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The Best Places to Retire

Updated on May 11, 2016
The Best places in America to retire. Darker color is better.
The Best places in America to retire. Darker color is better.

If you are near or already there at retirement age, hopefully you have managed your economic resources throughout most of your life and are in a decent place when you plan to retire. Preparing for retirement is such a hard thing to do when your 25-45 yrs. So many things in your life are vibrant drawing your attention and many are just living comfortably with little extra to save for so many years ahead they can’t even imagine. Yet, time keeps on ticking and then you are there. Many say, OMG, I failed at being a retirement financial expert!

Deciding where to retire is not just for rich retirees, but even those who failed at it. Many will just stay where they have their family and friends after so many years spent there. Others, seek a totally different change for the last stage of their only life before health prevents it all.

If money is an issue, many retire in the Philippines, where the cost of living is much cheaper than in the USA, with lesser quality also in many aspects. But, many with a monthly income of just $1500 a month, live a nice lifestyle there. Compare that to the USA, where maybe that amount just pays a rent or mortgage. The two main areas with the most foreigners who live there are in Clark (near Manila, and Cebu City on Cebu. In the Manila area, there are around 25,000 or so, in Cebu, 10,000. The most common are American, Australian, British, German, Russian.

In the Philippines, if you are healthy, that $1500 pays for most everything- rent, food, etc. It’s a good place where English is spoken everywhere. You might “test drive” it for a year. Just expect less quality at times. It is Third World in many places but trying hard to be First World.

If you are planning to stay stateside, then one of the best places to retire is in Naples. Florida. The tax rate is 10%, there are 27 doctor’s offices per 1000 people, and the 50% of the population are in their 60’s. The Medical care index out of 100 is 87, and received a rating of 98 out of 100 for one of the best places to retire. In fact Florida has four cities in the Top 10 places nationally to retire- Naples (#3), Inverness (#4), Stuart(#5) and Brooksville (#6). Ironically, climate wise, the #1 and #2 spots are Wasila, and Palmer, Alaska!

You would think that California would have one spot in the Top 10 nationally- nope. Actually, Oregon offers a good retirement place, with Hood River, Roseburg, Ashland, being good spots. As far California goes, the Top 10 within the state, from #1 to 10 are: Westlake Village (Santa Monica), Auburn, Ojai, Placerville, Grass Valley, Rancho Mirage, Arroyo Grande, Solana Beach, Redding and Sonoma.

Retiring is really a personal thing and subjective, but, if you are thinking of going to a place you have always wanted to, then just do it. Move to some area for a time. Remember, on average, if you are 60, you only have 15-20 years left, assuming your health is good.


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