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Tax Questions - Where do I get help?

Updated on February 25, 2009

Tax season is here, as it is every year from Jan 1st through April 15th. There are many questions that people have each year about filing there taxes.

How do I file my taxes?

You can file your taxes through three main ways.
- E-file through TurboTax or other software
- Filing by mail
- Having a 3rd party company prepare your taxes for you like H&R Block

Out of these 3 ways, I prefer to use TurboTax because it is easier then doing it by mail and cheaper then H&R Block. When you start to enter your tax information it stores all of your numbers making calculations a breeze. Plus they will save your past returns if you ever need a copy at a later day.

Will I get a 2009 stimulus check?

As of now there are currently no plans to issue a 2009 Stimulus check similar to the ones issues in the summer of 2008.

Can I claim my son/daughter as a dependent?

You can claim your son or daughter if they are still in school, you are the primary provider for your son or daughter and no one else is claiming them.

This can be tricky when you are divorced, or not living with the other parent of your child. As they may think they should or already did claim you child.

If someone else claimed your child, then you will need to submit a review to the IRS so they can review both yours and the other parents tax return to see who should have the right to claim your child.

Do you know the answers to each of these for your situation?

If you need help, you can ask a tax question for free on many websites around the internet.


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