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Ten Ways To Make A Little Money

Updated on June 15, 2017

Money is an essential thing in life, might not be as important as breathing but it needs to be with you if you want to buy some food or whatever. Here are some ways to make a little money.

#10, Do Some Odd Jobs. This could be mowing a lawn, cleaning a house, washing a car it can be whatever that is why it is called an odd job. Usually they can pay out to around twenty to fifty dollars depending on what you are doing and how cool the person is. Usually you can find these things up on Craigslist or maybe find some postings in a public forum. Can be anywhere.

#9, Sell Some Drinks. We are gonna go back to the days where the kids would be making lemonade stands, good times. It doesn't just have to be lemonade it can be coffee, tea, juice, cookies. Can be whatever. You might need to spend a few dollars to get some money but it is a good thing to do if you aren't busy. Go find a place with alot of movement, maybe some hard working men in a hot area could do with a cup of cool refreshing iced tea. It helps.

#8, Go To A Temp Agency. Going to a temp agency can help you find either a full time, part time or one time job. Going to them they usually have a website with lists of jobs in your area that you can go to and be able to get a little bit of money, you'll most likely have to put in some work though. Snagajob, Indeed, Express Employment are just a few places you can sign up for and check things out.

#7, Sell Some Stuff. I love stuff, I love to get new stuff, I am not entirely fond of selling my stuff. A good way to get a little bit of money is to sell some of your clothing that you do not wear or even some junk you now longer use. A garage sell is a good way to get some people in and have them look around, it might take a bit of time though.

#6, Make Things And Sell Them. Some people will pay some good money to buy well made items, a dresser or a chair. Whatever. Depending on what you make you could get some good change. Putting a little bit of time to make some nicely made things and sell them can be good, when I mean make things I don't mean just sharpen a stick or something.

#5, Sell Some Cans. This will help get a bit of change in your pocket and help with the environment, win win situation. There are many places around that will trade you money for empty cans and bottles. All you have to do is empty them and make sure they are a little clean, then bag them up and hand them in. Look around there is usually some cans lying around that can be used. Some places only take a certain amount of cans in at a time so make sure you find out before you head in.

#4, Look Things Up. Just like Hubpages there are many places out there that will pay you for doing certain stuff. There are some survey sites, apps like Foap where you send in pictures and people buy them, places like Cracked or Listverse that will pay for things you have written. Ask around and see if people can help you out to find a place.

#3, Make Your Own Mini-Business. This one is kind of like a few others on this list but you get to own the business, kinda. This means you can start washing cars, selling food or drinks, do something that you can do. Many folks will pay to have their yards mowed or cleaned, it will be sort of an odd job but the more places you go the better chance you can even start a small business.

#2, Start A Youtube Channel. This has been something I have always wanted to do but have never had the skill to do BUT, you can do it. If you are good at a certain something and upload it to Youtube you could actually get paid, if it gets enough views. This one might take the longest to accomplish since you need to get a good base foundation also their have been some problems with the Youtube ads so it might not be entirely working.

#1, Street Perform. Now I don't mean go stand on the corner whatever I mean sing, play an instrument, tell some jokes or do an act. If you do this in a place with a somewhat crown you can earn some change. If people like your routine enough they might just give you a few bucks or something, be spontaneous.

Conclusion: Many of these might take some time in order to get working and their are some other ways to find some extra change here and there. If you wish to know any more just look it up, we have Google.


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