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Ten Items That Would Save You Their Purchase Prices In Ten Folds And More

Updated on September 1, 2017
Coffee Maker
Coffee Maker

People who are trying to make the best out of a frugal lifestyle wouldn’t just buy items. They invest in them. The items they buy would actually save them money over time. There are several everyday items that will save you their purchase prices in ten folds and more over time. If you are looking for a brand new way to save money, then you may consider purchasing the following items:


A Crock Pot is very valuable. This is because the average American family will eat out or make orders at least once or twice in a week for convenience. The average takeout family dinner would cost about $15 per person. On a weeknight, most people are too tired to make a healthy meal. Throwing ingredients in a Crock Pot before work in the morning can ensure that you do not have to spend that $15 for dinner. Considering the fact Crock Pot meals will only cost you about $2, over time, a Crock Pot would save your ten times its purchase price.


It is a fact that many workaholics are addicted to coffee. Every $2 or $4 you spend on a cup of coffee might not seem much but the cost can add up really fast. A home coffeemaker can come in handy. If you brew you own coffee at home, it would save you much money.


An LED light bulb is a good investment. Although it is higher in price than an incandescent bulb, it lasts much longer. Incandescent bulbs have an average lifespan of 1,200 hours while LEDs have an average lifespan of 20,000 hours. Moreso, an LED bulb will only tap one sixth of the electricity required to produce the same light an incandescent bulb will produce.


Gas and electric driers are the fastest ways to dry your clothing but they aren’t the cheapest. When you add up the cost of the dryer with the cost of running it, you will find out that drying your clothes this way is rather expensive. The average electric dryer would consume about $0.40 for every 45 minute cycle. Make an habit of hanging your clothes on a clothes line and use the dryer for emergencies.


With the steady increase in utility bills, a lot of people have found relief in simply updating their thermostat to one that is accurate and efficient. A programmable thermostat will allow you take control of how you heat and cool your home. So that you only use your heater and air conditioner when it is necessary. This is a device that is guaranteed to lower your energy bills noticeably.


Bottled water is expensive and absolutely disastrous to the environment. In several cases, the bottled water contains nothing special. The bottled water you are drinking could even have been pumped from your State. The Brita Water Pitcher is a cheaper way to get clean and pure water. Moreso, with your Brita, you do not run the risk of drinking expired bottled water.


Gym Memberships can be expensive. In most cases, you make a fixed payment on a monthly basis even if you do not use the Gym for weeks. This is a waste. If you do not intend to compete at the Olympics, then an Home Gym would suffix. Owning a home gym means you can cancel your gym membership. You will only spend one upfront cost and forget about monthly payments.


Another wasteful item you can cut out of your budget is paper towels and napkins. In most cases, paper towels are used quickly and thrown into the trash. By investing in cloth napkins, you save yourself money and you also save the environment.


Cable subscriptions are expensive. They do not justify the price if you are a very busy person. Considering the fact that you will only be at home in the evenings on weekdays, then you should consider canceling your cable subscription for Netflix and an HDTV Antenna. Netflix is quite cheap and provides enough entertainment for a busy person. Combine this with an over-the air HDTV Antenna and you won’t mix out of any of your favorite programs.


If you have children that use toys, then a battery charger would save you much money. Children tend to play with their toys for a long period of time. The battery gets worn out in the process and they demand new ones. The only way to save yourself from repeated battery purchases is to get a battery charger. Once you plug this battery charger, insert the batteries and allow it to charge, it is good to go again.


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