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Ten Reasons Why you Must Own Gold and Silver

Updated on October 19, 2017

Do You Own Them?

Gold and Silver Investment

Gold and silver are both excellent assets to own and they have proven their worth over and over again throughout history. These precious metals have kept many investors’ portfolios from ‘wiping out’ when currency values have fallen. While these metals have, on occasion, eroded in price, they have always regained their footing and bounced back stronger than ever before. If you have not invested in wholesale gold and silver or gold/ silver coins or bars yet, here are ten reasons for you to do so right away.

Gold and Silver Value Rises Steadily

Both gold and silver are steadily appreciating assets and history stands testament to their value growth over the years. Just take a look at a historic price chart for either of the metals and you can see how much they have increased in value.

Strong Stores of Value

Strong stores of value are a critical addition to your portfolio if you want to withstand the vagaries of the economy. There are no better stores of value than gold and silver which retain their purchasing power even when prices are zooming upward in an inflationary trend.

Physical Gold and Silver is Cash in Hand

Other assets like equities/ stocks/ bonds are all dependent on third parties and their ability and willingness to repay. With physical gold or silver, you have the asset in your hand, ready to be converted into cash whenever you choose.

Precious Metals Make Sound Investments

These metals have an intrinsic value that ensures that they command a reasonable price in the market at any time. When compared to the depreciating fiat currency that can quickly drop down to zero value, precious metals make sound investments.

Value of Precious Metals is Not Affected by Economic Instability

Currencies are heavily dependent on the country’s political health but not precious metals. Irrespective of the political upheavals that may be devastating the economy, gold and silver will continue to be valuable.

Precious Metals Can be Sold in International Markets

The presence of a global marketplace makes it possible to sell gold and silver at good prices even if their price is low in the U.S. markets. This is impossible with equities or bonds.

Value Increases with Restricted Supply

Restricted supply makes these precious metals more and more valuable year after year. With the unrestricted dollar printing that we have seen in the recent times, the opposite is true of this currency.

Gold and Silver are Global Currencies

The country’s debt situation is assuming alarming proportions leading many analysts to believe that the dollar will soon be debased for all time, losing its global currency status. In such a scenario, dollar-based assets will lose value and precious metals will become highly sought after.

Increasing Demand Makes Gold and Silver more Valuable

The demand for both gold and silver is steadily increasing world over as more and more investors understand the innate value of these metals. It is wise to buy into precious metals before the demand makes them unaffordable.

Invest Now to Counter Negative Interest Rates

To shore up the failing U.S. economy, the government has deployed several fiscal strategies including an artificial suppression of interest rates. Real interest rates are in the negative and this is likely to continue for a while yet. Historically, when negative real interest rates have prevailed, the prices of gold and silver have risen. Invest now and you can take advantage of the situation and sell your precious metals at incredible profits in the near future.


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    • traderjim profile image


      5 years ago

      Despite recent fall in price, gold reamins one of the best investment.

    • cherrycrime26 profile image

      January Moon 

      5 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      This is a very informative Hub, my husband was just talking about this other day, and we are looking to invest in silver and gold immediately, great hub!


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