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TVI Express Timeline: illegal pyramid scheme, leaders arrested India, illegal in Indonesia, is Philippines next?

Updated on March 3, 2015


TVI Express, a well known international scam under investigation in Australia, Europe, and Asia, has been running since January 2009, yet nobody had published any sort of timeline on its operations... until now.

Did you know that TVI Express, which claims to be a UK company, pre-launched in India in January 2009, but there is no such company as "TVI Express" or "Travel Ventures" in UK at all? And the closest name, "TVI Services", was not registered until March 2009, two months later? And even today TVI Express will not admit that TVI Services is related to TVI Express?

Did you know that TVI Express moved out of their London office in September 2009, and disconnected its phone number, and did not publish a new phone number and new location until December 2009, as per their own announcement?

Did you know that TVI Express office in UK was "by appointment" only, according to their own announcement?

Did you know that TVI Express promised an office in India as early as July 2009, but did not deliver such an office until April 2010? And the promised office in China NEVER HAPPENED?

The following timeline is compiled using publicly available data from TVI Express announcements, TVI Express website, TVI Express member websites, news outlets accessible online, TVI Express member blogs, government websites, and so on. Form your own opinions... after you study the facts.

NOTE: Updated with all information up to end of April 2013.

April 2008

Domain was registered by parties unknown (source: WHOIS records)

EDITOR'S NOTE: "Domain privacy" was turned on and all contact information goes to domain registration agent, very odd for a legitimate company.

EDITOR'S NOTE2: In 2011, domain privacy was turned off and it states that primary and technical contact for is Tarun Trikha, and the "Indian office" address was given as the location of TVI Express. 

January 2009

TVI Express "pre-launches" in India, claims to be a UK company with UK address and UK phone number. Claims to be "next big giant in network marketing".( source: )

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yet it never did explain what its product actually is, and its own FAQ states that "you don't need to sell any products".

February 2009

First mention of TVI Express appeared in Google Archives (source: Google )

March 2009

TVI Express reached China, Taiwan, and Korea (source: TVI Express)

"TVI Services Ltd" was registered in Surrey, UK. Address listed was a company registration agent called "Fletcher". It was dissolved in 08-MAR-2011 (source: UK Government Data)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Search through UK company records shows no such company as "TVI Express" or "Travel Ventures International". If "TVI Services" is indeed TVI Express in UK, it operated for a month without business registration, thus illegally.There is no link between TVI Express and TVI Services, other than one item buried in the disclaimer, which has since disappeared.

April 2009

TVI Express uplines in Taiwan promised that the "debit card" (as shown on TVI Express website) will be available soon in Taiwan. Also see September 2009. (Source: Taiwanese blog)

EDITOR'S NOTE: It was not available as of June 2009, no idea what happened after that.

TVI Express uplines in Taiwan promised that trips in Thailand will be available 30-JUN-2009. (Source: Taiwanese blog)

EDITOR'S NOTE: There was no evidence that this trip ever took place.

May 2009

TVI Express obtained US "Trust-Guard" certification in April or May 2009 (Estimation, see editor's note below)

EDITOR'S NOTE: it was assumed to be April or May as messages claiming Trust-Guard certification as "authenticity" appeared in May 2009. Keep in mind that TVI Express was then disenrolled by Trust-Guard in 30-SEP-2009

Flood of articles appeared on Chinese and Taiwanese blogs by TVI Express members, some translating a Mr. Goyal from India, claiming that TVI Express was backed by a resort/casino in the UK, a glass factory in Italy, and so on. Some even claimed that TVI Express is absolutely legal and cannot be shut down by government. (source; Chinese blog)

EDITOR'S NOTE: China started cracking down on TVI Express starting in June 2009 as a pyramid scheme .

June 2009

Various Chinese and Taiwanese bloggers posted articles busting lies told by TVI Express members, pointing out various problems with the company  (Source: Chinese blogs)

TVI Express held a convention / meeting in Shenzhen China, Tarun Trikha attended (source; Chinese blog)

Chinese TVI Express member called Tarun Trikha the first crown (presidential?) associate of TVI Express, with over 36000 downlines (source; Chinese blog)

EDITOR'S NOTE: which would make him "member zero", or very close to it

Chinese TVI Express member said that Tarun Trikha promised that TVI Express will open offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong very soon.(source; Chinese blog)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Neither ever happened.

First news report in China highlighted TVI Express as an Internet -based pyramid scheme (source: Chinese news website)

July 2009

TVI Express website published first "newsletter", in which they claim that their top earners are in India, China, Korea, Kazahkstan, and South Africa. (Source: TVI Express website)

TVI Express newsletter promised office launch in China and India soon to serve its members. (source: TVI Express website)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Office in India did not happen until April 2010, and office in China never happened.

August 2009

TVI Express announced plan to launched India office in September 2009 (source; TVI Express website)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Office in India did not open until April 2010, and in a totally different city than announced

TVI Express members arrested in Yunnan China for fraud (source; Chinese news website)

TVI Express members arrested in Zhejiang China for fraud (source: Chinese government website)

Tarun Trikha was named as "Asia Pacific Head" by another TVI Express member (source: TVI Express Member post)

Chinese newspaper in UK, in cooperation with bloggers in China, investigated TVI Express, informed TVI Express landlord in UK (source: Chinese blog / UK Newspaper report)

EDITOR's NOTE: a month later, TVI Express announced it moving, destination unknown until DECEMBER 2009.

September 2009

TVI Express announced it is moving out of their office in London, will announce new location 'soon", urge members to NOT call their number, only use e-mail. (Source: TVI Express announcement)

EDITOR'S NOTE: A month ago, TVI Express was investigated by a Chinese-language newspaper in UK... See August 2009

TVI Express announced no vacation redemption until 31-OCT-2009 as part of "move" (source: TVI Express announcement)

TVI Express was disenrolled by Trust-Guard on 30-SEP-2009 (source: Trust-Guard Customer Support)

Tarun Trikha, TVI Express advisory board member (distributor) appeared on some sort of conference call, which was recorded and available on Youtube and other locations in a 7-part series. Very little actual information was provided. (source: Youtube / Planet TVI)

October 2009

TVI Express announced that their India office, planned for 30-SEP-2009, is not yet ready. (Source: TVI Express)

TVI Express members arrested in Yunnan, China (source; Chinese news website)

TVI Express was reviewed by CitizenCorps, and got glowing reviews (source; CitizenCorps MLM Review)

EDITOR'S NOTE: later CitizenCorp revised the review downward, then retracted the review altogether and placed TVI Express on "alert status", essentially calling it a fraud.

November 2009

TVI Express announced "bookings" (that 7-day 6-night vacation) is live (source; TVI Express)

EDITOR'S NOTE: and how many times they have announced this before, and since?

TVI Express member arrested in Wuxi, China for fraud (source; Chinese news website)

TVI Express member Kyle Clouse in US paid for press release, claims explosive growth, will have one of the largest TVI Express teams in the US very soon. (source: various PR outlets)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Kyle Clouse has since abandoned TVI Express, see his website

EDITOR'S NOTE: TVI Express reached US and starts to spread among MLM fans and "marketing coaches".

Letter to Editor in India called upon Tarun Trikha to explain problems with TVI Express. (source: Indian news website)

December 2009

TVI Express re-establishes contact phone numbers (source: TVI Express)

EDITOR'S NOTE: From September 2009 until now, TVI Express operated only by e-mail, per their own announcements

TVI Express lists Cyprus address as their "official" address (source: TVI Express)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cyprus is where Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda setup front companies to operate merchant vessels for unknown purposes.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cyprus address is shared by multiple other business entities, probably a virtual office.

TVI Express lists "Heathrow" (actually in Uxbridge) address as their UK address, 15 miles from London, but continued to claim "headquartered in London UK" (source: TVI Express)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Except if you check through, you'll find like 15 different businesses at that exact same address.

TVI Express announced that their UK office only accepts face-to-face meetings "by appointment" (source: TVI Express)

EDITOR'S NOTE: which suggests it's a "rent-a-meeting-room", since the Uxbridge building is owned by Regus, a virtual office provider, as confirmed by Google Maps UK.

TVI Express established contact with Solid Trust Pay (of Canada), shows them as one of the payment processors for currency exchange.  (Source; TVI Express, unconfirmed comment from Alleged Solid Trust Pay)

January 2010

CitizenCorps retracted its review of TVI Express, downgrading to 3 out of 5 stars (source; Citizen Corp)

TVI-GAT (Global Assist Team) was formed. It uses a 2x2 forced matrix and membership of $37 USD to feed members into TVI Express (source; TVI-GAT member blogs)

EDITOR'S NOTE: a few months later, TVI-GAT divorced itself from TVI Express altogether.

February 2010

TVI Express announced that the "new" booking portal will go live 1-MAR-2010 (source: TVI Express)

EDITOR'S NOTE: It did not go live until 9-JUN-2010, and also added a $150 redemption charge.

TVI Express announced its first list of participating hotels... a dozen hotels/resorts in India (source: TVI Express)

EDITOR'S NOTE: No word about participating hotels NOT in India

TVI Express member in China defrauded friend out of money to join, court ordered him to pay back the money (source: Chinese news website)

Spanish newspaper Mallorca Zeitung reported on pyramid scheme "TVI Express". how Lufthansa, Marriott, and AVIS are suing TVI Express for falsely representing them as partners, but all of the legal correspondence came back as "not deliverable".(source: Spanish newspaper Mallorca Zeitung)

EDITOR'S NOTE: So there are no 'strategic partners', and where exactly TVI Express is located?

TVI Express was denounced by Consumer Watchdog / The Voice newspaper (of Botswana) as a pyramid scheme (source: The Voice)

March 2010

TVI Express announced its India operation will go live in April 2010 (source; TVI Express)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This was promised back in September 2009!

