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The Best Things in Life Aren't Free

Updated on June 6, 2017

Money Is Everything

From a single mom's point of view, "Money is everything." It gets knotty whenever someone utters this aphorism and mentions all the things that money can't buy like love, respect, trust, integrity, moral, and the list goes on and on that I could develop an aneurysm by merely citing examples because I really cannot think of anything.

Love is very expensive. In fact, my love for my kids is as humongous as the bright future that I would like to give them as a gift. I've been burning the candle at both ends to earn the money that I need to pay all of my debts and finally start saving for my kids. I'm not even doing this to live in luxury because my purpose in life is to make sure that my kids get the education that they need, acquire the career that they want and achieve what goal they may have in their life. All of this require money. Even a simple bonding that my kids and I could have on our spare time like watching movies while eating popcorn or ice cream, costs money. You cannot give love without spending because not being able to provide for your kids would create hate towards yourself. There is a 100% assurance that you love your kids no matter what, whether you have money or not but to see them in discomfort for lacking the basic needs in life or their dream, might not lose the love that you have for them, but it would definitely lose the love that you have for yourself. Without money, there would be a feeling of guilt that you brought them into this world of hardship and it wasn't even their choice.

Money can't buy respect, trust or moral? Do vagabonds get the respect that they need as humans without home while they wander from place to place because they have no job? Do beggars get people to trust them enough to help them by giving them a job? Not to degrade that they belong to the lower classes under the hierarchy of social categories, but I bet that they wouldn't have moral even if they wanted to because it is hard to stand tall with righteousness or principles in life when your stomach is growling from hunger. They would rather beg for food or money than die in the streets. Respect, trust and even moral do require money.

How about integrity? Hypothetically, your husband gets in an accident and ends up with a severe injury that impacted his brain. He is in a coma and you are by his side, looking at him pensively as you make a subliminal calculation of the medicine and fluids being fed to your husband through that plastic tube plus all other hospital expenses. As you go out for fresh air and walk the pavements, you get sidetracked to a wallet on the floor without its rightful owner. Do you think integrity would kick in, knowing that your husband needs all the care that he could get from the Intensive Care Unit? On the other hand, if you didn't need the money you would instantly hand it over to security or anyone from the hospital so that they can give it back to the owner.

When we say that "Money is everything," it doesn't necessarily mean that money can buy anything. It can't buy everything but it can help you gain love, respect, trust, moral or integrity. We do need money to live. After all, we all have a purpose in life because we are alive. Hence, to keep on living we need the money to provide us with the basic necessities and give our children everything that they need.

The truth is, this is the right answer for me and this is what i believe in because this is my choice. For a lonely guy who's a millionaire, it may be right that money isn't everything because it isn't something that is making him happy. Any perception about money is right. It's just something that should never be a topic for a debate because there is no wrong answer, there's only your perception and my perception.

Money Is Everything: Personal Finance for the Brave New Economy Paperback – April 10, 2015 by Amanda Reaume

Money Is Everything: Personal Finance for the Brave New Economy
Money Is Everything: Personal Finance for the Brave New Economy

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    • mygoblin profile image

      Shey Saints 8 months ago from Philippines

      You made me smile today! Thanks for the wonderful comment!

    • profile image

      Fiddleman 8 months ago

      Love your hub and your thoughts! I have never had a whole lot of money and we have seen our share of financial hardship. The values mentioned in your article can't be bought but in our possession. We have the blessing of teaching them our children and most importantly by example. Great hub!