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Top 5 must buy products from China

Updated on April 19, 2016
Buying directly from China is a booming business for many e-commerce companies. What about ordinary people?
Buying directly from China is a booming business for many e-commerce companies. What about ordinary people? | Source

Having been buying different products from China for almost a year now, I order every week or two, always in small portions to avoid tax. In my country, everything over 22€ is taxable at 20%. Getting small packages requires more trips to post office, but it is worth it and not a long way to go. I have established a small buy and sell business, offering my products at auctions similar to Ebay. It has proven to be a successful side job with occasional income. Here is how you can do that in more detail.

From all the products I have been ordering among the most popular one’s are following items.

1. Smartphone accessories

Smartphone accessories are very popular among my clients due to their high price at the shops. For instance, simple protection film may cost anything between 5-10€ at original mobile phone shop. Aliexpress is offering tempered glass, which is incredibly resistant to scratches and does not leave bubbles when glued on the surface like other films do. Tested on my Samsung S II it proved to be the best screen protection I’ve discovered so far. I have had it on my phone for almost 6 months now and there is not a single scratch on it yet. The price for this item varies, depending on the phone model but should stay around 1-5$. I managed to find IPhone protection glass for 1.10$ and bought them in small bulk for resale.

Sometimes it takes time to find a good, reliable seller and make a deal. You should invest time and patience as it will pay off quite well in the end.

Phone cases

Another great smartphone accessory is a phone case. Their price starts as low as under 1$ and the choice is huge. Compared to retail prices they are worth pennies – most phone shops sell them for 20$ and up. There is a huge profit potential if sold right.

Memory cards

The last product I would like to recommend is memory card. When new phone is purchased, many underestimate the internal memory capacity and start shooting pictures and videos of everything. There will be a moment, however, when you phone’s internal memory will inevitably be full. Getting a large enough memory card may prevent disappointing moment when you cannot take any more pictures. I got myself a 32GB micro SD memory card for as low as 6$. Isn’t that just amazing? Here is another profit idea – selling large capacity mini SD cards – you can ask as much as 25$ for 64 GB, while paying as low as 8$ for it yourself. That’s a 300% profit rate!

Padded shorts for bumpy rides
Padded shorts for bumpy rides

2. Winter sport accessories

Winter sports are a lot of fun. Anyone who ever tried snowboarding knows, however, how much it hurts to fall on your butt. Protective padded shorts are a must for a beginner. Even if you are not stumbling anymore, sitting on the snow surface is cold and may result in freezing your bum. Wearing these shorts will minimize the risk. Shorts come in different sizes and are stretching so they will easily fit pretty much anyone. The price for the shorts starts from 15$.

Ski goggles come in all colours
Ski goggles come in all colours

Ski masks

Another great winter sports accessory are snowboarding goggles. They come in different colours and price is as low as 5$ for a pair. Goggles offer great protection and can be used as sunglasses on a sunny day on the mountain. Moreover, they can be used for motorsports with open face helmet.

Last but not least – warm neoprene face mask. These masks are amazing – they are cheap and warm, suitable for winter sports as well as motorcycle riding. They can also be used at a number of other occasions – even at Halloween party. Keeping your neck warm and dry, this mask is a must for winter months. A mask like this will cost you around 2$ but it is worth every cent!

Warm Face masks

Warm face masks protecting from cold winds
Warm face masks protecting from cold winds

3. GoPro accessories

Many people buy GoPro’s nowadays – they are relatively cheap, make great videos and are easy to mount practically anywhere. Thanks to the amount of various accessories available, they can be used on yourself, on vehicles or in the air. Original accessories, however, do not come cheap. If you are looking for more affordable options, here is a tip – buy them from China.

Original parts brake just as quickly as Chinese copies. So why pay more?

Countless GoPro accessories are available for pennies
Countless GoPro accessories are available for pennies

Selling just GoPro accessories can turn into a full time job because the demand is rising so fast. Many people try to create their own films and need the gear, including all kinds of mounts. A lot of times, mounts tend to break and that’s where you can make a fortune!

Helmet mount kit for GoPro
Helmet mount kit for GoPro

Mounts and straps

I have ordered many different GoPro accessories, many of which I have sold. Among the most popular one’s are batteries (3$), head straps (4$), car windscreen mounts (3.50$), monopods (5$) and others. When it comes to Chinese products, be careful with adhesive – it might not be of good quality. I would recommend getting these mounts either from original shop or paying a little extra for better quality Chinese ones. There is always a choice and different sellers offer different quality products for different price.

Motorcycle body armor for hot summer days

Body armor is a popular item for all motorcycle lovers
Body armor is a popular item for all motorcycle lovers
Tank pads are great and give your bike a sporty look and huge potential profit
Tank pads are great and give your bike a sporty look and huge potential profit

4. Motorcycle accessories

Motorcycle accessories are quite pricy and the demand for them is always high. Chinese stores offer huge variety of different products related to motorbikes – from protective gear to tank pads and repair parts. Selling tank pads have proved to be the most successful business so far – buying price is as low as 0.99$ and selling them for 5$ makes you a 500% profit. Various accessories like helmet mesh nets and chain brushes are needed by every biker and eventually will bring you sales. If you are ready to invest a little more, consider buying protective gear like gloves and boots – these will sell like hot cupcakes! Beware, however, that the quality is different from what you would normally expect from branded protective gear.

What are your favorite products when shopping online?

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Chinese flower tea is an original present idea for all tea lovers
Chinese flower tea is an original present idea for all tea lovers

5. Other products

There is really no limit to what you can get from this site. The prices are great for most of the products and the potential to earn is huge. Are you interested in sports? Well, there are countless different items to match your search! Sports gear like boxing gloves are half the price you will find in your home store. It’s a worldwide marketplace and it is open for you 24/7.


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      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I had bought some kitchen appliances and accessories from lazada .most of the thibgs are china made, not durabke but cheap