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Ten Things You Can Do to Stay in Your Home

Updated on March 11, 2009

Ten Things You Can Do to Stay in Your Home

As a kind of home remedy, so to speak, The Nation and The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) have issued a useful list of ten ways to prevent or fight foreclosure. (Check our "Ten Things" on for more links.)

1. Make sure y9our loan has a fixed rate of interest and not a variable rate. If it has variable rate, work with your mortgage lender to get it to a lower fixed rate.

2. Seek out HUD-certified counselors ( when you are thinking of refinancing. Contact only non-profit agencies such as You do not have to pay a fee to get out of foreclosure.

3. If you are feing foreclosed, call the ACORN foreclosure hot line immediately, at 9347)410-5894.

4. Do not take out loans that are beyond your financial means. Do not make payments to any insitutution except your lender.

5. If you are a renter in a house that has been foreclosed, your landlord must give you notice before evicting you. Once you are given notice, find out how much time you have--the laws vary from state to state. For renters' rights in a particular state, search Go to, click on "Property & Money" and go to "foreclosure" for more information. (If you have info or resources on renters'rights, please send an email to

6. Avoid companies that promise a quick fix. go to to see a list of scams.

7. If you believe you are in a foreclosure scam, contact a lawyer immediately. Go to or Always use an attorney with a background in representing families in foreclosure.

8. Stay in communication with your bank, and always ask questions when you don't understand something that was said or something that you read. Go to for an explanation of foreclosure terms.

9. Supprot organizations that assist families, with foreclosures: Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (, Center for Community Change (, Take Back the Land (, National Low Income Housing Coalition (, Housing Assistance Council ( and National Housing Law Project (

10. Call your local ACORN chapter for help ( Volunteer to be a home defender in your area. Display an ACORN Forerclosure-Free Zone sigh in front of your house or apartment. Tell family and friends facing foreclosure to seek counseling from ACORN, and tell Congress to keeep families in their homes. Go to and click on "Action" for more information on advocacy.

CONCEIVED BY WALTER MOSELEY With research by Rae Gomes.

The Nation 3-23-09


Spiraling Human Cost of Foreclosures


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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 9 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Thanks for the comment. There's nothing original about this hub. I copied it as a public service from The Nation. I assume they want the information disseminated and won't sue me for violating their copyright.

      Thanks for inquiring about my health. I'm fine and, while waiting for spring, spending more time than I like to admit on Hubpages, mostly on some of the forums. You should check my recent Hub--"Who is the worst woman in the world? and cast your ballot. (You won't find any of them from your 2012 viable female candidates hub. However, one commenter nominated Hilary Clinton and another Nancy Pelosi.)

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 9 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      Great Hub for a difficult time. Haven't read anything by you for awhile, Ralph. Hope you are well.