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Target Deals (updated 1/31)

Updated on January 31, 2011

Target has some pretty good sales but they get even better when you match off their sales with a Target coupon AND a manufacturer coupon.

Targets coupons can be found at

Target Coupons

deals from 1/30 through 2/5


Buy two Tostitos chips at 2 for $5, get a free 16oz salsa – Use $1.00 off dip when you guy two chips on

Peanut Butter Snickers or Pretzel M&M’s are 2/$5

8oz Kraft shredded Cheese or cheese blocks are $2 each

10oz Nabisco Wheat thins are $2

TGI Friday’s frozen snacks and Totino’s Pizza Rollss are $2.75 for 7.5 to 14oz packages - Buy three frozen snacks listed, get one free

Nabisco Chips Ahoy are $2

Goldfish Crackers are $1.75

Planters nuts are $3 for 9.25 oz cans

Campbell’s Chunky soups are $1.50 - for $0.50 off one, $1.00 off two, $1.50 off three or $2.00 off four

Pampers or Huggies are 19.99 for a box .  Get a $5 gift card when you buy two – For Huggies, Go to and get a manufacturer’s coupon for $3.00 off one box and another that is a Target coupon for $2.50 off one.  Print both twice and get each box for $14.49 plus get a $5 gift card.

Luv’s big packs of diapers are on sale for $16.99.  Buy two and get a $10 gift card.

Baby wipes refills from Pampers or Huggies 420-504 count are $11.99.  Buy two and get a $5 gift card.

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios or Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereals are 2/$5 – Go to for a Free Cruncy nut cereal coupon w/ the purchase of any 10oz or larger Kellogg’s cereal, there was also a $1.00 off coupon in the 1/23 paper for the crunchy nut cereal

80% ground beef is $1.99/lb

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is $1.99 – go to for $0.50 off two

Heinz Tomato Ketchup is $1.79

Jell-o 4 or 6pk gelatin or pudding is $2.50 – go to and get a $1.00 off two coupon

Deals (12/12 - 12/18)

 Arm and Hammer Advance White, Colgate and Crest toothpaste are all on sale for $3

                Use $1 off one at

                Use $0.75 off one at

Campbell’s Chunky Soup is $1.25

                Use a Target coupon for $0.75 off three

                Use $1.50 off three at

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix is $1.50 – use $0.40 off coupon at

Market Pantry 41-50 ct frozen cooked shrimp is $6 – Use $1.00 off coupon at

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is $1.19 – Use $0.50 off two Target coupon at AND $1.00 off two at

Eggs are $1.19 – Use $0.55 off two coupon at

5 lb box of California Clementines are $4.99 – Use the $1.00 off coupon from last week’s insert

Stove Top, Heinz gravy and Betty Crocker Potatoes are $0.99 each

                Use $0.50 off Stove top coupon at

                Use $0.50 off two Betty Crocker Potatoes at

Chex Cereal is $2.00 each – Use $1.00 off two coupon at

Lay’s classic chips are 2/$4

Green Giant and Bird’s Eye Vegetables are $1 – Use $0.50 off coupon for Green Giant at

Deals through 11/20


Stove Top Stuffing is $0.79 – go to for $0.50 off two

Betty Crocker potatoes are $0.79

Market Pantry frozen shrimp is $5 – Go to for a $1 off coupon

Birds Eye Steamfresh veggies are $1

Welch’s Sparkling Juice is $2.99 – Go to for $2 off two

Pam Cooking Spray is $2

Nestle Morsels are $2 for a 10-12oz bag – use $1.00 off two at

Carnation Evaporated milk is $0.89 each.  Use $0.50 off two at

Philips LED String Lights are $11.99 each – Use $4 off three at

Several ornaments are on sale for $3 each - use 20% off coupon at

Several games are on sale for $9 including classics like Sorry, Scrabble, and Life

Target through 11/13

Butterball Turkey is $0.88 per pound, Market pantry is $0.68 per pound, and Archer Farms is $0.98 per pound

Honeycrisp Apples are $1.69 per pound – YUM, my favorite!!!!

Pepsi products are 3 for $10.  If you drink Mountain Dew, you can also use a $1.00 off two coupon available at

Chex Cereal is $2  If you buy three, use the $1.00 off three coupon at

Luna and Cliff 6pk bars are $5 each

Licensed Scooters are $24 each.  Pair w/ a coupon at to get an addition $5 off.

Target deals through 11/6

Selected Varieties of General Mills Cereals are 2/$5 – go to for $1/3, $0.55 off Cinnamon toast crunch, and $0.75 off Cheerios

Frozen turkeys are on sale…

  • 10 – 24 lb Butterball frozen turkey is $0.88/lb
  • $0.98 per lb Market Pantry frozen turkey breast
  • $0.68 per lb Market Pantry whole frozen turkey
  • $0.98 per lb Archer farms all-natural frozen premium turkey
  • $19.99 Archer Farms cook in the bag turkey – Freezer to oven w/ no thawing.

Campbell’s Chunky soup in cans or microwaveable bowls are $1.24 - go to for $.50 off one, $1.00 off two, $1.50 off three or $2.00 off four.

Prevacid 42 ct is $23.99 - go to for $10 off

Eggo Waffles are $1.59

Get a free $5 gift card when you buy any two of these items. And don’t forget to hang on to your receipt to use towards the P&G coupon book rebate found here. These will go a long way toward hitting that $50 mark.

Tide 150oz or 95-120 loads powder are $18.99

  • Charmin 12 pack ultra soft mega roll is $12.49
  • 6 pk of Bounty huge roll paper towels are $12.99
  • Venus Breeze Razor is $7.99 - Use the $3 off one in today’s insert
  • Crest 3D white Advanced Seal White strips are $35.99 – Use $5 off one in today’s insert
  • Olay Total Effects moisturizer is $18

Glade Air Care 2pk Oil refills are $4.49

Smart Ones are $2.25 – match w/ one of these…

Deals through 10/23

All of the following items are just $10

  • Leapfrog Tag and Tag junior selected books
  • Lego starter sets
  • Activity kits for Moon Dough Pan Pizza or PixOs MicrOs starter set
  • Select Classic family games
  • 2pk bayblade Battle Top Faceoff

Kleenex 4 pks are 5.29

Market Pantry Fish Sticks are $3.49 for a 30ct bag. Use the $1.00 off coupon MP frozen seafood item at

Market Pantry Alasket Keta Salmon Filets are $6.99 for a 24 oz bag. Use the $1.00 off MP frozen seafood coupon here too

Betty Crocker cake mixes are $0.92 Buy two and go to for a $0.50 off two coupon

Betty Crocker frosting is$1.22

$1,99 for Nestle ready to bake cookies in assorted varieties

Hot pockets are 5/$9

Lean Cuisines are 4/$8 Go to for $1 off two


Kraft Singles are $2.50 Get five and use two coupon for $1.00 off two and use Your total will be $5.50 or $1.10 each.If you don't want five packages of singles, you can also find coupons at for $1.00 off two Kraft shredded cheese items, $1 off two cheese items, and $0.50 off two Philadelphia cream cheese

$3.99 for 20 oz Gold’n Plump fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts - go to for another $1.00 off


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