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The Art and Wisdom of Living Frugally

Updated on January 7, 2013

Frugal Living

Simple Living

Frugal Living is an age-old Biblical wisdom little appreciated in the current context of consumerism. Almost every ancient culture and especially the cultures of the East have traditionally valued the importance of frugal living.

In fact, the cause of all our woes in the present times can be pinned down to extravagent consumerism. With the onset of industrialization and urbanization in the late 17th and early 18th century, mankind began the production of everything needed on an unprecedented scale with the sole motive of profit. The process has never looked back since then. It is in fact the growth and the development model of economics in combination with the human greed and rapacity that led to colonization and the search of markets so that the industries in England and the west could continue to run incessantly. In other words, our consumption is not of what we essentially need to exist in a healthy, happy and peaceful manner, rather we need to consume because we are constantly bombarded with the messages on consumption through media so that the economy may continue to run on a growth cycle. The problem with this model is that, it is essentially antithetical to human happiness or frugal living because our desires and wants hyped artificially remain unsatiated.

The solution to this problem lies in frugal living. Living frugally is an art and not a curse of the poor as might possibly be misunderstood. Warren Buffet, one among the richest men on the planet is known to live frugally.

Today, the medical science acknowledges the value of frugal living. In a recent survey conducted by the Readers Digest, it was found that three factors are at the root of all chronic medical conditions (i)Stress (ii)Cholesterol (iii) and blood pressure. Frugal living, along with happy relationships, and daily physical exercise are the recommended strategies against these factors leading to chronic medical conditions.

In fact frugal living is the panacea to all our woes. If you live frugally, you'll be stress free because it is the desire for more and ever more that leads to hyper competitiveness and stress. If you can live frugally, you will never let bad cholesterol invade your blood stream because frugal living is an all round concept applicable in thought, life style and behavior.

It is evidenced that the tribes in cultures all over the world enjoy good health and long lives. This is because they live frugally and happily. There are instances of epidemics among tribes people cutting short thier life span, but in every such instance, it is the civilized men whose interventions have caused calamities.

Although there is a strong evidence of the critical importance of frugal livng in our currently stressed lifestyl and living, yet few among us have the wisdom and courage to adopt it in our day to day living because generation after generation of men, women and children have been taught to consume and hoard more and more.

However, any one who has given frugal living a chance like Gandhi or Jesus would vouchsafe the inner sense of happiness they experience that no gadget or gizmos can buy for them. In retrospect, Gandhi's words, "There's enough on this planet for man's need, but not for his greed" appear truly relevant.


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