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The Best Ways to Generate Money Online

Updated on June 26, 2017

It's no surprise that millions of people want to make money online whether it's for beer money, or to earn a passive income without getting up so early in the morning for work. Making money online may seem easy, but it's actually a very daunting task. I've dabbled with various ways to supplement my income and I've only recently got a breakthrough. Over the course of three years I've made an extra buck here and there from filling out surveys and doing micro jobs, but I never expected to make any real money until recently. If you only want some beer money then this article is definitely not for you.

1. Freelance Work

The first idea I'm going to explore is freelance work. There's a great site called Fiverr that is made specifically for professionals, and amateurs alike. I began in the graphics industry on Fiverr and for two months I literally got no sales. I promoted my gig day after day on social media, forums, and other online communities where I was active and I finally got a sale. From the first sale it snowballed and I was able to make plus/minus $500 in a period of five months. The biggest boundary that you need to get over is getting that first sale. You can always ask a friend to buy one of your gigs to get that first sale so people can trust you, but remember that your content still has to be great otherwise people won't come back for more. This applies for any freelance work from graphic design to writing and online marketing.

2. Blogging or Running Your Own Website

Another way to make serious money online is through blogging or having your own website. I know this method gets talked about a lot but there's a reason why. Blogging or having your own website can substitute your current salary in the long run. It really is hard work in the beginning since you need a lot of traffic before you can earn serious money but if you put in the effort to get that traffic and have great content, it'll be easier to start generating an income. There's no specific niche that will guarantee you success. Obviously there's a lot of subjects that are more popular than others but the chances that there's a thousand articles about them are high. The key is to find a niche that has barely been touched by the online community. Once you have an original niche you can start to write about it and the snowball effect will take place as long as you promote your blog or website. Remember to always offer original content. People don't want to read the same thing over and over again. There's a lot of websites and blogs that has the exact same content. Most people will only stick with one website or blog that they trust. Having an original niche will eliminate any competition.

3. Buying and Selling Online

The last option I'm going to explore is the art of buying and selling online. With this idea you can start small and slowly build your way up to a successful business. Start by selling all of your unwanted items online. Once you have a capital, you can start buying items and resell them at a higher price. This idea is a very simple one that will guarantee you to make money online. If you have no items in your home that you want to sell, you can always start a dropshipping business on eBay or Amazon. This option is a little more complicated since you have to do a lot of research before you begin. There's many factors you have to take in like shipping costs, your markup and what other sellers are asking for the same product. Getting a reliable supplier is the key to it all. If you get a reliable supplier that's not heavy on shipping costs your basically halfway through. The remaining part of it is just finding the right product for you to put up a reasonable markup and then list it on eBay or Amazon. Do your research before getting your hopes up to high with the dropshipping business.

The conclusion is that no matter what, making money online may seem like an easy way to live a good life with financial freedom but the reality is that it's hard. It involves hours of doing research about topics, niches and products. Promoting your blog, website, gig or products can be overwhelming if you're not actively involved within the online community. Get involved in forums and be active on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. If your active in the online community, the rest will most likely just follow since people will want to click on your promotional links.

What method, if any, do you use at the moment to make money online?

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