lot of time and unnecessary pain.

Where to Live When You're Homeless

Where do homeless people live? Well, one of the best ways to be homeless is actually from a vehicle. It could be a sedan or even a mini-van, unfortunately, it won't be as spacious as it could be on a queen sized mattress but it is a roof over your head that can take you places. If you don't have a car then try and couch surf with your friends till you can afford one. Having a roof over your head even if its a car roof will be the difference between coming down with ammonia and being cramped. After you have a vehicle, it is important to maintain it. Remove the trash as necessary and make sure that you have all the appropriate stuff stashed away.

How to Eat When You're Homeless

My biggest thing that worked for me, and I am sure can work for other people, is to use your local dollar store. For me, it was the Dollar Tree that saved my bacon a couple times. For one, they have many different kinds of food that you can enjoy. The one near me had frozen foods, cereals, and prepackaged food. When I had extra money laying around I made sure I had a good meal. In case that this isn't the case anymore, here are some basics for you.

  1. Protein: Now, this doesn't mean just meat. You can find protein in other forms like beans and eggs. Now I know that eggs don't really keep well while you're homeless but beans defiantly keep. The image of a hobo eating canned baked beans with a spoon was a reality for me and helped me stay pretty well fed.
  2. Wheat: Yes, eating tons of crabs is very unhealthy for you...unless you are homeless. Now bread is empty calories and in a pinch, they can be the best thing to help fill your stomach when you need to feel full to get you through the day. Now the key word was FEEL, you will not actually have nutrition on bread alone but it will come in handy.
  3. Fruits & Vegetables: You will not generally have access to fruits and vegetables, though please try and make it part of your diet. These may not be as filling as junk food, but the health benefits will keep you going. Even when you are depressed and feeling like the world has shut down on you eating healthy is key. Now I am not saying to go on your newest celebrity diet, just don't fill your stomach up with junk food.

Now what will you cook with? Well, again the Dollar Tree had answers for me. I bought a knife (I lost this knife but hey it was a dollar) it was a great chef's knife. I also bought a cutting board and a can opener. Not much else you need, you can even simplify that by having a swiss army knife with a can opener. Plus you get many more things. Now, how to cook your food you may ask? Well, you can (if you have the money) buy a small set-up from Walmart with a camp cooker, or you can eat everything out of a can. I mostly ate from cans, never using a gas cooker I cannot give my opinion on those, but I heard the concept works wonders.

Now, what I did was eat MRE's (Meal Ready-to-Eat). They come in different flavors and each package comes with 4 biscuits. Each biscuit (in an emergency or if food is scarce) can help you go for about a day each. Around me, that's about 5 dollars for 4 days worth of food at a time.

How would you (like to)/(have) eaten?

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How to Make Money When You're Homeless

This question can be as easy as looking to your neighborhood fast food places. As long as you look healthy and you can make it to work every day then you're golden. Now this job won't have the nice steady hours and longevity you are hoping for, but it provides income for you. This income ensures you have food in your stomach, your clothes stay clean (laundromats, dry cleaners), and you will always have gas to get around.

Jobs can even be found online. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a work site that will help you find menial jobs online. The pay is terrible, but it does offer additional income if you have access to the internet. Your public library will have the internet. So in essence, you may have that 9-5 job, or at least whatever your library hours are. Even writing online blogs, freelancing, the job market has changed from your cubical positions to people driven to success by their real-life adversity. In this case, being homeless and starving.

How to Live Homless

  1. Enroll in a Sate based assistance program. (use your previous address if applicable or your friend's with permission)
  2. Make sure you have a vehicle (sedan, SUV, etc.) This will be your living area.
  3. Pack for your new life. Is it just you or is it more then just you? Do you have toiletries? Do you have toilet paper? Do you have a duffle bag for your clothes.
  4. Find a good place to "live". This means find a good spot to park your car when you're sleeping to make sure you don't get: arrested, robbed, killed, maimed, etc.
  5. Survive. Build a plan, stick to it, and DON'T PANIC.


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