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The Benefits of Shopping Online

Updated on April 27, 2008
Save money by shopping online!
Save money by shopping online!

Log on to big savings!

A lot of people are still pretty apprehensive about shopping online - but they are missing out on some great deals!

First of all, most online stores do not charge you taxes. On occasion you will be charged if you happen to live in the same state that the company resides in. But many large corporations do not charge taxes at all.

I know what you are thinking - THEY CHARGE SHIPPING THOUGH!

Well you are right - kind of.

They do charge shipping. But more and more online stores are offering free shipping deals or at least discounted shipping and if you know what deals are going on and what kind of promotions they are offering you can save big time. Also some stores are offering free site to store shipping now. This means they will ship your product to their nearest store for free and you will pick it up there. Walmart seems to be one of the leaders in this step, but many other businesses are starting to do the same.

That brings me to the next benefit - coupons and promotional codes. Almost all stores online offer them and just a simple search on google will reveal them to you.

There are a ton of free websites that let you search a store and see every promotion and coupon currently being accepted. Also, if you do not find a promotional code or coupon, sign up for the online stores newsletter - many times they send special discounts to you via your email.

The next benefit still scares a lot of people - REBATES!

I know what you are thinking again! Er rebates, I hate filling out those forms and sending all my stuff in just to wait weeks to get my rebate!

Well, online rebates are a little different then the kind that are offered in instore shops.

One very popular website is, and it is free and very easy to sign up. Once you are signed up you shop through links on their site and you can get up to 30% cash back on every dollar you spend. There are a few sites like this out there, pick the one you like most, but try to stick with only one rebate site. Most of them do not allow you to access your money until it reaches $20. If you are a big spender online, it'll happen pretty fast - if not it might take a while. But it's still money that belongs to you and that you are saving.

Another popular option if you have children is, this works just like the other rebate sites, except the money is saved for your child for college. It also has more advanced rebates options, in example, entering your grocery member club numbers and getting rebates by using those. You have the potential to earn much more on this site, but it's saved for college money for a child.

I know this all sounds great right? Except one problem - waiting for your packages to come! Well the wait is not so long anymore. Stores are shipping their products out extremely fast competing for your business. Many online stores offer to ship your products out the same day you make the online purchase!

Okay one more thing! If you pay close attention to the bargain forums, you can basically steal stuff! That's how cheap you can get it sometimes! Just recently Victoria secret was offering a $5 off your first order coupon and a free shipping coupon. Combine those codes with clearance items and you are getting some quality products at some very very low prices. So pay attention to the bargain forums! These people know where to get the best deals!!!

Okay, let me end this on one note. If you found an item you want to purchase on a site you have never shopped at before - please do a little research on it first. Although it doesn't happen that often, there are always going to be scam artists out there. You can check any company for free with the Better Business Bureau at, you can also just google the company and see what other people are saying about them. Be safe!!

Happy Online Shopping!!


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