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TESCOS Penny Pinching-Every Little Helps

Updated on October 15, 2011

TESCOS Are Pinching For Them, From Us, Their Customer!

TESCOS Penny Pinching-Every Little Helps

By Dale Ovenstone October 2011

Diesel & Petrol Prices here in Cardiff! ‘Every little helps?’ The infamous brand theme from one of our most major competitive supermarket chains here in the UK! ‘Every little helps!’ Sounds catchy right? With a customer enticing logo such as this draws you to want to shop there doesn’t it? Well, before you spend your money, let’s delve a little deeper into TESCOS money saving philosophy shall we.

This is a real life customer experience! Every little helps? Does that mean TESCOS are obliging to saving money for us, the customer, & if so, this is great, or, more on the darker side of profiteering from major organizations, does it mean TESCOS are pinching for them, from us, their customer, to fatten up their profits even more so?

I want to talk about in particular, their fuel (diesel & petrol) prices & before I go on any further, I want you to realize I am certainly not a miser or even a penny pincher myself, in fact, I’m a cool guy & I just like to see good old fashioned down to earth quality & honesty from these massive profit making organizations & that’s all. With all the competition from supermarket chains such as ASDA SAINSBURY MORRISONS out there, I want to benefit for my £ the best I can, also fill up with the cheapest fuel prices I can find.

Gripe number 1: I live in Cardiff, Wales, & we have many TESCOS stores, selling petrol, diesel & fuel in their filling stations, but what gets my goat is, they all charge various prices, even though, all of these supermarket chains reside within the same area of South Wales, & belong to the same company, & sometimes, as much as 3 pence per litre price difference between one garage & the next one, all from the same company, within the same area, TESCOS.

Gripe number 2: & this one really gets my goat the most in fact my keyboard is shaking as I write this because no matter how hard I try, this happens to me every single time within certain filling stations belonging to TESCOS.

Usually (not all the time) I choose to put £10 worth of diesel into my jalopy, not fill it up, or top it up, I just want to put in £10 worth of fuel,& do you know what, yes you may have guessed already, £10.01 EVERY SINGLE TIME!

This happened in the Culver house TESCOS in Ely quite regularly, they always pinched my penny, (besides I noticed they were usually charging between 2-3 pence difference higher, compared to the Western Avenue TESCOS so I stopped going there altogether.)

So yesterday, I went to Western Avenue in Cardiff because of their advertised lower fuel prices (not so much now though, yes, Western Avenue have cottoned onto their ‘competitor’ (TESCOS) in Ely)

So I got the diesel pump spinning to £9.99, I paused & watched ever so carefully, then, with all my tenderness & light fingered technique the best I knew how to, I looked down & squeezed the slippery diesel soaked trigger one last time, sweetly, ever so gently, slowly, SLOWLY, gradually. (You would have been proud of me!) It was now make or break time, over this prolonged period the sweat built up on my forehead, my trigger arm exploding under dire pressure but I wasn’t going to give up, & the irate queue behind my car was now getting impatient, I multi tasked by glancing up again, & witnessed, with my own eyes, the horror before me unfolding just as the grey cloud thundered above as then just, right as the £10 rolled over onto the diesel pump machine, I STOPPED INSTANTLY, (great, I thought, got ya this time lol) & yes, £10.01 appeared just prior to placing the trigger back into the pump .

I went into the shop to pay my dues, first question I asked the lovely lady ‘ok, so where is your tissue to wipe my spoilt hands?’ She pointed my in the direction of the toilet? Then I brought to her attention ‘that penny gets me every single time missus!’

‘Yes’ she said, winking & wearing a wry smile, ‘everyone’s complaining!’ BLAH!

So come on TESCOS, every little helps, I’m sure, is meant for us your customer, and NOT YOU! So sort out your fuel pump selling machines please or just change your catch phrase logo to

‘Every little helps us.’

Thank you for reading, I would love to hear from you, & especially if you’re from TESCOS, do please provide your own input & I’ll post it right here.

Regards Dale Ovenstone


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