TVI Express announced it will refund 6000 participants of their money in Sikkim, India, after local police investigation of possible fraud. (Source; Voice of Sikkim)

Hungarian government agency PSZAF announced it has determined that TVI Express and one other company are likely pyramid schemes, and requests other authorities to investigate (source: )

Sikkim India HGTI official called TVI [Express] a "fake tourism organization", saying that these frauds will ruin the local tourism reputation (source: Voice of Sikkim)

EDITOR'S NOTE: In August 2010, an Indonesia TVI Express "leader" told local reporter that TVI Express will promote local tourism.

First TVI Express member in China sentenced to running pyramid scheme (source; Chinese news website)

Citizen Corp puts TVI Express on "Alert Status" having previously gave it a glowing review, then backpedaled and downgraded the review. (Source: Citizen Corp)

Many American TVI Express members quit TVI Express after growing frustration.(source; various TVI Express member websites )

Three TVI Express members in China convicted of running pyramid scheme, assets forfeited. (source; Chinese news website)

April 2010

TVI Express office in Bangalore and Kolkotta (India) opened after months of delay (was promised for September 2009) (source; TVI Express)

TVI Express spread to Vietnam, local member admits to reporter his income did not come from travel (source: Vietnamese news website)

TVI Express spread to Indonesia, local reporter found that TVI Express did not register with local government, thus operating illegally (source; Indonesia website Detik news)

TVI Express was dropped by Solid Trust Pay as a client due to rampant credit card fraud / chargebacks and refusal to provide ownership information (CONFIRMED) (source: comment by Solid Trust Pay employee, confirmed by Solid Trust Pay Customer Support)

May 2010

TVI Express suddenly opened an office in Indonesia, (source; TVI Express)

EDITOR'S NOTE: TVI Express office of Indonesia is in a office park on upper levels of a mall apparently rents to anybody who can pay, including hair salons and more. (source: Google Maps)

EDITOR'S NOTE: TVI Express registration in Indonesia is done by local associate Ms. Goernawan, who registered the business as computer consulting, not travel agent or any sort of a club. In fact, it did not even obtain a "tiered sale" (MLM) license.  (source: TVIExpressDollar website)

Two more Chinese TVI Express members sentenced to jail for running pyramid scheme (source: Chinese news website)

TVI Express under investigation in Georgia. A local general violated ethics rules, used his power to recruit his subordinates into TVI Express (source: Russian website)

Australian government agency ACCC obtained court injunction to bar Team TVI Oz (3 members of TVI Express) from recruiting, also froze their bank account (source: various Australian and New Zealand news outlets, including ACCC press release)

Team TVI Oz emptied bank account any way, AFTER the injunction, by going to multiple bank branches in the same day and withdrew small amounts from each. (source: Australian news reports)

TVI-GAT, a former "feeder plan" to TVI Express, announced that it is divorcing itself from TVI Express completely. In their announcement, it stated that TVI Express is too much of a liability. (source: Global Assist Team )

Top TVI Express Team divorces itself from TVI Express, renamed itself "Team USA" (source: TopTVIExpressTeam website)

German Press reported on the scam known as TVI Express (source: German news website)

June 2010

TVI Express announced that the booking portal finally is online. However, also announced that it now charges $150 USD for "taxes and processing fees" (source; TVI Express)

TVI Express announced the booking portal is down for a week (source; TVI Express)

Ted Nuyten, a MLM expert, published a scathing report on TVI Express, the pyramid scheme, listed all high level members with available photos on his website (source: Ted Nuyten's website)

A few days later Ted Nuyten's site was taken down by persistent cyberattack. Ted Nuyten named TVI Express as the attacker. The site only went back up after the TVI Express expose was removed. (source: various MLM news websites including MLMhelpdesk)

Letter allegedly from Tarun Trikha and Team TVI Oz appeared on an Indonesian TVI Express website, claiming they will prevail over ACCC, even though it listed bogus reasons. It also claimed tie-ups with RCI and other hotels chains. (source: )

RCI denies any "tie-up" with TVI Express when queried. (source: RCI Customer Support)

Obtainer Media in Germany issued pressed release regarding TVI Express pyramid scheme (source; Obtainer Media press release)

TVI Express added to China's semi-official "MLM Blacklist" (source: Chinese news websites)

July 2010

TVI Express announced "tie-up" with more hotels in India, 2nd ever hotel list published of about 100 hotels (all in India) (source; TVI Express)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Again, no mention ever of hotels outside of India, 18 months after launch.

TVI Express announced "I am TVI" Conference in India (source: TVI Express)

Blogger revealed that TVI Express stole picture of President Obama (by Alex Ross) as their "I am TVI" banner after Photoshop (tm) manipulation (source: American blogger )

TVI Express announced Phillipine Pre-launch for 4-AUG-2010 (source: TVI Express)

TVI Express under investigation by local prosecutors in Tajikstan when a local TVI Express member swindled over 2000 people (source: Tajikstan news website)

Australian government agency ACCC added "contempt of court" charges against Team TVI Oz, 3 local TVI Express members, when it found that Team TVI Oz had violated their court injunction and emptied their bank account. Trial date set for 30-AUG-2010 (source: ACCC press release)

American TV Station ABC2 of Baltimore Maryland highlighted TVI Express in their "Scam Alert" segment (source: ABC2 of Maryland, USA website)

Indonesia Direct Selling Association APLI revealed that TVI Express had never registered with them as MLM. (source: APLI Q&A)

August 2010

TVI Express hired for their Philippines pre-launched net streaming event (source; PIMPS.WS)

TVI Express Indonesia leader told reporter that TVI Express is NOT multi-level marketing, going directly against company website and position. Claims TVI Express will boost local tourism. (source; Indonesia news website)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is after Indian official in Sikkim said TVI Express will RUIN local tourism's reputation, in March 2010.

Indonesian Direct Selling Association APLI revealed that TVI Express never received SIUPL direct selling license, thus is operating illegally, recommends that you should NOT join companies such as TVI Express. (source: APLI website)

ACCC vs. TVI Team Oz case started in Australia. Outcome pending. (source: ACCC feedback)

Rumors started spreading that TVI Express had hired a lawfirm in Utah to become compliant for US operation. However, the only source of this is a TVI Express upline, with no corroborating evidence. (source: TVI Express member websites)

September 2010

Tarun Trikha, referred to as "owner and CEO" of TVI Express, gave more conference calls, "confirms" rumor that they have hired that Utah lawfirm for US law compliance. Also claims they will soon open a US call center. (source: TVI Express member website)

Editor's note: Grimes and Reese, MLM Attorneys is based out of Idaho, not Utah.

TVI Express member website, under "TVI North America", issued announcement that TVI North America, based in Atlanta Georgia, has received a "cease and desist" order from state attorney of Georgia to stop operation or face prosecution. They will comply, because they have not received any legal or monetary assistance from TVI Express. (source: BehindMLM, TVIExpressreviewblog and other websites)

EDITOR'S NOTE: News of this stoppage quickly spread to other TVI Express member websites, Facebook groups, and so on. However, some "marketing coaches" continued to deny that TVI Express is a scam, blames US to be "anti-MLM".

TVI Express member Patrick DeJour, one of those named in the cease and desist order, provided a copy of the full order on his Facebook page, and urged all his downline to move to a different venture and abandon TVI Express immediately. (Source: Patrick DeJour Tweet, TVINorthAmerica website)

Cease and desist order issued in Georgia against TVI Express became permanent after 21 days with no legal challenge from TVI Express, the lawfirm allegedly hired did nothing. (source; TVINorthAmerica website)

Inquiry to ACCC indicated that the trial against Team TVI Oz has concluded, and the judge's decision is coming soon. The case against "Teddi" Jutsen will go to trial in late September or early October. (source: ACCC e-mail communication)

Colombian newspaper "El Liberal" reported on TVI Express "opportunity", calling it extremely suspicious. (source: "El Liberal" website)

TVI Express members Kaspi and Jackson announced on their website that TVI Express will open a call center in Florida in January 2011 (or 2012, as claimed in different message) and a TVI Express convention in Florida in January 2011. However, there is no corroboration on any other source (not even on TVI Express home website). (source: TVI Express member website)

Patrick Dejour / TVI North America issued multiple apologies to downlines, asks all downlines to move to a new venture, and stop promoting TVI Express immediately, or may face legal prosecution. Stated that the government will go after local TVI Express members if they can't get at the leaders, who's out of the country. (source: TVINorthAmerica website)

Patrick Dejour, ex-TVI, alleged (but cannot be corroborated) that Florida is about to issue a "cease and desist", that Canadian RCMP have declared TVI Express illegal pyramid, and Tarun Trikha, alleged "owner and CEO" has been denied US entry visa. (source: TVINorthAmerica website)

October 2010

Australia ACCC prosecution of TVI Team Oz trial concluded and decision is due soon. Trial against "Teddy" Jutsen is still pending for her contempt of court charges stemmed from her violation of court injunction freezing her account. (source: ACCC e-mail, Australian news)

TVI Team Oz member "Jack" claimed he used TVI Express to get a 5-star resort room for one night for $69 USD, which some proves TVI Express is not a scam. (source: Youtube Video)

EDITOR'S NOTE: What it actually proved is that he paid $250 for something he could have done for free on That proves he's a MORON!

