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How To Save Money Shopping by Using Coupons. Do you want to know the Best Internet Coupon Sites

Updated on January 22, 2014

Using Coupons Can Save You A Lot Of Money

There was a time in my life when I was first married that I used coupons all of the time. Money was tight and the savings I got from using the coupons really helped my small family save always needed cash. As my husband and I got older and more established in our careers I didn't use them as much, but now with the economy in a downward spiral and prices at the supermarket and drug store on the rise I find that I am turning to coupons once again. Using coupons can help you generate extra money at the end of each month that you can either save or spend on other necessities. Because I have a teenager in the house using coupons helps to stretch our budget and provide him with the extra spending money or gas money he needs.  I've done some research on some really good sites that provide awesome deals and hope that you can use them to help save your family money.

918 Coupon Queen

My favorite website for getting coupons and great advice on where to use them is The site is owned by one of my local news channels. The website is run by self titled Coupon Queen Sarah Roe. Sarah has lots of money saving information on the site and also has books that you can purchase that will help you on your search for savings. You can also view the segments she is on during the morning news broadcast. The tabs at the top of her page include printable coupons, coupon databases, and store circulars. The downside to this site is that some of the information is regional. If you live in the Tulsa area you will find lots of deals for local stores and businesses along with national coupons. The upside to this site is that it gives you loads of helpful links and is updated daily. Sarah also matches coupons to current store sales items to really save you loads of money. I didn't realize this until I saw one of her segments, but if you have a store coupon you can use it as well as a national coupon for the same item. For example: if you have a Walgreens coupon for V8 Juice and a national coupon for the same thing-the store will honor both when you purchase the juice. is a great website that provide both national and regional coupons for you to use. If you want to see what local coupons are available to you all you have to do is type in your zip code when you are prompted to and the browser will show you coupons for stores and restaurants that are in your area. You don't need to search this way though-the datebase also lets you browse coupons for products that are good nationally. The site provides coupons for groceries, health and beauty products, pet products, entertainment, clothing, and many more. This site is really easy to use-simply click on the coupons you want and use your own printer to print them out for you. There is also a tab on the site that keeps track of the number of coupons you print and the amount of money you will save. and and is another database that has printable coupons for you to use. This site doesn't offer as many choices as, but you can save big on items like DVD's and Blueray discs. This site will also send coupons to your email address, all you have to do is sign up, it's that simple. offers coupons for you to use at the grocery store, online, and at restaurants. You can search for national coupons and local ads just by putting in your zip code. You can get redplum coupons online, or they will arrive in your newspaper and in some cases your mail. is a database full of coupons that you can search with keywords. If you are looking for cereal coupons you would type in cereal in the search box and the site will return loads of coupons for you to print and use. The keyword search is the main reason I love this site.

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 I hope this information helps you save some money on your next shopping trip.  Taking a little extra time to look on these databases for coupons before you go on your next shopping trip can save you lots of money.


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      FrugalShopper 5 years ago

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      WebShopper 6 years ago

      I use It doesn't seem cluttered with unknown brands. Enjoy!

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      top websites online 7 years ago

      thanks for the post, it will be useful to me to make a post in my blog

    • angela_michelle profile image

      Angela Michelle Schultz 7 years ago from United States

      This was really helpful, thank you so much for all these awesome sites!!!

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      mikicagle 7 years ago from Oklahoma

      I'd like to take a moment and thank everyone who voted for me and made this hub an official HUBNUGGET! I am deeply deeply honored.

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      mikicagle 7 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thanks so much. I am so excited about being nominated, it was a complete suprise and I am looking forward to the results. Thanks again

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      Duchess OBlunt 7 years ago

      Great information and links provided. Nice job! and congratulations on your nomination. Good luck with the voting

    • mikicagle profile image

      mikicagle 7 years ago from Oklahoma

      I hope that everyone can use the sites and benefit from some of the information on them. I really like watching the "coupon" queen when she is on the news-I had no idea that you could use a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon at the same time.

    • Money Glitch profile image

      Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas

      Coupons definitely help to save money in such a tight economy. This will help me to find even more savings. Thanks for sharing the websites!

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Wow! Wish we have these in our country. Congrats for your Hubnugget nomination. To check the Hubnuggets details, feel free to click this link:

      Happy Holidays and cheer from the Hubnuggets Team :)

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Thanks for these links. I've never heard of these sites before. I'll check them out.