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Teens- Making Money Washing Windows

Updated on February 16, 2012


When it comes to making money for teens, washing windows has a lot of potential. It'snot one of the funnest jobs and the hard work it takes will pay off. In this post I will help you make some extra cash washing windows.

Equipment Needed

There is very little equipment needed to wash windows. After a good water supply you will need:

Sponges- Cloths and sponges will can be used to wash windows, but a squeegee is best for applying water as well as drying the windows off. The handle will make it easier. If you want, you can wipe it down with some Windex but it is not really needed as you are outside.

Bucket- You will ned a bucket to take with you. It will hold the soapy water and your equipment. The only problem is that a bucket of water is rather heavy.

Ladder/ Stool- You will need one of these to reach some of the higher windows if the property is graded. I am not talking second story ladders; I will not recommend upper windows as it can be dangerous. If you are doing the second story, do it from the inside, most windows will open in a way where you will not have to clean from the outside.


You can charge quite a bit for this service as it is labour intensive and most people will not do it. I don't believe you should charge a set price. Offer $5-10 in order to get your labour's worth. I have about 28 windows in my house so that will be about 140-280 dollars of pure profit as you do not really have any direct costs. That is a new game console. As you can see, if you do this regularly, the money will add up.


Now that you know how much money you can charge for this service, you will need to get customers. I suggest you advertise to the neighbors using the following methods:

Fliers- Print tons of fliers and put them in mailboxes, on car windshields and you can even go door to door handing them out. This is hands down the best way to advertise a small business. Just don't over do it, people will get fed up with your fliers.

Business Cards- Another great method, print some cards and hand them out. Give a few to family members so they can pass it on and give them to anyone you speak to.

I think the above methods are all you need or even too much. It isn't that hard to get customers to use a service that no one else will do.


I hope this guide was of help and you now have something productive to do this summer. If you give a good quality service people will more likely use you again. If this isn't the job for you, check out some more ways tens can make money this summer.


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