Tarun Trikha's name disappeared from TVI Express "advisory board" list, no reason was given on his "departure". (source: TVI Express website)

Detik News of Indonesia published a reader's letter explaining that the TVI Express "free" trips are impossible to redeem, and one must deposit money into the top upline (Ms. Goernawan) bank account to redeem the trip. She is careful in not calling TVI Express a scam as a hospital previously used a slander law in attempt to silence one of their patients who was misdiagnosed, and she is afraid of being another being silenced. (source: Detik news)

Another TVI Express participant arrested in China for running an illegal pyramid scheme, Ms. Liu (also spelled Ryu) was arrested for running TVI Express recruiting and gotten over 600 downlines. (source: Chinese news entry)

Namibia becomes the first country in the continent of Africa to formally charge TVI Express as a scam on 22-OCT-2010. Bank of Namibia has issued a formal statement declaring TVI Express to be an illegal pyramid scheme, calls all participants to stop at once, and to report all such activities to the bank. (source: press release from Bank of Namibia)

TVI Express announced that their new "portal" where you can redeem your 7-day 6-night vacation half-sized (as 4-day 3-night) is now live. It claims access to 95000 hotels, dropped a few hotel chain names, but offered ZERO details. Furthermore, it requires you to put in your own money into "booking fund eWallet" in order to pay "taxes", with no estimate on what the taxes would be. (source: TVI Express announcement)

TVI Express Philippines LTD was quietly registered in Philippines as a simple company (not a corporation, NOT allowed to issue memberships, NOT a MLM). (source: TVI Express Philippines website)

November 2010

On approximately November 22, 2010, TVI Express published a document titled "ethical marketing", which laid out several rules for its "distributors" to behave ethically, marking its first ever document on ethical behavior. However, it refers to non-existent documents on website such as "policies and procedures", and does nothing to explain the company's own unethical behavior nor address any legal concerns. (source: TVI Express)

TVI Express now uses a web server in Kiev, Ukraine, which is yet another step down from from their original webhost, Network Solutions, the largest web host in the world. Yet their members are still claiming "server upgrade". (source: WHOIS DNS lookup, TVI Express member post)

News from Africa nation of Swaziland reveals that their Central Bank is also investigating TVI Express, following the lead of Namibia. Local members of TVI Express are claiming "global license", which local regulators dismissed at once: if you do business in Swaziland, you need Swaziland license. (source: Times of Swaziland)

TVI Express made an announcement that they will be opening an office in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in Almaty, Kazakhstan. However, the address they provided has no room number or floor number, just points to "Almaty Towers, Koktem-3 Microdistrict, Almaty, Kazakhstan". This is the same "virtual office" pattern TVI Express used in London and Cyprus, leading people to suspect it will also be a virtual office. Furthermore, the "center" of CIS is Minsk in Belarus, not Almaty, Kazakhstan. In fact, there was no phone number announced for the location yet, just that some top distributors will be appearing there. (source: TVI Express announcement, Google Maps, Wikipedia)

December 2010

Meeting of "Wealth Team" in South Africa revealed that TVI Express had not delivered on trips. Members arrived at hotel and resorts only to find the trips were unbooked or unpaid. Resorts and hotels claim to have never heard of TVI Express, and said their names were cited without permission.(source:

According to Wealth Team in South Africa, on December 4th, 2010 TVI Express suddenly froze all eVoucher redemption, requiring all current eVoucher owners to "verify" their account within 72 hours or lose the eVouchers altogether. (source:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Every eVoucher TVI Express can invalidate or cancel means more people have to pay TVI Express instead of members for membership, so more income for TVI Express, less for its members.

Muslim Council on Aceh, Indonesia declared TVI Express "haram" (unclean), being a "money game" out to trick people.(Source: Serambi News of Indonesia)

South African authorities declare TVI Express a pyramid scheme, announced investigation into the company and local participants for prosecution. (Source: New Age news South Africa)

January 2011

TVI Express January 2011 newsletter claims they are expanding into Philippines, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, and South Africa. (Source: TVI Express website)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is AFTER South African authorities announced they are investigating TVI Express as pyramid scheme on December 30, 2010, AND local newspapers declared the scam "belly up". Do they not read the news? Or are they trying to play hide-and-seek with the authorities?

South African TVI Express distributors continue to claim that South African branch office of TVI Express will open in March 2011. (Source: TVI Express South African Website)

PT TVI Express (Indonesia) chairwomen Goernami Goernawan was summoned to a tribunal of various Indonesian government agencies to explain why TVI Express Indonesia is operating as a MLM without a direct sales license (SIUPL). The reply was "we are not MLM".  (source: APLI article )

February 2011

A new flood of TVI Express recruitment drives started in Philippines including various "seminars" in hotel lobbies. (source: various Filipino message boards)

Various Filipino websites started promoting TVI Express. At least one published the business registration certificate obtained from SEC of Philippines. (Source: Filipino TVI Express website)

Critic spotted language within the certificate stated that the business may not issue and sell membership certificates. Thus far, nobody knows whether this affects TVI Express or not. (source: TVI Express Critic)

EDITOR'S NOTE: FAQ states that you need to sponsor people to earn money, which can be construed as issuing membership

PT TVI Express Indonesia allegedly won some sort of award in Indonesia for "service excellence" on February 18, 2011. The award is unknown outside of Indonesia, nobody knows about who were the judges, what were the criteria of issuing it, or how did PT TVI Express Indonesia qualify for it when it was declared haram and a moneygame several months earlier by Indonesian Islamic Council of Aceh. (source: TVI Express Announcement, Internet research)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Research shows that this so-called award is held every six months, and costs USD $1000 to 'accept'. The owners are notified randomly via fax (not even mail), and there was no evaluation or selection process. The award as of 2008 was known as "Indonesia Good Company Award", and is unknown outside of Indonesia. Most business owners who received such an "announcement" tossed it as "spam fax", believing it to be a scam.

TVI Express announce that they will open office in Philippines in March 2011. (source: TVI Express website)

TVI Express Critic claim that TVI Express will likely violate Ministry of Trade and Industry Administrative Order No.8 which outlaws "pyramid schemes". (source: TVI Express Critic, Direct Selling Association Philippines DSAP website)

TVI Express domain registration records was updated. It lists contact as "Tarun Trikha", and gave the TVI Express address in India. (source: WHOIS information)

EDITOR'S NOTE: TVI Express clearly is NOT in "headquartered" in London or even Cyprus, but actually based in India. Tarun Trikha clearly is a high-ranking officer, if not the owner/CEO of TVI Express, not a distributor as he had previously claimed.

March 2011

TVI Express announced on March 18, 2011, that it had won some sort of award. However, the award was actually won on February 18, 2011, and it was actually awarded to PT TVI Express Indonesia, the alleged "Indonesian branch" of TVI Express. TVI Express itself is claiming credit, despite the fact that the award itself is unknown outside of Indonesia, the issuing authority is unknown, the qualifying process and judging process a complete mystery. Previous winner is a laundry franchise. Furthermore the service is for "service excellence", not any sort of opportunity or travel. (source: TVI Express announcement, research for other award winners)

EDITOR'S COMMENT: Is the award meaningful? Only if you are in Indonesia, and maybe not even then. Furthermore, Indonesian Islamic Council of Aceh have already declared TVI Express haram and a money game. So does it really matter what award it won? And why is TVI Express claiming credit for award given to a branch only? And where IS that actual award?

TVI Services, a company registered in Surrey, UK, was dissolved on 08-MAR-2011. (Source: UK Company Registrar records)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Many TVI Express supporters claim this is the UK branch of TVI Express (i.e. their "headquarters")

April 2011

South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and South African police formally launched investigation of TVI Express, joining previously announced investigation by Ministry of Trade and Tourism (South Africa). (source: New Age Online of South Africa)

South Africa announced first arrest of TVI Express members for running pyramid scheme. The two "owners" (presumably top uplines in area) posted bail, and members continue to support the arrestees as if they are cult heroes. Others claim they have been duped by the scam pushed by local radio station talk hosts (source; Sowetan Online South Africa news, Observer Online South Africa news)

May 2011

Indonesian TVI Express local leader Kamijian was summoned to local courtroom by local congressional member to answer questions regarding TVI Express, after multiple reports of people being cheated by TVI Express, some lodged police complaints of fraud. (Source:

Indian Consumer Organization MoneyLife points to TVI Express as being another possible Speak Asia, a scam that has rattled India, charged by a TV station as a fake survey company and in reality a pyramid scheme. (source: )

Filipino newspaper names Edwin Natividad and his "Pacific Destinations Inc" (PDI), a "TVI Express Clone", as an illegal pyramid. Natividad and his wife were former TVI Express members who swindled money from Filipino American community and ran back to Philippines to open his own version of TVI Express called PDI. (source: Manila Standard [link no longer active])

Karmijian, Indonesian TVI Express rep, appeared in court, admitting that all work in TVI Express is about recruiting more people into TVI Express, not about selling anything. (source: TribunNews)

June 2011

TVI Express "members" are reporting that their upline seem to have disappeared from Majene, on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. This is causing major concern as they may have fled with a lot of money. This is second report of disappearing "uplines" as this had previously happened on the island of Aceh, Indonesia. (source: local paper)

TVI Express and members use Alexa ratings to claim legitimacy in Indonesia, ignoring facts that 78% of the new traffic came out of Russia, Ukraine, and Kazahkstan. (source: Kaskus board, Alexa website)

Indonesian regulatory agency BKPM declared PT TVI Express Indonesia to be operating illegally without SIUP-L (MLM business license) on 30-JUN-2011, warns it to comply within 30 days. (source: Kaskus board)

July 2011

India Times reported that TVI Express India office in Bangalore was raided by police, with two principals, Mohammed Nayeem and Ramiz Asraf Vani arrested for defrauding people. Central Crimes Branch of Bangalore Police made the arrest. (Source: India Times)

State Bank of Vietnam declared TVI Express to be an illegal Ponzi scheme accepting "deposits" or investments without any sort of license or regulation, warnings all local branches to cooperate with police to prosecute such crimes and brings perpetrators to justice. (Source: )

Consumer protection group in Indonesia called TVI Express a "money game" scam, demand it to stop cheating Indonesian people. (source:

August 2011

BKPM formally revoked PT TVI Express Indonesia's business license after 30-day deadline to comply expired. (source: Tempo Interactive)

