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Income Tax return estimator 2010-2011 - Calculate refunds

Updated on March 4, 2011
tax estimator 2010 with calculator
tax estimator 2010 with calculator

Top 3 software for Tax Estimation and Refund Calculation

Tax Preparation is probably a time of concern. It is everybody's effort to ensure that they get the maximum refund possible from the IRS. The best software and website for estimating taxes is:

#1 - Turbo Tax Estimator - Tax Caster

This software will estimate the taxes for last year. You might have to create username/password. Don't worry - Its free and worth the effort. It is the #1 software for estimating taxes right now. Even if you go the CPA after this, you have an idea of how much your refund or taxes should be.

#2 - HR Block Tax Estimator

This tax calculator will ask you a number of questions such as:
Enter the age , filing status and total wages.

It might take probably 30 minutes of your time, but its worth looking at. Its help is not as good as TurboTax but it works for a person with little knowledge on taxes.

#3 - Efile

This is another good estimator for tax refunds for year 2009 in year 2010.

These resources will surely help you estimate tax refunds and calculate taxes.

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