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That fat wallet

Updated on June 7, 2015

The eternal financial problem: How about tomorrow's meal?

Over the years the Philippines has been showing potential in growing it's economy.

To name some contributing factors, there has been effective campaigns about financial wellness and the active introduction of the idea of passive income.

However, for most of us we really couldn't care less about financial planning, preparing for future expenditures or tomorrow's meal for that matter.

What's important is the answer to the question -- will we have enough money to keep us alive for today? Tomorrow is a whole new different problem.

Disclaimer: This is not a how-to-look-for-a-job entry.

To help lessen the burden, here are some ideas that we can utilize in order to have extra money for the days ahead.

  1. Save little by little - Saving can be tedious. Most of the time, it feels like a chore that we keep on postponing. Discipline. This is key in every decision that we make. As long as we have our goal in mind and keep our discipline, that goal is never far ahead. Save a portion of your money everyday. It doesn't have to be a significant amount. Just save something. This could go a long way!
  2. Set a goal - Make sure you have a purpose and a timeline for setting aside a part of your money. This way, you can always go back to it when you feel like splurging and using up everything that you have.
  3. Don't keep track - remember how surprised you were when you found a 500 peso bill in your bag's pocket? Then you remember putting it there with the intention of saving you for a rainy day. This is the premise of it. You simply save and forget about it until the time comes that you have to use it for the purpose you have set it for.
  4. Try not to consider getting a loan - Sure it's the easiest option but it isn't when the due date is near, or worse, it's today. This will only ruin your savings scheme - it will make you take out the little savings that you have only to pay for interest.

These ideas are not bullet proof but can surely help if one would like to take on that road to financial wellness.

Our every situation is different but I hope to help in one way or another with this entry.

Let me leave you with this quote --

~Change is the end result of all true learning - Leo Buscalgia


Questions, additions, and objections are very much welcome!

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© 2015 Joan Locel Lugod


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