Times News of South Africa reported that Tarun Trikha is the head of TVI Express scam, which involved over 1 billion SA Rands, with over 50000 victims in South Africa alone (and the number is still climbing). (Times of South Africa)

First arrests of TVI Express members in Indonesia, "leader" confessed to cheating over 800 members. (source: )

Indonesia announced formation of special multi-agency task group for chasing down fraudulent MLMs such as TVI Express (source: Tempo Interactive )

Mmegi Online of Botswana published an article in conjunction of Consumer Watchdog about how one TVI Express victim was able to get back SOME of her money because her upline was honest, and speculated that many more are simply too embarrassed to have been cheated. (source: Mmegi Online)

On 31-AUG-2011, Central Bank of Lesotho in Africa issued press release that TVI Express is operating illegally in the country and urges all citizens to refrain from participating. (source: Central Bank of Lesotho)

September 2011

"Pacific Royale Airways" account appeared on Facebook. However, it points to, which is on a web server owned by V2 Global / TVI Express. Furthermore, the website's WHOIS into is set to "private", thus it is not possible to prove that this account was actually owned by the airline itself, or any sort of proof that Tarun Trikha owns any portion of this airline other than domain name squatting (Source: Facebook, WHOIS domain tools )

Pacific Royale Airways, an airline that was often claimed by TVI Express supporters to be owned by Tarun Trikha, mastermind behind TVI Express, was NOT issued an operating permit as its operating plan was NOT approved by Indonesian Transportation Ministry. As a result, this airline will not fly until 2012 at the earliest. (Source: TempoInteraktif )

TVI Express announced that to comply with Indonesia law they will start charging taxes starting September 20, 2011. However, since its operating permit was already revoked back in August 3, 2011, this just proved that they intend to operate illegally. (Source: TVI Express)

BKPM (Indonesian government agency) revoked PT TVI Express Indonesia "foreign investment permit". Company now has NO legal permit in Indonesia, its SIUP was revoked in August 2011. (Source: Suara Karya Online )

Indonesia Fraud Task Force recommends fraud charges against PT TVI Express Indonesia, by conducting activities completely different from the licenses it had received. TVI Express is licensed for Computer and Electronics Sales and Consulting, and later, a travel and tourism permit. It was never licensed for direct sales / multi-level sales or for any sort of "investment" and community fund-raising. (Source: TempoInteraktif )

October 2011

PT TVI Express Indonesia vows to continue operating despite its business license already revoked by BKPM, blames "a few illegal operators and media" for destroying the company's public image, claims to be reapplying for business license. (Source: )

Indonesian police in three jurisdictions are investigating PT TVI Express Indonesia fraud, many victims have reported to police (source:

November 2011

Lesotho reissues warnings to all citizens: TVI Express is a pyramid scheme, and all fraudsters are to cease immediately. (source; Lesotho Sunday Express )

TVI Express Trio "TeamTVIOz" convicted of running pyramid scheme in Australia, and of falsely using logos of hotels, airlines, and cruise lines. (source: )

December 2011

TVI Express "leader" in Majene, Indonesia sentenced to 9 months in jail for defrauding the public. (Source: UPEKS Online)

Indonesians in Sergai went to police to complain about defrauded by TVI Express. (Source: StarBerita Online)

Saudi Arabian official outraged his name was falsely attributed to a fake fatwa used by TVI Express members in Saudi Arabia to promote their scam, emphasizes that MLM is illegal under Shariah law. (Source: Al Riyadh)

January 2012

No significant news to report

February 2012

South Africa Forensic Accounting Firm is still assisting the government to investigate TVI Express scam. (Source: IOL online South Africa [Link removed pending review])

TVI Express shut down their operations in India and laid off all the customer support reps there, according to resumes found. TVI Express lists "Elite Travel" as their India office. (Source: resume of former TVI Express call center rep, TVI Express website)

April 2012

Goenarni Goenawan, leader of TVI Express in Indonesia, was spotted leading a new "business" named BISNISNEO, which appears to be modeled after another Indian scam: SpeakAsia. No mention what happened to TVI Express or her vow to fight government decision to shut her down. (source: BisnisNeo website)

May 2012

Unconfirmed: TVI Express office in India, "Elite Travel", was reported as "out of business". This raises question where exactly is TVI Express being ran out of now. At least one insider claimed it is being ran out of Indonesia, but again, unconfirmed. (source: anonymous comments)

More victims reported to police in Indonesia. (source: Inilah News)

TVI Express Trio in Australia, known as TVI Team Oz, was fined $200000 AUD for their role in the scam. (source: Daily Mercury)

June 2012

Laihati, one of the trio "TVI Team Oz" that promoted TVI Express in Australia, was judged guilty of contempt of court for violating a court ordered account freeze. (source: ACCC website)

July 2012

Police in Sumatra, Indonesia urged to further investigate TVI Express scam (source: Antara News)

South Africa called TVI Express the largest ever pyramid scheme to hit South Africa, with over 100 promoters and 1 million "investors" Assets of promoters have been seized and arrests are supposed to be imminent. (source: IOL Business Report)

August 2012

Pacific Royale Airways, an airline believed to be owned by Tarun Trikha and Goenarni Goenawan, lost its CEO when he quit due to disagreement with the board. (Source: Jakarta News)

September 2012

Pacific Royale Airways, an Indonesian airline allegedly owned by Tarun Trikha and Goenarni Goenawan, lost its license to operate due to maintenance issues. The airline is considered "closed". (Source: Asiaone, link no longer active)

October 2012

Indian Central Railways urged to look into an employment scandal where a supervisor was using his position to force employees under his supervision to join TVI Express as his downline. If the employee refuses, s/he is then audited by internal affairs due to a complaint by the supervisor. Local news was surprised as they thought TVI Express had died in India when its central office shut down in 2010. (Source: The Times of India)

November 2012

More TVI Express scammers arrested in Indonesia (source: Pakdang Ekspres [indonesian])

Department of Trade and Industry of Philippines (DTI) relayed news of TVI Express scam sentencing in Australia. Unfortunately this seem to have little effect on Filipino promoters. (source: DTI Website)

December 2012

Three supervisors were transferred by India Central Railways to counter the charges that they violated work ethics by recruiting their underlings into TVI Express pyramid scheme. (Source: Times of India)

Teddi Jutsen, one of the trio who was convicted of running TVI Express pyramid scheme in Australia, has yet to pay her legally mandated fine (source: Daily Telegraph)

January 2013

Investigation into corruption by Indian Central Railways officials abusing their power to force underlings to join TVI Express appear to have stalled with no punishment for the accused. (Source: Times of India)

March 2013

Filipino SEC warned public TVI Express Holidays as potential scam. (source: ABS_CBN)

April 2013

Rumors emerged that TVI Express mastermind Tarun Trikha was arrested at Delhi airport by India CID. This was confirmed almost two weeks later by Daily Mail India, which also furnished reports that all of Tarun Trikha's family will also be investigated for their possible roles in this international scam. (source: Daily Mail 1, Daily Mail 2)

TVI Express named among "chit fund scams" that called for refunds. (article no longer available on The Statesman)

May 2013

VIgilance Commission, the body that investigates cases of corruption in India, agreed to look into allegations that managers in Indian National Railway had used their powers to coerce their subordinates into joining TVI Express as their downline and "punish" those to don't. This case would have gone unnoticed until Times of India did a series of follow-up articles on it. (Source: Times of India)

Egypt officially announced that 8 scams have been outlawed, including TVI Express (source:

Egypt announced multiple arrests of TVI Express scammers. (source:

July 2013

VIgilance Commission officers arrived in Nagpur to investigate the allegations of corruption when senior station managers tried to force subordinates into joining the TVI Express pyramid scheme as their downlines. (Source: Times of India)

South African TVI Express "kingpin" arrested by local authorities for defrauding thousands of people. (source:


This segment is opinion, not fact, so you are welcome to doubt my conclusion. 

TVI Express, in its history, has demonstrated the following:

* It has repeatedly promised things it cannot deliver

=The booking portal? Promised since start of company in January 2009, didn't open until June 2010, and even then only works sporadically
=The offices in India? Promised "soon" in July 2009, didn't open until April 2010.
=The offices in China and Hong Kong? Never happened.

* It has real London office? Really?

=It was kicked out of their London facility after a Chinese newspaper in UK notified Marble Arch Tower of how shady TVI Express is.
=For several MONTHS TVI Express only operated only as an e-mail address and website
=Even when it resumed operation in UK, the office was "by appointment only", which means "rent office by the hour"
=When Lufthansa tried to warn TVI Express about using its name, all letters came back as "undeliverable", according to Spanish newspaper
=Conclusion: TVI Express has NO permanent location in UK

* Every source of legitimacy it claimed turned out to be nonexistent

=Tie-up with biggest names in travel? Got sued instead by Lufhtansa, Avis, and Marriott
=Tie-up with RCI? RCI have no idea who the heck TVI Express is.
=Citizencorp glowing review? Downgraded, then later "put on Alert Status"
=Trust-Guard certification? Quietly dis-enrolled in September 2009

* Many of Its members are liars, and some went to jail

= Earliest members in China and India claimed tie-up with casino/resort, glass factory and more
= TVI Express Indonesia leader went as far as saying TVI Express is NOT MLM
= TVI Express members arrested left and right in China
= TVI Express member facing contempt of court and fraud charges in Australia

* The members who don't lie quit instead

= Tons of TVI Express websites went silent, or converted to other MLMs,
= Kyle Clouse, and other examples abound

You can reach your own conclusions.

If you have more items to add, feel free to add it in the comments.


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    • profile image

      richkid01 2 years ago

      Could I recover my money from TVI?

      It has now Cease and Desist Order from SEC

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 2 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Dude, Tarun Trikha, leader of TVI, was arrested YEARS ago in India.

      If you're telling me that somehow TVI Express still exists in the Philippines, who the **** is running it?

      Or are you just here posting some bull**** years after the fact?

