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The 2 of the Best Ways Mums Can Make Money Online from Home

Updated on May 3, 2014
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Best Ways for Mums to Make Money from Home Online

Today, more and more work or stay at home mums are looking for ways to support them and their families financially. The Internet has opened a wealth of opportunities for them to work from home online. But, there are many online money making scams many mums are falling prey to. So, it is very important to choose the correct types of online jobs and businesses that are legitimate and can bring in some extra cash or even an income for these mums.

If you are a mum looking for making money from home online, then you will be glad to know that there are many legitimate ways to earn a little cash on a regular basis or even make a living doing something you enjoy or have a passion for from the comforts of your own home online.

The following are 2 of the best ways mums can make money from home online that require very little to no start up costs:

Help Promote Other People's Products or Services for a Commission

If done correctly, then this could be your top home based online money making or income opportunity. Basically, what you do is you promote an individual or company's products or services through your blog, website, or other Internet listings and earn commission or flat fee for generating sales and leads for the company, or directing traffic to the company's website. This is called affiliate marketing programme.

How It Works

The way that it works is you put relevant affiliate links or codes of the company or merchant's products or services you want to promote on your website or any Internet listing where you have published your content on, and when visitors to your website or the internet listing click on the affiliate links, you get paid according to Pay Per Click (PPC) affiliate marketing programme. If the visitors click on the affiliate links to land the company's websites and purchase a product or service or perform any other specific action, such as fill out a contact form, sign up for a newsletter, and more, you will earn a commission for each sale made or each specific action performed by the visitors.

You can start working on affiliate marketing programme without making any investment. The best way to run affiliate programme is through a blog or website of your own. Set up a free blog with Blogger or start a paid blog or website by using your own domain name, hosting it with free or paid web hosting service and publishing your content on the web via Blogger or WordPress blogging platform. You will need to attract a lot of traffic to your website to become successful with affiliate marketing. Promote products or services you use or have used or you have known to be helpful after researching them well. Write helpful and informative content or reviews around these products and services to get the best results.

Writing for Money

Freelance Writing
Freelance Writing | Source

Online Article Writing

Mums can make money almost immediately and easily on the web with online freelance writing. Article writing is one of the best forms writing on the web. There are several ways you can earn some extra cash or even an income by selling your articles online.

Write rticles for upfront pay writing websites: If you can write on a topic or more you have passion for or have good knowledge in, you can submit your articles online with upfront pay websites that will pay you immediately once they approve the articles. You can publish them on residual income writing websites, such as HubPages.

You can pick article writing jobs withiut having to bid for them that are posted on some article writing jobs websites, such as, and complete the jobs for approval from clients that posted the jobs. If they approve your work you will get paid immediately or instantly.

Write articles for revenue sharing writing websites: Your articles will usually earn money from page views, ad clicks, affiliate commissions, and more programmes as long as these websites publish your articles online. You will earn a share of revenue earned on your articles split between you and the site owners.

Write articles for clients on online bidding websites:You can find article writing jobs on online bidding websites, such as www. Clients from all across the world post article writing jobs on these sites and freelance writers bid for them. Based on your experience, price you ask for completing the job, and other factors, the clients will either hire you or others.

If you are hired you will complete the jobs withing the specific deadlines and if the clients approve your articles you will get paid immediately usually via PayPal or Payoneer international MasterCard Debit Card, Skrill, Bank Wire, and other ways, depending on the sites and the options they offer to withdraw your funds.

Offer articles writing services on micro freelance websites:You can setup a gig on micro freelance websites or marketplaces, such as www.fiverr, www., www.fiversworld, and more to offer your article writing service to individuals and businesses. When your potential clients find your gig suitable to their requirements, they will hire you and pay you once the services(articles) provided are approved.

Sell articles via article marketplace websites:There are some reputable article marketplace sites where you can upload your pre-written articles for sale. If clients looking for content on these sites buy your articles you will get paid immediately. Some of these sites will require you to reach a minimum amount to request for a payout while some will release the funds as soon as a sale is made.

Sell articles from your own blog or website: You can sell articles directly from your blog or website. But, you will need to gain a large following and targeted audience to succeed. Besides, it may take a while before you gain a larger audience to your blog or website.

These are the best ways to sell your online article writing services to individuals or businesses

Final Words

There are other ways, such as blogging, taking paid online surveys, offering freelance web design service, working as a virtual assistant, and more to earn money online from the comforts of their own. It is easy to earn some extra little cash at home online these days, thanks to the Internet. There are many legitimate options for work at home mums. Choose the ones that best interest you and match your skills, experiences, and fit around your lifestyle choices.


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