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The Best Credit Card Deals

Updated on May 31, 2011

Your credit card called and it wanted to tell you that it owes you for being such a good patron. Wouldn’t it be awesome if real life worked that way? When phone calls from credit card companies meant you were on the receiving end of a ton of gratitude and a sweet surprise? Well, guess what? It is a reality. There are some very good credit card deals that go beyond just helping you build and repair your credit. These awesome credit card deals reward you for responsible behavior and you’re in luck today because I have three of the best credit card deals you should be taking advantage of right now.

If you love to travel, you definitely want to apply for a credit card that rewards you with frequent flyer miles. Just using your card for daily things like buying groceries, paying bills and dining out could easily result in free flights for you. Wouldn’t it be awesome to enjoy a free vacation thanks to your credit card? I bet it would. So the next time you’re applying for a credit card, check the fine print and see if it gives you miles for every dollar spent.

Do you love winning? Are you constantly entering contests and sweepstakes hoping to win something you would never be able to afford? There’s a credit card for you too. Some major credit card companies occasionally have sweepstakes – especially during the holiday season where a simple swipe of your credit card guarantees you an entry into a drawing for an awesome prize. Prizes range from all expenses paid vacations, exotic trips, cars, electronics to cold hard cash. And let’s face it, we could all use a little extra cash, right? The hidden bonus here is that pretty much every credit card that does this also has a reward point system where you earn points for every dollar spent and these points are redeemable for lots of nice goodies.

Just in case you’re not too eager about the odds of winning a sweepstake or contest and you’d rather have case cash then by all means always opt for a credit card with a cash back feature. The thing I like about these types of credit card deals is that not only do you get cash back but you also get huge discounts from your favorite places. I have seen some places offering up to sixty percent off on merchandise purchased with a particular credit card.

So there you have it. You have the power to make your credit card work for you. Simply find out what the best card is for you by finding out what your charging habits are and what your priorities are then set out to find the best credit card deals to suit your lifestyle. Pretty soon, your credit card company will be calling you saying they owe you!


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