    • profile image

      han86_01 3 years ago

      I dont think its a scam, if you time try to search on the SEC website. I just did it, and i realized that the TVI Phil is 100 percent legal, I dont know in the other countries.

    • profile image

      Wandie 3 years ago

      up until now since 2009 i'm still waiting to get my holiday voucher or a refund of R2 700 I put in, this is total madness I was punked money gone hopeless,#S.A victim

    • profile image

      olor 3 years ago

      Gush...I was scammed.......I paid 16800 pesos as registration fee just last day..huhuhu I found this site just now and it enlightens me that tvi is a crap bullshit....

    • profile image

      pinaypie 3 years ago I think TVI

      express inc is the same as tvi express holidays inc in the list of ceast and desist order in SEC Philippines

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      ANNOUNCEMENT: It seems some people, either trolling or desperate to believe that TVI Express is in the right, are attempting to spam this comment section, implying that I'm getting "paid" to write this article. I am getting paid a few pennies a month for the TVI Express stuff (all of them together), but they're sure adding to it, thanks!

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Start here:

      I explain all the warning signs, and many other articles. The rest is up to you.

    • profile image

      Kingz 4 years ago

      My Question now is what is a genuine online network marketing company supposed to have or show to us so that we dont get trapped in another bad business.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      As far as I know, Tarun Trikha was taken into custody two months ago for FIR filed long before. I have not heard what happened to him since, nor any news on whether the company account was seized by EOW. Given the slow pace of Indian justice system, I would not count on any news for another 12 months or so.

    • profile image

      SREEDHAR 4 years ago

      Dear friends i am the victim of TVI express. kindly help how i can get my money back. i heard that tarun has arrested. did government will release fund for victims or not? kindly help me. i am suffering with major health issue. i invested in tiv may be it will help for my operation. but nothing happen. if any help kindly write to

    • profile image

      celia 4 years ago

      @TVi Philippines victims - SEC and NBI had reports of the scam but not much has been done and still many are falling victims. Still, many are victimized inspite of the bad news. Look at the owner of the TVi Express Holidays Philippines, she accumulated so much filthy pesos and living a good life while others have no food and housing to live because they weren't paid by her.

      Filipino people why don't you get together and get your money back while its not too late. Do what the Indian members did, they put Tarun Trikha in jail. Join forces and submit your complains to NBI, SEC, DTI and TV stations. Let the public knows what the top leaders are doing. Most of you are so scared and embarassed to do the right thing... you don't need lawyers to complain to the government and you don't need to speak English to complain, right? Complaining to other victims won't help your situation. All you need is to petition against them and appear in person in NBI, SEC and DTI. It will only cost you transport fare. So what's hard about it? Many of you loss your livelihood already so, you guys got nothing to lose anymore. Maybe doing the right thing will gain you something better.

      Let the government do their work, it might take months or years or maybe nothing will happen but at least you did you job as a concern citizen. Save your fellowmen...your true experience will always count. I don't mean to offend anybody but this scam have or continue to hurt a lot of people.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      You won't listen to me, that's fine. But will you listen to your government and your TV station?

      "MANILA, Philippines - Fresh from the disastrous results of the Aman Futures scam, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has again issued an advisory to consumers in Davao and Surigao of two separate potential investment fraud. SEC chairperson Teresita Herbosa identified these two potential scams as Connectacons Inc. and TVI Express Holidays Phils."

      Or are you just too deaf and too blind to see the truth, instead of the lies your uplines have been feeding you?

      Did they tell you that they also won such a fake award in Indonesia before they were shut down there? Did they tell you Tarun Trikha's airline closed down back in 2012? Did you know he was arrested in India last month?

      You'll see who are the real liars, vipers, and scammers. I just hope you see it in time to avoid the worst consequences.

    • profile image

      La Pilipina 4 years ago

      TVI Express Philippines has been awarded as MOST OUTSTANDING HOTEL ONLINE BOOKING PROVIDER by Philippine Marketing and Business Excellence Counsel by Ktsang - I am a filipino and what the hell are you talking about? I have been trying to access your website for so many times and was not able to acces it even once and for a single second. I have attended in one of your seminars and while listening to the testimonies of those who have claimed they have already received payouts amounting to half a million pesos not once but twice. but look how they dress. my goodness. not even oce dressed properly and bought a decent dress, a signature one, that would match their claims. the shoes were old and thorn, the clothes are cheap, as cheap as what i am wearing. they were talking of millions and yet did not reward themselves a branded attire and shoes? And besides, mr. ktsang, there's no such Philippine Marketing and Business Excellence Counsel existing in the Philippines. I have searched it in the web and it was not found. How could you be so LIAR to say that TVI was awarded when in fact your website is always unaccessible. You mean,your company is working better that Cebu Pacific, one of our best airlines whose website is always accessible in a click of a finger? Philippine is my country. better get out of this country you brood of vipers, liars and scammers. there are a lot of networking business here but all of them have a decent office to show, with products and with employees. how about you? stop fooling us filipinos!

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      News up to end of April updated.

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

      @kschang - you are right, I totally agree.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @darna -- no point in arguing people who won't recognize reality, and has "shifting goalposts". Note that 2 weeks ago, he claimed there was NO evidence from any reliable source about Tarun Trikha's arrest. Apparently Indian news doesn't count. Now that there are multiple articles in Daily Mail, his criteria changed to where's the police arrest report. Next he'll probably demand a prison interview, then he'll claim it was a lie from the interviewer and Tarun Trikha was not really in jail and it was a conspiracy to destroy TVI Express.

      If he wants to live in la-la land, let him. His own words betrays his lack of attachment to reality.

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

      @K tsang - how come you don't know the first hand news from Indonesia? India etc? Go to India and visit him there so you can prove it to yourself. Philippines is not that far from Kolkata, India...airfare and accommodation is cheap. You keep yipyapping that I cannot prove anything legitimate, have you? Try requesting video (not audio) conference with Tarun and his family. How come Tarun never surface in the media, and with his associates since the news of his arrest came up? You said its only a write up? Once you opened that write up you can actually ask the writer by registration, why don't you try it and ask him yourself?

      By the way I'm not a judge so I cannot accuse him nor I'm a God to judge him. What I'm doing is informing people of what Tarun had done to us. Not made up story but FACTS.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @k tsang -- Denying reality again? The link is right above your idiotic comment. Confirms everything I said thus far. Also says all of Trikha family are getting investigated too.

      Winning awards? Ha-ha-ha. TVI Express Indonesia tried that before they got closed by the government. Seems there's only one playbook ever, doesn't it?

    • profile image

      k tsang 4 years ago

      @kschang...poor you boy! You were not able to defend your post that Tarun was arrested...and now here you are... trying to post another issue that Philippines banned TVI...old news as you've said. Take a note on that. Oh, I've got something new kschang...TVI Express Philippines has been awarded as MOST OUTSTANDING HOTEL ONLINE BOOKING PROVIDER by Philippine Marketing and Business Excellence Counsel (March 2013). And GUESS WHAT!!! Anybody can check on SEC website that TVI Express Holidays Philippines Incorporated is still a legitimate business in the Philippines! Can you check it for yourself kschang???!!!

      @darna...slap slap slap!!! You accused Tarun as a convicted criminal and now that you can't prove the fact that he was arrested, your now telling that he was able to get out of the prison cell???!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! STOP BEING NON SENSE GIRL!!! Oh thank you anyway for your gift! It's just a write up anyway! Not at report from the CID! Still NON SENSE!

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

    • profile image

      TVIVICTIM 4 years ago

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @AlekseyPetrovich -- already has a review of that scheme up. It is a mix of two Ponzi schemes, Ad Surf Daily AND Zeek Rewards. AND one of its heads was in a different scheme I busted earlier called "Huge Yield" (look for it here on Hubpages)

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @AlekseyPetrovich -- anything that has "ads" in it is automatically suspect. "Ad Surf Daily" was one of the earliest, but even that borrowed from "12DailyProfits", both of which are Ponzis. Every scam, after Zeek, claimed to do Zeek one better. But they really operate the same way: you put money in, you get a little bit out per period. HYIPs are to be avoided, no exception.

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

      @kschang - there's was a change of ownership of Pacific Royale but I have to find out who owns it now. Changes happened because the plane was not able to fly and someone has to take over it.

      Tsk...tsk...tsk...Tarun's businesses are falling apart one by one and there will be more to come as he made a lot of big businesses in India (from ill gotten money) and sadly angry members knew it. Tarun thought he can play dirty for a long time, he thought no one can touch him because of accumulated wealth. Wake up Tarun (slap, slap, slap)...even if you get away from a cell (prison), there's a hell (within you). Even if you get away from your situation right now, because of our imperfect court system, you will never get away from your own self. The people that you've fooled and still fooling will be your number one enemies someday (soon) because TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAIL . There's only one way to lift the curse and you know how to undo it.

    • profile image

      AlekseyPetrovich 4 years ago

      All of my buddies have join adsprofitreward .They bragging that they are making big time money.This supposedly to be the zeekrewards 2.0 and the new Best kept secret on the web.I know its a scam ,Chang review it,you can save people money and their life's.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Actually that airline closed back in November 2012, when Indonesia yanked their fly license. Apparently Tarun Trikha spent just enough money on 2 cheap puddle jumpers, but no mechanics, so none of them will actually fly. Its president resigned in August 2012. It was massive fraud.

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

      @K tsang. You got a point. As a big defender of Tarun Trikha, ask him

      when is he flying back to Indonesia (his first hiding place) and continue promoting his Pacific Royale Airline and his TVi Express. Ask when he is going meet Goenarni again in Indonesia and be seen again in public. He can fly to this place in few hours anytime he likes because he got his ill gotten private plane, right? I BET HE WOULD'NT DARE GOING TO INDONESIA...this tip will lead you to another truth of what had happened in Indonesia. Enjoi...funnyboy

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      No matter what K Tsang said, TVI Express is still a convicted pyramid scheme that was banned in multiple countries. Arrest or no arrest of mastermind doesn't change any thing.

