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Invest Young and Retire Young

Updated on November 11, 2016

Invest young and retire young...these we're the words that I've missed way back on my early years. If only i've heard it before and focus on it, 10years ago, then I would have been retiring soon. Retiring from the usual 8 hours work and just be at home and be with my kids, spending time with them.

"Money working for you?" or "You work for money?"

When you work for money, it's the job that we're striving hard for.  Waking up early, go to work; our labor in exchange of money as compensation for our days' work.  Financial independence may come, but you'll wait for decades to earn it.

When money works for you, it's the easiest way to financial freedom.  Just invest the money and let it grow, money will not sleep, it's working 24/7.  But one should have enough to gain enough.  Now, if we're just starting, hold on to the jobs that we had, save a bit for the investment and wait for a while, let the savings put into investments and watch it grow.   Saving here may mean cutting off some unnecessary expenses.  Things that you can still live even without it.

It's a very dangerous position when you're depending on your salary alone.  It's like flying with one wing.  So, create passive income, create investment.

One secret to have a discipline to invest is allocate your monthly income and stick to it for a while.  First, give 10% of your income as tithes to God.  Second, invest 20%.  Third, 10% to emergency fund.   Spend only 60% of your income.  It's building your wealth.  The important thing is to do it.


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