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The 5 reasons you will NEVER be wealthy!

Updated on July 16, 2017

The following article attempts to “get real” with the tremendous effort required to become wealthy. From smart investments to an iron clad work ethic; the real equation for financial success is not glamorous or sexy, complex or mysterious. It is simply quite difficult to accumulate real wealth for generations. Written to inspire the talented and motivated and silence the cries of the weak or jealous “Jokers” out there spending like they are Kings and Queens! Below is a list of the top 5 reasons people are never going to be wealthy. In addition, there is some very sound advice on getting ready to fight for real wealth and a bit of life coaching for those in denial about their financial future.

Being wealthy is our choice
Being wealthy is our choice

It is easy to sit back and judge the rich and successful. It is simple to assume that they inherited the money from their parents or have a rich relative that helped them get their start. The bitter reality is that for most, the road to wealth was paved in sweat, sacrifice and discipline. You see them enjoying their wealth decades AFTER their hard work has finally started paying off. You are jealous of what they have but do you have what it takes to join them? Most of you don't understand the real reasons you're broke.

So what are the reasons you are not on the road to wealth?

Read to Learn how to avoid being miserable because it is our choice.

You are lazy:

Yes. L-A-Z-Y. It takes hard work to become wealthy. It may be working two jobs or starting small business from home; anyone creating wealth is working at least 60 hours a week. You are fooling yourself if you think getting rich is easy or quick - most people just don’t let you see them sweat! Successful people are all about the action; you will not hear them brag about their triumphs or complain about the hard work. The fruits of their labor speak for them.

You worship the finer things in life:

From extravagant nights out with friends to designer clothes and accessories, you love to live like a King on a Joker’s salary. The wealthy have 1 thing in common: they make sacrifices for financial goals. They pack lunch, they wear simple well-made clothing, they never waste their precious spare time and money at the nightclubs and 5 star restaurants buying expensive food and beverages…Instead they are saving every penny possible.

control your budget is the first step for success
control your budget is the first step for success

You lack discipline and a budget:

Six to eight hours of sleep, two to three nutrient-rich meals a day, a budget and a to-do list are not very sexy but they are key elements in the wealth equation. This is much more difficult than anyone cares to admit. Humans are self-critical and tend to sabotage their own success. You are not a failure if you make a bad decision or have a lapse in good judgment but if you keep repeating these bad behaviors you are relapsing and this is a pattern you must break.

You are surrounded by a gold digger(s):

This is probably the most difficult situation to navigate. You want to shower the ones you love with beautiful gifts and tokens of your affection. There simply needs to be a budget for gifts, regardless of the recipient; sons and daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, even your parents or in-laws could be mooching off of you. After instituting your “gift” budget you will find out very quickly which of your friends and family love YOU or just the free gifts. If you discover that they loved the gifts more, you are lucky - this is an opportunity to eliminate the negative people so you can allow a place for the positive people to enter.

gamblers never win
gamblers never win

Greed. Gambling. Guilt:

If you behave like a gambler with your money, prepare to lose. If you are greedy and don't use at least a small portion of your wealth to help people in dire circumstances; and they are easy to spot in all cities and villages globally, you will never have wealth. I know what you are thinking right now… here comes the lecture on charity. I think no human can understand the value of a couple dollars until you see your “couple dollars” feed a family of four at least one hearty meal. For you, those “couple dollars” was a cup of coffee at the hip cafe around the corner, for them it means full bellies after hours/days of starving. The good deed will pay you back in more ways than you may think. You may not consciously recognize that greed causes guilt but it does impact your behavior - it is different for everyone but with a similar theme: this behavior is always harmful and prevents personal growth. Stop being greedy, stop gambling your money down the toilet and stop giving yourself so many reasons to feel guilt!

Final words:

Understanding and respecting the present value of your currency is crucial if you want to be wealthy. Investing is about strategy; both short term and long term. Risk is a calculation and your investment choices should be well researched. Remember, if earning the money is quick, easy and painless it is probably illegal or a scam! You cannot escape hard work and time. Remember, patience is a virtue.


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