      There's report of the arrest, still unconfirmed from India MLM news website, but then, that's not realiable either (but it contains too many details to be an outright fabrication).

      I link to information and offer my analysis. You, on the other hand, merely offer doubts.

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

      @k tsang - to answer your question. You are the funny one because you seem to be a leader and yet, you don't have the first hand news. I think you earned a lot by scamming, why don't you get it yourself from CID in India so you can stop being funny.

    • profile image

      k tsang 4 years ago

      @kschang...THIS IS IT kschang! You have nothing to show. Why? Because there is no factual evidence from any reliable source about the arrest of Tarun Trika. All were just opinions and false videos from unreliable sources. You said "the news report appears to be genuine" You used the word "appears". That denotes an OPINION kschang. A factual news does not use the words, appear, seems, etc. Why did the uploads disappear? Because they're not true. A true news report will remain to have a file. Why can't you show it? Because you have nothing to show!!! These link you posted is unreliable. This news does not come from a reliable source. It does not even have the name of the reporter in it. It does not also contain factual information about the issue. I took this statement from the link you have posted. "Corroborating this story was a news report on Star News (Bengali):

      As of yet I haven’t seen any English language news reports covering Trikha’s arrest however I’m sure they’ll eventually surface." What is this? Haha! This is just a justification of a LIE! Until now, nothing came into surface! This is just a BLOG. Anybody can create a blog in the web. Oh I forgot you're a moron. I have to emphasize to you what a reliable source is. kschang, reliable sources could be, a reliable media from India, a police report from India! Where are those *some evidenceS*??? SHOW THEM NOW!!! Of course, you can't take the challenge! YOU'VE GOT NOTHING! STOP DESTROYING ANYBODY!

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Same goes to you ktsang. The news report appears to be genuine, and so are the photos and video. The fact that the uploads disappeared is interesting, sure, but they're still available elsewhere.

      You can't prove he wasn't arrested. I have *some* evidence that confirm he was arrested. Some of the evidence later disappeared. So it all depends on how much evidence you are willing to accept.

    • profile image

      k tsang 4 years ago

      @kschang...are you a moron??? can't you understand??? I said, FACTUAL and RELIABLE evidences from RELIABLE SOURCES!!! I challenge it!

      @ darna... BWAHAHAHAHA you're are laughing unreasonably! What's funny??? Worst... you do believe in nonsense! Better consult to a psychiatrist...check your vital status BWAHAHAHA!!!

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

      @k tsang - ha, ha, are really funny, you are my free entertainment for the moment, love it.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Why don't you go watch the videos and the photos first hmmm?

    • profile image

      k tsang 4 years ago

      are you sure kschang??? show factual and reliable evidences from reliable sources...not merely opinions and dramatic scenes which are purely nonsense

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Tarun Trikha arrested in India by Indian CID

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

      Hi Kschang, have you seen this one? Tarun is arrested.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      You can't "prove" a lie. You can only lie to protect a lie.

      Guess that makes you running a deficit on karma.

    • profile image

      k tsang 4 years ago

      @kschang.. proving all the lies will mean another bunch of KARMA! LOL

    • profile image

      darnadaw 4 years ago

      @ktsang, is that all you can say? Tell me one member who received the pool money not even one top member? Support? Where is Mr Tarun? On the run? Hiding? What happened in Jakarta? Who was in jail? Who's world is getting smaller everyday and soon it will be every hour, minutes and seconds.

      All you can say is, that all the informations from me are all lies. Is that all your defence so you can continue victimzing? Not enough. Oh the business works? Tell that to all members who cannot access their money in their back office. Is there anyone who received their villas, airplanes, cars, diamond rings, computers? NO, instead Tarun change the system so the poor qualifiers did not receive a single thing. If the business works, why does he need to keep changing the system and why can't he pay the money of the members in the back office? Oh the debit/credit card that did not launch at all? Is this the meaning of doing the right thing and commitment/support?

      COMMITMENT??? Where? How? When? With whom?

      Envy? That vocabulary exist only from people who are ENVIOUS themselves. I am bless, I don't need to scam and victimize people.

      Also, we are not stopping you...keep going it will catch up sooner or later. Yes, you are right, I don't know much...

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

      @ktsang - do you know who was arrested in Indonesia and now is on the run? Cannot go back to the home country because of charges? Charges were made against this person by a close friend. This person world is getting smaller everyday OR maybe this is you.

      By the way, my cells are just fine. If it matured for that moment, its for a goodsake not like your scamming lies. It won't take long, time is catching up on you.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @ Tsang -- as everything I wrote is true (and I can prove it), guess that makes you running a serious karma deficit.

    • profile image

      k tsang 4 years ago

      @celia...Oh you seem to be so updated about the great things that are happening in TVI. Are you now dying in envy right now? I'm pretty sure, you are one among those who were already blocked by the system because of your wrong doings. Oh you poor dangling rabbit...your fresh and yummy carrots are far beyond your reach! LOL! I suggest you better bring yourself to a sensible lawyer so that you will get sensible arguments! LOL!

    • profile image

      k tsang 4 years ago

      @darna...Wow!!! I'm so flattered you really wasted your time, effort and energy in making this argument against me and in writing all these lies. I just could imagine how many lines have been developed in your face and how many cells have matured. LOL! YOU MAY SEEM SENSIBLE TO THE ONES WHO KNOWS NOTHING OR LITTLE ABOUT THE COMPANY, BUT FOR US WHO HAVE PROVEN HOW THIS BUSINESS REALLY WORKS, WHO HAVE DONE THIS RIGHT AND SERIOUSLY FOR YEARS AND WHO HAVE TESTED THE COMMITMENT OF MR. TARUN, NOTHING CAN STOP US FROM BEING THE CHANNELS OF THIS WONDERFUL BLESSING.

    • profile image

      k tsang 4 years ago

      @kschang.. of course you'll never run out of lies against TVI kschang. But one thing I'm sure about is every lie deserves a KARMA. Collect ALL the KARMA.. LOL!

    • profile image

      james 4 years ago

      the TVI Express is already here in Zamboanga City and its nearby provinces

    • profile image

      Celia 4 years ago

      @Ktsang, Are you talking about the re-badging of TVi Express? And he called it 'QUANTUM LEAP'. You know why Tarun Trickha,is doing it (with the approval of the franchisees?) I will give one reason: TO GET AWAY FROM THEIR PREVIOUS RESPONSIBILITIES FROM PREVIOUS MEMBERS WHO ARE CHASING THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY. ALSO, TO ENTICE UNSUSPECTING VICTIM AND GIVE FALSE HOPE TO THOSE WHO ARE BLINDLY LOYAL TO HIM. Wake up rabbits, your dangling carrots is not carrot at all. Its a carrotten (rotten) ideas and system and hope and promises.

      He is not earning much anymore that's why...need more funding for his ailing airlines? Franchisees not earning much or no earning at all, so need new strategies to their new victims.

      Satisfied? If not go ask a lawyer in your country. Make sure the lawyer's forte is commercial law.

      @Ktsang tell Mr Tarun to quantum leap his responsiblities and make it fast. Andale, andale, ariba, ariba!

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

      You're VERY FUNNY ktsang. I'm not in the far flung areas, I think you are lol. Really there are great updates ( airline? remember it doesn't belong to TVi) Wow, you are still gullible to believe that? Oh sorry I was once like you. They have to relay great promises, to keep the business going. Oh by the way there are only two countries buying this tactic, because these two countries are franchisees (US250k+). They have to follow to get their money back, so they are busy collecting money from unsuspecting ignorant victim in your behalf.

      Definitely CEO earns $US250 per membership, your upline or director earns $US80 per membership, it depends where you buy your evouchers also you can buy direct (TVi Philippines office or from Mr Tarun office) to cut your upline earnings (if you don't like him/her or you want to out smart them). If you buy direct, your upline will not know your moves and you will be able to jump over her as long as you know how to register and learned the rope. There are many ways to beat the system, open your eyes and you will definitely succeed without fooling or victimizing other people while collecting your $10k at the same time. You will move faster and you will find soon enough what we are talking about in this hub is true. When you reach Crown Ambassador and collected your Pool Share, please let me know. Oh, why don't you ask the director of TVi Philippines, if she ever received her POOL money? And ask for a proof and share it with us here in kschang.

      If you don't live in a far flung areas of a third world country, you should know the truth by now because the truth about TVi Express is in every top newspaper of the affected countries for more than two years now. I think you're not dumb not to know this. I feel pity for you, you are blinded with all the sweet talking and void promises. Don't let them destroy you.

      TVi Express CEO is greedy, no word of honor, no sense of responsibility, lacking principles in life and a BIG liar. His followers are all the same, some woke up already and so embarassed of themselves. And some still victimize inspite of knowing the truth due to financial difficulty. By the way we found out that he never have the intension of paying the Residual and POOL money since the very beginning. The cash payment (only $10k not the residual and pool) is only happening for marketing purposes (tactic and its only once in a blue moon).

      Note: TVi Express CEO we might not won the court battle but I'm DEFINITELY sure you will be worst of than when you started this scam. We know that you came from a very poor family and not even finished your college due to financail difficulty (please don't claim this in your hub page, coz its disgusting). You are not an enterpreneur, you are a scammer and you are worst than Bernard Madoff, at least he pays his dues.

      Every single cent (every interest) of the money you collected from us will served you and whoever benefit from it NO GOOD. I want you to feel the heartaches you cause to all the members around the world.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Doing great by doing what? Recruiting people with promises of riches, or actually selling travel?

      Chances of a pyramid scheme going "legit" is zero. It was shut down in multiple countries, and somehow it managed to find some adherents in the Phillipines where the law wasn't enforced that well. Indonesia got their act together already. What's next, hmmm?

