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The Adventures of an eBay Store Item

Updated on June 18, 2013
Items are researched and photographed or scanned before they are listed
Items are researched and photographed or scanned before they are listed | Source
Many unusual books can be found on eBay
Many unusual books can be found on eBay | Source
The Shipping Department in the author's kitchen
The Shipping Department in the author's kitchen | Source

A Different Perspective

Hello, my name is Obscure Book. I’m sitting here on a shelf at a thrift store in Pasadena Texas, minding my own business. Been here for a long time, way down on the bottom shelf near all the Reader’s Digest Condensed Books and the encyclopedias. It’s dusty and dirty down here, and some of my shelf mates have gone off to recycle land. I’m kinda scared.

Wait! Here comes somebody, squatting down here and poking around on my shelf! Yay. She’s picking me up and flipping through my pages! Oh for joy, she’s putting me in her shopping cart! Saved from the shredder! If a book could shout for joy, I’d be doing it right now.

After a nice ride through traffic, we’ve arrived at my new home. So now, I’m sitting on another shelf, along with some other really strange titles. History of the 33rd Supreme Council 1801-1861? An Account of the Foxglove? Propylon Manual for Pledges? Oh dear, I hope I can fit into this crowd!

My pages are now being turned, and studied. She’s typing on a keyboard now, searching for information about ME! Gulp. Now she’s dusting off my edges and looking inside my spine (and other anatomy). Ouch! She’s writing down every little detail about my condition, I don’t think I’ve had this much attention since 1940-something when I was brand-new.

Oh dear, she’s taking my picture! Aren’t I handsome? She’s telling everybody what my text says, and how my pages are nicely browned, and what a nice tight binding I have! Oh heck, now she’s telling them about those underlined, highlighted, and dog-eared pages. Sheesh, can’t a book have any secrets? Now she’s putting a bookmark in me, where‘s she written “50 cents paid, 21.95 listed”, and now I’m back on a shelf. A different shelf, with much cleaner and happier books. I might like it here.

Yawn. I knew it was too good to be true.

Deedley dum, twiddle de deeee.

Hmmmph. Mr. Propylon Manual just got taken away. Wonder what’s going to happen to him?


Twiddle de dee.

Hey, some new kids on the shelf! Welcome, guys, it gets kind of boring here.


Wait! It’s my turn! I’m being taken away from here! Oh dear, now I know what must’ve happened to dear old Propylon. My bookmark is gone, I’m wrapped in plastic and sitting inside a box just my size. She’s making some notes: 48 mo @ 5c = 2.40, postage 2.47, eBay fee 5.50, PayPal 94c = 11.31. She’s closing the box, it’s dark in here! Yikes!

After a whole bunch of banging around and funny noises here in my dark box, I think I’ve been delivered! Yes! Here’s a new person looking back at me! He’s smiling, I think he likes me! Yay.

My new life is interesting. My new owner reads me, turns my pages gently, makes notes and laughs once in a while. That nice lady saved me from the recycle bin, and I think I’m in Book Heaven.


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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

      Lol! that was really funny and clever! never thought of books like that, but yes they say books are just waiting to jump out at you in a library or bookstore, now I know why!

    • Marie Brannon profile image

      Marie Brannon 4 years ago from Pearland, Texas

      Thanks, Nell. It was fun to write something light-hearted and throw in some actual facts and figures. Usually I do it the other way around, lots and lots of research and just a smidge of light-heartedness.

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