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The 7 Habits for Most Effectiveness

Updated on August 27, 2015
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I am a blogger and writer. I've been writing for around the past 15 years and live in India.

How to be effective in your world

Being effective might appear to be child's play to some of you but in fact there’s a lot more to it than that. In fact as this book explores it is quite a task. Many of us go through life without realizing our untapped potential.
As Stephen R. Covey explores the key to becoming effective is discipline and focus but isn’t confined to that alone. There are many other requirements such as moral and spiritual regeneration. That’s because the world we see around is nothing but the projection of our inner selves. For most people being efficient means being successful and wealthy. That however is only one part of the paradim and not its entirety. Besides its not the possession of wealth that holds the key to the future but the ability to create it.
There are many other things involved such as effective delegation and not doing things that are unecessary. Wealth creation also involves expanding the ‘circle of influence’ as opposed to sticking merely within the ‘circle of concern.’ The former concept aims at increasing our area of operations while the latter concept ensures we remain stuck with the here and now of daily concerns and chores. To have maximum impact we have to expand the ‘circle of influence.’
Becoming more efficient is ultimately all about becoming a better human being. For that a change of the internal dynamic is necessary. We need to periodically renew ourselves or regenerate ourselves to be effective people. We also need to realize that we are interdependent on others and their cooperation is necessary for our success. However as the author wisely points out, interdependence is a choice only the independent have. It isn’t an option for the dependent who anyway operate within circumscribed limits. What’s key in this is the ‘inside-out’ paradigm and not vice-versa. Interestingly that’s also what Hindu thought espouses. Its based on the premise that the outside world is nothing but a projection of our inner selves.
However becoming effective goes beyond religiosity. It also involves how we react, the time gap between external stimulii and response is more crucial than the occurence of happenings according to Mr.Covey. This is because its all about perception and the need to empathize. Its as important in this context to understand as to be understood. That can only develop out of empathic thinking as per his belief. That’s why he believes its essential to think of ‘effectiveness’ with people and apply the ’ efficiency’ paradigm with regard to things.
At the same time we have to realize that efficiency is a relative concept and not absolute. Nobody or anything can be efficient hundred per cent. Such a thing is a machine and not human. Even machines we know fail sometimes. Therefore efficiency is also a question of degree or proportion. To heighten what I would call our ‘efficiency quotient ‘we have to have the power of self realization and a curiosity to explore. For as Dag Hammarskjold put it “He who wants to keep his garden tidy doesn’t preserve a plot of weeds.”

How to be effective as individuals

Are you satisfied at the level of personal efficiency?

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© 2015 Siddhartha S Bhadrakumar


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