    • profile image

      k tsang 4 years ago're out of the circulation...are you in the far flung areas that's why you don't know the latest updates? You better connect yourself so you would know the great updates happening now in TVI! And there are still lots of wonderful things to happen in the company! So, you will just die in envy. DAVAO TEAM ARE DOING GREAT!!!

    • profile image

      darna 4 years ago

      Miss Calingasan? where is she? Not in the office I bet?...but you can visit her in Batangas. No list of events for her and Tarun for a long time now, but her members still actively presenting in Bicol and Manila. What happen to Davao group? The Laguna group? You guys haven't got the guts to admit to your people that you made a big stuff up. You will take this to your grave until you stop TVi victimize unsuspecting victims.

      By the way, ex tvi members especially the so called' leaders'. You've earned so much money from victimizing your downlines. Have the conscience to help them by at least stopping the scam if not their money. It will good if you can help them get out of debts too. Also, starting a new networking business after TVi is not easy, who will believe in you if you didn't stand up before as a 'true leader'? Not me and unfortunately I knew most of these people.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      You can at least stop hiding behind my name if you insist it's not a scam.

      As you didn't care to provide any facts to dispute this article (which is not a blog), why should ANYONE believe you and your wild accusations?

      Apparently, you're the one being creepy.

      Is Calingasan still speaking at the events?

    • profile image

      kschang 4 years ago

      it's people who do the scam not the company tvi express. How much you will earn kschang of this blogs? or it seems you have your personal reason, motives why you keep on doing this creepy blogs!

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Ah, that seem to make a bit more sense. Thanks.

      There's report of arrest in Indonesia back in November 2012.

    • profile image

      celia 4 years ago

      Sorry for the confusion Mr Chang. I was referring to the person who said that, what I've said above was a lie and against cyber crime. I had enough of these TVi members. Here read this again from Federal Court of Australia and send it to your TVi Philippines director.

      Don't make excuses please and don't tell your downlines that these three ex-members were illegaly presenting. The presentation they used was exactly the same presentation you were using in the Philippines and around the world. They did not break any TVi policies as what others claimed, to get away from the truth of this judgement. Not too worry your time will be up soon in the Philippines and I hope you got the guts to show your face to your victims and face court order. I hope your ill gotten money is suffice to pay your lawyers, court fees and your victims. Good luck.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      This particular Celia is posting from Australia, where TVI Express was declared a pyramid selling scheme and 3 perps CONVICTED of fraud.

      Wonder what "lies" and "truth" she's referring to?

    • profile image

      Celia 5 years ago

      Lies? Who's lying? Look whose talking? I'm sorry to hurt your feeling but I think its about time to pay all your damages...Hide? I'm not like you...I face people with the truth. I still believe that ' what goes around comes around. Good luck.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      No bigger than what you can get through Travelocity, Expedia, and such websites, when it first operated. Later they went to some hotel seller in Turkey, I think. Still no bigger discount than what's normally available.

    • profile image

      ewan 5 years ago

      just wanted to know if you can really get a big discounts to the hotels once you got in to TVI? or is it also a scam?

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Which lies would that be? Please name a few.

    • profile image

      you will be put in jail mr kschang for all the lies that you have posted on your blog f the cyber crime will take effect in the philippines based on the budapest convention...better hide yourself and 5 years ago

      you will be put in jail mr kschang for all the lies that you have posted on your blog f the cyber crime will take effect in the philippines based on the budapest convention...better hide yourself and delete this blog becoz it will be used against you.....

    • profile image

      Celia 5 years ago

      TVi Philippines is only paying the exit fees and approving the accommodation to few selected members to attract more unsuspecting victims. ANOTHER the way I haven't access or cash out my money from my backoffice. Many are willing to help me but if Ms Calingasan and Mr Tarun won't approved of it, who else can help me?

      Wake up and stop being in a tunnel vision. I was once like you guys defending TVi heavily. Now, I saw the truth. Do you know the top members that used to assist Tarun were all gone doing other networking business? Check the TVi galleries from 2009 and you will noticed there were two Indian looking guys and one Indonesian woman always around him celebrating. These three top members are now doing other MLM, two are legitimate and one is like TVi (scam) and they are not with Tarun anymore, I wonder why? Oh yes, they did not get there promised pool payments and residual income, like I do.

      So you Filipinos who are not Crown Ambassadors yet, keep going and keep victimizing because thats the path you will find it out anyway. Keep defending TVi and I will watch you fall apart and I will be saying this, 'I told you so'...

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @ion -- My face is irrelevant. Deal with FACTS, not faces. Clearly, you believe more in faces than in facts.

    • profile image

      ion 5 years ago

      accept this challenge and i will believe in you: show your face just like tarun trikha that though he's madoff of india as you claim it he still shows his face all around

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @anne -- Bernard Madoff paid people for 20 years to the tune of BILLIONS. He's a scammer. Getting paid proves nothing in itself, and if it is a scam, it means you defrauded other people. If you do NOT look at the bad side you are intentionally blind, which is worse than "lost your time".

    • profile image

      anne 5 years ago

      i got my money ,thats the important other who dont recieve any maybe they doesnt work ...if you only look the badside youll lost your time...

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @Sikheto -- while it is fine to have faith, the data point you are ignoring is the business was declared ILLEGAL by the South African government by MULTIPLE agencies: police, Reserve Bank, AND the ministry of commerce. If you are suggesting some sort of conspiracy among the agencies, and they, along with all of the OTHER governments around the entire world, are also in a conspiracy to suppress TVI Express, then perhaps, you need to reexamine your own belief system. Look in the link above your comment for links to news articles around the world, for news from all continents (except Antarctica) all saying TVI Express is a scam.

    • profile image

      Sikheto 5 years ago

      I have been following this site and noted various comments,it's easy to make an erroneous judgement if you are outside. Ever since TVI came under attack from both govts, media and people in general, I take whatever I read from the Internet and papers with a pinch of salt. I have enjoyed booking hotel accommodation at discounted rates which in some cases I could not have afforded. I have driven so many cars using TVI discounted portal and get unlimited mileage. I'm about to redeem my 7 nights 8 days vacation in October which I booked via TVI portal. I have proof of ppl who took the 7 nights 8 days and their experience has been amazing. Now let me give ppl some advice out there that TVI works and you will save lots of money on your holidays. We have of course few individuals who turned TVI into an investment scheme and money game and these are the individuals who burnt their fingers coz of their greediness. These are the ppl who demonising TVI. The company uses a network marketing as a distribution channel for their product and this is the way to go, some companies will soon follow this model and TVI is a trailblazer in this instance. TVI is the first MLM company to adequately reward its distributors unlike the few rands that we were earning in other network marketing companies which could only afford us to buy bread, now we are able to change our lives and acquire huge assets like cars and houses through TVI, we will continue fighting for TVI until the authorities recognize the company in particular in South Africa. Pre 1994 all freedom fighters were labelled as terrorists and the media fed us with lots of wrong information and we alienated our brothers and sisters. Today those ppl who were labelled terrorists are running our government and everybody idolizes them. The name Mandela was banned in South Africa but today everybody wants to be associated with Madiba. Come on South Africa wake up and smell the coffee lest you die poor by listening and believing everything you rad from papers.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Read some links to real news articles and see for yourself:

    • profile image

      paolo 5 years ago

      shittttttttt... is this a scam? tvi express in the philippines

    • profile image

      starz 5 years ago

      now 2 new companies are here in the same way of tvi .whats about this . they are TPI and againsuccess.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      I would go even FURTHER and say TVI Express itself is a pyramid scheme pretending to be network marketing. For several years, it specifically said you don't need to sell any products. Furthermore, you are paid for bringing in more people, not for selling tourism products. Thus, pyramid scheme.

    • profile image

      veronaminotti 5 years ago

      I'm pretty sceptical of comments on network marketing businesses as everyone I've spoken to has no real clue of the actual business concept and plan that is conducted by companies or TVI for that matter.

      In fact, a majority of complaints lodged with the authorities regarding Insurance Claims, Network Marketing, Retail marketing Business, Share Trading, comes from people who are not familiar with the marketing concepts and feel that they have been cheated by either the Company or their Sponsors, which have always been proven wrong in every count, as far as I'm aware of.

      I have on countless ocassions invited these people to explain the concepts to me so that we can determine whether they have been cheated.

      we had genuine efforts and people were called on the stage to explain the business pattern so that we can determine whether they have been cheated and file Court complaints on the basis of facts.

      In 99.99 % of discussions and stage presentations, we were surprised that such people have ZERO knowledge and when on the podium, their presentation breaks into a whimper.

      Now I observe in the case of TVI, everyone is asking about a product, which is in itself a first indication of lack of knowledge.

      TVI is merely a link to online tourism and they don't have a 'product' in the material sense of the term. Rather they offer a SERVICE, for which a considerable agency commission is paid.

      What happens when you close your shop ? ask yourself.

      These were the questions asked and the replies are all the same.

      Is anyone aware of online booking of hotels, flights, tour packages, cruises, car rentals, venue bookings ? NO

      Has anyone availed of the portal and massive discounts offered ? NO.

      Anyone availed the complimentary services and packages offered with the joining ? So far, only 2 people ( out of thousands) from affluent backgrounds and with knowledge of online business have done so.

      See, this is the problem. TVI is promoting Network Marketing for Global Tourism, but the idea that people get is it's a get-rich-quick scheme, the same thing when you tell people of Insurance Commision schemes. They start seeing the money coming in before they start learning the concepts, presentations and actual moving in the market.

      It takes just 3 NO'S before they give up.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      I show no backlog of comments and none in the spam box. Try refreshing your browser, maybe?

