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Updated on December 8, 2009


I am sad to announce that I will be offline for awhile. I have been laid off again, and I am one step away from obtaining the new title of homelessness.

I shall be strong, and as I am packing up what remains, after a two year struggle, I can say for sure that I do not have anything left which is heavy to carry. (lol)

The billionaire hedge fund owners of Indy Mac Bank and One West have their final judgment for my house , this Monday. Indy Mac Bank made sure they locked me out of my home by changing the locks before the court granted them any thing, actually they have been changing the locks from entry to entry for months. I feel it is one of their strong arm tactics to force me from the area.

I will be going 4 1/2 hours from my current location, to stay with my son for as long as that lasts.

I will play the words from a song I always refer to in times of extreme stress, I get knocked down but I get up again no body is going to keep me down.

I have found for sure that strangers are better friends than the family and friends that I have helped that have turned their backs on me when I needed help the most.

Happy Birthday coming to me this Thursday, as one day before the rent was due the family that was dedicated to help me , tossed me to the curb. I think back about all the money I gave them and help when ever they needed it.

I will remember each and every one of them as I rise back to the top, I will depend on the Lord to guide me and I will assist every person that needs help in what ever capacity I can offer it to them.

May all of you have a happy holiday season, and I will be back as soon as I can!

I love you all!


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