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The Advantages Of Outsourcing Your Payroll Services

Updated on December 20, 2013

More businesses these days are choosing to outsource their payroll requirements to a specialised service provider such as a payroll company or accountancy service.

There are many attractive benefits to doing so, including the potential to reduce your day-to-day expenses, ensure legal compliance and avoid costly penalties.

Engaging specialist help needn’t be expensive and you shouldn’t be tied into a long contract either. Although most firms who have gone down this route tend to wonder how on earth they managed before.

The 6 Main Advantages of Utilising Outsourced Payroll Services are:

1. Saving Money

It might surprise you to learn that outsourcing your payroll could prove a more cost- effective option than handling it in-house. Indeed many business owners find that the savings made through outsourcing enable them to carry out activities and processes which would not be possible without the prospect of achieving significant savings.

2. Expert Assistance & Guidance

Engaging the help of a specialist accountancy firm will not only ensure that a high quality of work is delivered, but you will also benefit from your accountant’s wide variety of industry knowledge, contacts and professional advice.

3. Increased Focus & Time Management

Whilst accounting and payroll functions are necessary aspects of every business, these activities do not lead directly to income. Outsourcing your payroll will enable you to free up more of your valuable time to spend on cash-generating activities like marketing, PR and sales promotions.

4. Ensure Compliance

Keeping up with the latest legislation can be a real hassle particularly if finance isn’t ‘your bag.’ Outsourcing your requirements to an accountancy firm will ensure your business remains tax-compliant, so you will never get hit with a financial penalty for misfiling a return or missing a deadline.

5. Improved Data Security

Storing your company data at a remote location whilst being able to access it from your computer is generally considered a safer option than maintaining it on-site.

6. Regular Reporting & Monitoring Facilities

Being able to reliably measure and act on budget variances and KPIs is an essential feature of every successful business. Receiving up-to-date reports on your business performance at set intervals will ensure you keep on top of your game, with nothing left to chance.

Utilising outsourced payroll services could help your business become more tightly-focussed, productive and profitable, with up-to-the-minute reporting that could give your company a significant competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Find out more from your friendly helpful online accountancy team today.

How Proactive is Your Accountant?

Do you rely solely on monthly, quarterly, or year-end accounts to provide the bigger picture for your business?

How often do you measure your financial achievements against your business plan?

How frequently do you update your business plan to ensure it is still valid?

Do you know what you production costs are on a weekly basis?

Do you know what your profit margins are on every item you sell?

Which areas of your business are the most profitable? Least profitable?

Do you maintain ‘at a glance’ spreadsheets which tell you:

  • What’s coming in?
  • What’s going out?
  • What you actually have?

And what is your relationship with your accountant like?

How often do you communicate?

Do you use your accountant as a ‘sounding board’ in order to progress your business?

Now there’s little doubt that some business owners view their relationship with their accountant as someone they are in direct contact with once or twice a year – normally just before the year end.

Googling “accountancy services” will return you around 15.5 million results at the time of writing this article, so you will need to do your research to determine which accountancy firm meets your criteria.

Ideally you will wish to find a proactive accountant you feel comfortable with – someone with whom you intend to communicate on a regular basis. Regular, honest contact is essential to establish the kind of trusting relationship which will impact on the overall profitability of your business

A proactive accountant will not only guide you through the finance maze and provide expert professional advice, but he or she will challenge the strategic issues within your business – your plans and decision-making processes – and keep you ‘on track’.

Really excellent accountancy services can be hard to come by, so it’s a sound idea to shop around. You may prefer to talk to several firms and also check out their client testimonials before making a final decision. A top notch accountant will be one you want onside for life – or at least for the life of your business. He or she will take you from business acquisition to exit strategy and help you formulate and execute every important decision in between.

Ultimately, your choice of accountant could have a major impact on your company’s profitability, so the savvy business owner will choose an accountancy firm with a first class reputation, great communication skills and a proactive attitude to ensuring business success.


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