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Taking Your Notary Skills to a Higher, More Profitable Level

Updated on July 2, 2017
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Lori is a seasoned writer . Her sign is Leo. Passions are dance, writing. Her niches are Self-Improvement, parenting and relationships.

The Basic Notary Public

The Basic Notary

Finding a notary can be frustrating when time-sensitive material needs immediate attention. Notary Public is like a small First Aid Kit; rarely needed but good to know it is there when you do.

Notary Public also looks awesome on a resume. Some organizations do not have a notary on their premise and welcome this. The successful candidate could also be the only notary in the building. I have had that experience as well.

While some basic notaries are content as is, others have an appetite for learning and accepting the challenge; hence, expanding their horizon.

Notary Training Class

Taking Your Skills to a Higher, More Profitable Level

Taking your notary skills to a higher, more profit level means looking at the big picture, the mobile notary public, which is currently the most popular and lucrative way to make a living.

The basis notary must undergo further and precise training since the mobile notary deals with specific types of documents, real estate and mortgage transactions. They must be able to understand and handle each document carefully, execute each document properly and be able to explain the purpose of each document. The mobile notary is known as a notary signing agent or mortgage signing agent.

Once the notary feels completely comfortable and confident with the entire process, they are ready to market their new skills and reach out to those institutions who are in need of a signing agent.

The Traveling Notary: Mobile Notary Public

The Traveling Notary - Mobile Notary Public

Once the signing agent has established a reputation, they may choose to work as an independent contractor and set up their own website, plus business cards.

How much do mobile notaries charge? Here is a list of fees.

A signed document – Between $2 and $20

1 to 2 Notarizations - $25-$40 (an additional $5-$10 per notarization thereafter)

Additional fees may be charged for making the trip to the location. Some states may limit the maximum fee to keep the fees low but the concept is to keep the fee reasonable.

It is recommended that you check with your Secretary of State Office for specific

I have been a notary public for many years and still embrace its significance.

Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

© 2017 Lori B


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    • lori811 profile image

      Lori B 7 weeks ago

      Thank you, James. What is a little short? The word count? Quality over quantity

    • jrk1121 profile image

      James Kenny 7 weeks ago from Virginia

      A little short but right on point lori