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Ten Helpful Last Minute Tax Tips

Updated on April 14, 2011

While most people have already filed their 2010 taxes by now, there are some people that are still struggling to fill out the tax forms and get them sent off on time. Following are ten simple last minute tax tips that are sure to benefit any US taxpayer:

Last Minute Tax Tips
Last Minute Tax Tips

1. The IRS recommends that people file via e-file. It is fast, easy and completely secure. There is no chance that a person's information will be leaked to a third party. Over 70% of Americans use this form of filing without any problems. A person that files electronically for a tax return will get it faster than he or she would have otherwise.

2. Check the SS number or numbers carefully. Many people make mistakes with these numbers and this can cause problems. Fill out these numbers carefully and make sure to check them once the form has been completed.

3. When filling out a paper copy of a tax return, be sure to check the figures carefully and make sure they add up properly. Double check the refund figures and balance due figures in particular.

4. It is also important to check the tables carefully. Many people make mistakes and place numbers in the wrong categories. Remember, any mistakes can cause serious problems at worst or delay a tax return at best.

5. Sign the forms properly. If the form has been filled out by another person, i.e. an accountant, then that person should sign as well. Joint forms must be signed by the husband and wife.

6. Mail in the return to the IRS address as listed on the IRS website. Do this as soon as possible so that this important piece of mail is not forgotten.

7. When paying via snail mail, it is important to fill out the check properly. It should be made out to the US Treasury Department. The check should be signed. The back should list the person's name, daytime phone number, what year the payment is for and what type of form was filled out.

8. E-payments are often the best way to pay taxes. They are safe, secure and easy to make. They can be made via debit or credit card.

9. A person that truly needs an extension can apply for one. However, the IRS will only grant a person three extra days to fill out the form and send it in. A person will still need to pay by the 15th of April, even if he or she has gotten an extension.

10. Please see the IRS website for more helpful information.

Do you file at the last minute this year?

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