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The Article Syndication Scam-Are You A Victim of this Article Marketing Mistake?

Updated on December 8, 2013

Article Syndication Scam

Article Syndication Heavily Touted on the Warrior Forum

Article syndication is touted by Warrior Forum members such as Alexa Smith, Paul Uhl, Bill Platt, John McCabe, and others on the Warrior Forum, as a smarter, more sophisticated, more successful form of article marketing.

(This analysis assumes you know what article marketing actually is-a method of writing articles and submitting them to other websites with the objective of obtaining back links and traffic to your website)

However there is a disturbing lack of evidence of success from any of these proponents of article syndication with this traffic generating model.

Sadly, a huge number of newcomers to internet marketing and the Warrior Forum in particular discover too late that article syndication might not be all it is claimed to be.

What is Article Syndication?

Alexa Smith (aka Timothy Nagley aka Yuliya Miranova aka Jana Serg) of the Warrior Forum is the most relentless promoter of article syndication.

What is the article syndication model as trumpeted by Alexa Smith aka Timothy Nagley?

Step 1 is to write a piece of content of at least 1,000 words which covers some aspect of concern to your target market.

So assume that you have a website or blog in the “weight loss” market and you are attempting to sell affiliate products on your site which helps your readers to lose weight.

Step 2 is to publish this article on your own website to ensure that it gets indexed by Google in its search engine results index. Smith/Nagley claims that this action will result in you getting what he describes as “initial indexation rights” for your piece of content.

This is the first delusion peddled by Smith/Nagley.

Because this phrase is a made up phrase by Smith/Nagley and has no validity or truth attached to it whatsoever.

Let me explain: there is no such thing as “initial indexation rights” and Google has said many, many times that it will show whatever version of an article that it thinks best suits the particular searchers query which may or may not be the first version of the same article in its search results.

This is fundamentally important because if your best writing is competing with other versions of the same article on multiple sites across the internet then the whole basis of article syndication is fatally undermined and is bound to failure.

But I jump ahead..

Step 3 is to then submit your article, the same article, to the article directory.

The purpose of this is to allow your article to be picked up by other webmasters/blog owners and republished on their website. This, according to the article syndication model fans, can lead to your article being republished on many, many other websites across the internet.

This is the second major delusion peddled by Nagley/Smith, Uhl, and others.

Because no self-respecting webmaster or blog owner is going to publish articles they find on If you work hard to build a high quality website and build up your readership you are not going to publish generally low quality articles that can be found on article directories.

Those who may take content from article directories are site owners who are not really very fussy about the type of content they publish and in many instances articles are republished without any attribution to the writer and with all links removed.

Clearly this is of no benefit to you as the writer of quality articles.

Step 4 is to follow up with any site owner who publishes an article that you have written and submitted to and ask them “do they want more of the same?”.

I kid you not.

You spend your time emailing any site owners who publish your content and you offer them “more of the same”.

You couldn’t make this stuff up…now you are offering to write for free for owners of dubious/spammy websites which republish content from all over the internet.

Not only is this a ludicrous strategy-it could actually do damage to your existing site as Google may see your strategy as an attempt to manipulate your rankings in the search engines which will see your site being penalized by Google, Bing, and the other search engines.

What Does Google Think of Article Syndication?

Google have made it clear that they disapprove of distributing multiple copies of the same article across the internet because it clearly leads to a very poor user experience.

How would you feel if you were presented with a page of search results which was essentially the same article on a number of different websites?

Google have also stated quite openly that any attempt to manipulate page rank or search engine results will lead to your site being penalized.

Take a look at the videos below for Googe's take on article marketing and article syndication.

Do You Recommend Article Marketing as an SEO Strategy?

Google Webspam Content Violations

Google Disavow Tool-You Might Need This If You Have Syndicated Your Content Widely

Please Take My Article Syndication Poll

Is Article Syndication a Delusional Strategy Bound to Fail?

See results

Article Syndication and the Warrior Forum

You will find many members of the Warrior Forum touting “article syndication” as a successful method of increasing your website traffic and ultimately sales.

However all of these fans and proponents of article syndication have a vested interest because many of them make their money supplying “content” to other members of the forum.

And others attempt to make affiliate sales by supplying you with the “resources” that they claim you will need to succeed.

It is truly pathetic and sad to see the hordes of wide eyed newbies falling for this flim flam only to see them trying hard and failing after wasting time and money pursuing what is clearly a futile and ineffective strategy.

You might also be interested in reading "Is the Warrior Forum a Scam?".

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