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Ten reasons why Iron Man 2 is bad for the economy

Updated on June 12, 2011
People go to movies and feel emotions based on what they see on the screen.
People go to movies and feel emotions based on what they see on the screen.

If you believe the social mood of the nation drives the state of our economy, then the popularity of Iron Man 2 (the box office champ for May 9th and 16th weekends) is bad for us all.  We go to movies to escape, to be entertained and to be inspired by heroes (especially super heroes).  However, Iron Man 2 portrays Tony Stark as a narcissic CEO who succeeds by using exclusive technology to power his personal fame and fortune. 

On a subliminal level, once you leave the theater, you’re mind has absorbed ten powerful messages about success in Iron Man’s heroic world order.  They reflect the same conflicts we see now in our current economy and reflects our current feelings that the recession is far from over.  We also have no real cause for our current malaise, but we suspect big banks, sloppy regulation and self-interest as the major forces driving unemployment and credit issues.  These are also the forces driving the Iron Man 2 plot.

What are the ten reasons?

  1. The plot is a battle between two giant corporations for a government contract. Is this how we became a great nation, vying for government business funded by our tax dollars? How can this be a self-sustaining business model?
  2. Tony Stark, the hero, will not give the US government his technology. Does this sound like all the bank executives and their bonuses? It’s mine and you can’t have it!
  3. Justin Hammer, the rival businessman in competition with Tony Stark will do anything (legal or criminal) to get ahead. Could this be Goldman Sachs vs. J.P. Morgan? (substitute your favourite two banks here...)
  4. The combatants are all protected with armor while the people who get hurt are all innocent bystanders, the crowds at the Stark Expo and so on. Isn’t this like all the innocent people who lost jobs while the combatants in the financial arena escaped harm, even piled up more rewards?
  5. Technology is the enabling force behind the combat, the power which controls and destroys. All you need to know is the 1000 point drop (Flash Crash) on May 15th and the many reasons why computers are controlling the markets (and no one knows how they work). Put our trust in technology and gosh, the good ship Titanic will never sink!
  6. Tony Stark's father is the seed of his enemies. The sons battle their father's legacy: Whiplash., Tony Rebuilding his father's stark expo dream, his design of the energy. We are leaving huge deficits for our children so they may fight over the scraps of our largesse.
  7. Money can solve everything. Both Hammer and Stark toss money around like water, like it is an ever-expanding resource to realize their every whim.
  8. Nick Fury leads the secret agency (S.H.E.I.L.D.) working in the shadows of government, not that we had any doubt there was a secret cabal behind everything that happened in the bailout of the banks, the TARP funds, the F.E.D. and the S.E.C.
  9. When things get dire, (Tony is slowly being poisoned to death by his chest protector), he saves himself by doing the impossible (inventing a new element). What was the whole housing bubble but “doing the impossible” by providing easy credit without risk to people who couldn’t afford it?
  10. Tony Stark is the movie’s hero, a self-proclaimed (and proud) narcissist with an inordinate fascination with himself; exhibiting excessive self-love, huge vanity, self-centred smugness and egocentrism and at infantile level of personality development. This is the character we should model ourselves after? Is this the corporate hero personality we want to cheer for? I think not.

Books about Social Moods and Investing

What to Do NOW!

If the economy gets worse, and Iron Man 2 may be a signal that our emotional mood is telling us not to admire or trust the corporate titans and government leaders to get us out of this Recession, the you need to take charge of your finances yourself.

  • get out of debt
  • be flexible with your job expectations
  • save a nest egg for bad times ahead


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    • tjhooper profile image

      TJ Hooper 7 years ago from dublin Ga

      lol I still love Iron man. Good article