    • profile image

      maing-isc 5 years ago

      Mr Change I have 2 previous comments just few minutes before I posted this question of you being selective responding only to further your negative comments. If you are fair to all specially to those who give their positive views about TVI Express, Please let your readers see them also, post also my 2 previous observations.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @maing-isc -- as I *do* have a life, I can't approve comments 24/7. Did you provide any comment that promotes what you alleged to be "positive" intentions? Nope. How about practicing what you preach?

    • profile image

      maing-isc 5 years ago

      Are you really posting our comments , it seems you are being selective, you post only those comment which promotes your negative intentions. Be fair to all

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @Debugger -- to prevent spam, I manually approve comments. You won't believe some of the comments I had to delete from defenders of schemes who only have a dirty mind and little else. Then there's the spammers who want to spam their own schemes...

      What's wrong with spreading information? That's like asking Wikipedia: why have it? It's free and all that.

      How can I ruin TVI Express's public reputation when it is a scam, denounced and convicted around the world? I simply made its news and history a bit more accessible to the average people.

      You can welcome to do research on how many companies I named as scams. You can count those on one hand, actually, and I prove everything I write.

      You claim to be not interested in TVI, yet you are questioning critics of TVI as to their motives and such. You are using one of the often-used lousy defenses made by TVI Express members, which I call "show your face" tactic, used by scam defenders around the world, who wants to divert attention away from the scam itself.

      I don't know if you are a member or not. You say the same things a TVI Express member would say, but you claim not to be a member.

      So consider this first, and final warning: discuss TVI Express (instead of me) or your comments will be blocked.

    • profile image

      Debugger 5 years ago

      Oh why my previous comment did not appear? Are doing this to all kinds of MLM or just TVI? Who are you and why do u do this?

    • profile image

      Debugger 5 years ago

      Hi kschang! Would just like to know why you do this intensive TVI research? Why are you out to bring this company down and ruin its public reputation? I am not at any way connected with TVI but was invited to see their seminar, it is intriguing but it doesn't make me intrigue enough to become a member, but what i find disturbing is people like you who are doing this kind of thing, why o why? To me it appears like u have a personal problems with the founder of tvi thats y u will do everything to bug them down

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @IamWhoIAm -- no, I never was a member. I am quite certain it would be far more powerful appeal if it came from a Filipino citizen. I'm merely some guy behind a keyboard across the ocean.

    • profile image

      iAMwhoIam 5 years ago

      Hi, kschang! I suggest you try contacting the Tulfo Brothers in the Philippines. Maybe they can help you. If you don't mind, were you a member of TVI Express before? Thanks!

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @MonJ -- I am well aware of the "fever pitch" TVI Express has reached in the Philippines. Many Filipino members have came here trying to exclaim their devotion to TVI Express. One even wrote religious poems which you can see above. Unfortunately, the ONLY way I see to shut down TVI Express in the Philippines is for a TV station to do an expose on the issue, which will inspire a congressional member to call for an investigation, which will then goad the police into action. I have written TV Patrol, Manila Daily, and other media in the past with no results.

    • profile image

      MonJ 5 years ago

      Hi...I appreciate all these put together, my question is why this business is able to operate internationally, especially in the Philippines...right now they are very active over there.

      Is there a way to shut this down?

    • profile image

      darna 5 years ago

      @ G - why don't you do it yourself? Its not hard to find it because Kschang gave you a hint already. You want it, You get it yourself. Oh, you probably have all the copies because your followers are emailing it to you and you are just ignoring it because you know for the fact that you are running a serious scam and even people close to you knows it very well. Oh by the way G, whose dictating to you? I doubt that someone can dictate to you. Feeling like a royal? By the way, I/we have been victimised big time, and guess who? Tarun Trikha itself and his irresponsible and dumb followers, who turned a blind eye in his CEO's scamming activities. I still believe that 'what goes around comes around'. By the way kschang doesn't need to prove anything because its in the paper, internet, government press release about you, G? Can you prove its not a scam, after the closures of too many offices to mention.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Go request it from the various countries I cited in the other hub:

      I report news reported by news agencies around the world. If you don't believe one or two countries, would you believe five? Ten? Fifteen?

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I want to know if you have a copy of ALL LEGAL documents (Complete copies from start to finish) regarding ALL the LEGAL CASES that you have cited about TVI Express. I DO NOT WANT JUST SNIP-ITs, I WANT THE ENTIRE THING. I AM graciously GIVING YOU THE CHANCE TO TRY TO PROVE ME WRONG. POST IT ANYWHERE HERE for the PUBLIC TO SEE FOR THEMSELVES AND DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES. I won't allow a stranger to dictate to me what to believe and think. Thanks in advance.

    • profile image

      celia 5 years ago

      @Kelly - please join our petition against TVi Express here it is:

      Let's all work to stop TVi Express, TVi Express Holidays Philippines and in Korea. Please share this site to your social network so people are aware of their tactics. We heard from the grapevine that TVi Express is rebadging.

    • profile image

      Kelly 5 years ago

      TVI is here in the Philippines too. They are a complete fraud... my aunt actually was offered to be a member and being in the travel industry for so long, she told me about this. I told her this is a scam, right at hand. I even went online to research and show it to my aunt so she'd believe me... I'll try to get their office address and write to Interpol immediately. Always be cautious when joining networking/direct-selling industry.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @starz -- as this is an international matter, the fraud case must be opened by at least one country to request the help of Interpol to track down the criminal.

      I believe CBI (of India) has the authority to issue "red corner" notices and request Interpol assistance. South Africa knows Tarun Trikha is behind TVI Express and their forensic accounting firm is still sorting through the mess last I checked, so they may not have asked Interpol help yet. Australia convicted a few of their own TVI Express members, and so did China. They can probably help provide intelligence.

      The point is people have to complain to the police that they have been defrauded, instead of just accepting the company line that either a) they are doing it wrong, or b) it's just a few "bad apples", like the Filipino members kept saying here. Once enough people complain, they'll get to the right people (lawmakers, law enforcers, reporters, etc.) and then things will start happening.

    • profile image

      starz 5 years ago

      how we file a case againest tvixpress and tarun trikha , because we heard that tarun is now not in india , and the main thing is that tviexpress is now not registered with ROC with india government ,because the registered office of tviexpress holidays pvt limited is closed after raided by crime branch police. now tvi web site shows in his contact address for india is an Elite tours and travels which is registered in ROC govt of india in the name of someone mr. manmohan singh talwar and he says that he is taking a franchise from tviexpress for india opertions and tell that the head office of tviexpress is in indonesia, but after all this there is no doucment available that shows that elite tours and travels is franchise of tviexpress . so now the real situation is this that Elite tours and travels is also closed from 1st of april2012 and not giving any answer of our emails and their phone is always closed ,when we personally contact to the head of elite tour and travles he says that he left tvi and don't contact to him about tvi . when we asked many question about tvi india to mr.tarun ,he not give any single answer about this and busy in his new airlines venture . so its time to taking action againest him ,lots of membars are lost their life and money and social status also because of tviexpress . so mr. chang please help us and tell the right direction to file a case againest this.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @Celia -- as I've recommended before, get TV Patrol or one of those investigative journalism shows to investigate it from top to bottom. It is obviously a violation of General Order 8, but if TV don't get involved, no government official wants to touch it as it doesn't help THEM.

      @rhoda -- Tarun allegedly has his own private jet (bought with member money?) so he doesn't have to fly commercial.

    • profile image

      rhoda 5 years ago

      i am from La Trinidad, Benguet Philippines... an aunt who was blindly recruited says they would be going down to Manila because they would be having a convention on the 11th of May 2012 and that Tarun would be present..I have searched for any promotions regarding this upcoming convention but have found none...isn't it a bit surprising considering the " big wig " is coming?

    • profile image

      celia 5 years ago

      What do we need to do to stop TVi Express and Tarun Trikha? Many members of this scheme are so overwhelmed with the amount of money they earned and will earned and this is one reason why they are so blind about the legality of this company. Is there a world organisation that can help us? We've been searching...

    • profile image

      Maxx 5 years ago

      Today my close friend just invited me to join the TVI Express, her explanation of how the company works made no sense at all it was really confusing, I mean how can you earn money that way. So I made a thorough research about it thankfully found many articles stating that TVI Express is a scam and one of them are yours. Big thanks for your article.

      I just feel bad for my friend that she got sucked in by this scam, how I wish she would've come to me first before she joined TVI.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @Starz -- where's "here"? India? TVI Express website's still up, and Tarun Trikha is not in jail as far as I know. There had been no more news other than the raid at their "headquarters" in Bangalore by CCB back in 2011.

      If you have any documented news it'd be appreciated.

      @Filipino commenter -- If you want to post a comment you should at least use your own name instead of mine. Try again. (Your comment is denied)

    • profile image

      starz 5 years ago

      now what is about tviexpress india. here everything of tvi is closed

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @Brazilian -- Jean Marc Loger appears to be have been involved in TVI Express France, where he supposedly left 1000 people defrauded. I have no details on that. There's a brazilian website that discussed My Travel and cash and listed his name.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @cj -- your call for my identity is rather pointless, as it seems you can't find any method to attack my arguments, so you choose to attack my credibility instead. Try again.

      Your study of General Order 8 has a bit more logic to it. Unfortunately, you are reading thee wrong section. You need to read section 2.1 of the law:

      "2.1 "Chain Distribution Plans or Pyramid Sales Scheme" means sales devices whereby a person, upon condition that he makes an investment, is granted by the manufacturer or his representative a right to recruit for profit one or more additional persons who will also be granted such right to recruit upon condition of making similar investments: Provided, That, the profits of the person employing such a plan are derived primarily from the recruitment of other persons into the plan rather than from the sale of consumer products, services and credit"

      Note: "sale of consumer products, services and credit"

      "Hotel booking" is a service. Thus, it is covered by General Order 8.

      Nice try. You hold much better conversation than a typical TVI Express member. Your research skill needs a bit more work though. Apparently you read only the first page and skipped the rest.