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Firewood | Fireplace | Carts | Log Rack

Updated on June 12, 2012
Aluminum Firewood Hauler from Cottage Craft Works
Aluminum Firewood Hauler from Cottage Craft Works

Now you can transport an evening’s stack of firewood directly from the outside through the door rolling it directly to your fireplace or wood stove

Burning firewood in the home or shop can be a back breaking chore. There is not many cart options available to roll a full evening’s supply of firewood from the outside into the fireplace or wood stove location. A two wheel dolly will fit through the door, but stacking and balancing firewood on one of these is also a real challenge.

Most still end up just hand carrying a few logs at a time from the wood pile making several trips to stock up for a cold winter’s evening.

Cottage Craft Works offers an all aluminum cart just made to haul firewood. You can balance a large load of firewood on this easy to maneuver cart and roll it through doors as narrow as 28” right in to the fireplace or woodstove location.

Overall the cart measures 40" H x 27" W x 30" Long. The Firewood Cart features easy rolling 20" wheels for transport across wood lot debris, and up and down steps.

The cart is perfect for those suffering with back issues, or the ladies and kids who have a hard time managing and maneuvering large carts and wagons. It’s all aluminum construction makes it extremely light weight to throw in the back of a truck and take it to haul wood directly out of the woods after cutting firewood. Its large wheels allow you to roll over rough terrains and small limbs.

The aluminum firewood cart is American made; it is manufactured in a small cottage based Amish aluminum shop, and is also used in the Amish sustainable living culture.

It is priced at only $154.95 which includes free shipping within the Continental US. You can purchase this unique cart at Cottage Craft Works, http://www.cottagecraftworks or go directly to it by clicking on to this link Cottage Craft Works Fire Wood Cart.

Cottage Craft Works is a sustainable living web site featuring all types of information, books, and products for those seeking to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle.


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