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The Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM)

Updated on April 22, 2018

Smart mobile phone is very popular in India nowadays. BHIM is an application in Google Play Android store which developed by National Payment Corporation in India (NPCI). This is available in iPhone also. This application is developed to create a revolution in digital money transaction in India. It is a very simple app. It can use by every person without much effort. One should have an account in a bank in India and that account should register with a mobile number is essential for using this application.

Recently Government of India had developed Unified Payment Interface (UPI). The Government Agency behind its development was National Payment Corporation of India. It had launched in 11th April 2016. Through this system, everyone can create a virtual payment address for money transfer. It is very simple and easy as sending an e mail between addresses. Money transfer is available 24*7 throughout the year. Real time fund transfer is its specialty. Now 31 banks in India are under UPI. Remaining banks of India too will added to this system very soon.

BHIM is intended to facilitate e payments. It named after Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar who is the chief Architect of Constitution of India. BHIM allowed users to send or receive money to other UPI Payment addresses or scanning QR Code or bank account numbers with IFSC Code or MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) Code to users who do not have a UPI based bank account. It is a simple App which can be used in Android and iPhone platforms.

We can transfer fund to any bank account in India through the App. No need to register the payee beforehand. BHIM can transfer money immediately, at anytime, even on holidays or night. Also no need to know bank account number of the payee. Registered mobile number or Adhar number (Unified Personal Identification number issued for every citizen in India) is needed for money transfer. BHIM also work on feature phone without internet. Money can be transferred to a virtual payment address or bank account number by using the App. "Scan and Pay" facility makes the payment very fast in shops. We can check balance of bank account also. We can check balance of bank account through it.

BHIM App is available in 9 languages. About 40 banks can be linked in this App. It is part of the Digital India Programme which is a flagship programme of Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. ' Faceless, Paperless, Cashless' is one of professed role of digital India.

My Experience

I was keen to know about the development of such an application by Indian Government, at the time of demonetization in 2016. Many political oppression is suffered by the Government at that times. But most of Indians are favourable to the action by Government. They believed that black money system in India should come to an end. Really black money through corruption, bribery, fake notes and through other ways is a curse to Indian Economy. Every money should need to be accountable and taxation of the total money should be a blessing to the common folks of India to perform social justice. It was the reason for my personal favour with the digitalization of money.

There are many applications has developed in India after demonitizations like PhonePe, MobiKwik, Google Tez, Paytm and so on. Transactions through these applications have increased than BHIM, but “BHIM is a talisman for digital payments in India,” because it is developed by the not-for-profit National Payment Corporation of India.

Total downloads of BHIM application as on 01/01/2018 was 21.65 million through Android and 1.03 million through Apple iOS.

I downloaded some digital payments. I think almost apps are nice and easy. Now payment is easy like sending an email. Pockets is a colourful app by ICICI banks. SBI Pay is a good application by SBI Bank.

PhonePay is the most easy application in this type. It can open without log-in, but it is very safe. Four or six numbered UPI pin is needed for each transaction. You do not share UPI pin to any body. Also do not give your mobile phones. If your mobile phone is missed, you should need to block it urgently to avoid misuse.

Advantages of e Cash Transactions

  • All money of a nation should be accountable and comes under taxation. When revenue through tax increases, government can begin social security programmes for the citizen at grass root level. The parallel reign of black money should comes to end.
  • Flow of fake currency should be curbed and it is the resource for fundamentalism and extremism in India. Through fake currency, the efforts of commons is utilized by undeserved hands.
  • High expenditure for the creation of currencies can be saved. Indirectly it is useful for environment, many plants can be preserved which cut for making of pulp (paper).
  • Money should always be kept in bank account. In India, Saving Bank account interest is 3.5 to 6 percent. It will earn interest always.
  • The risk of keeping money physically should be avoided.
  • The income and expenditure can be managed carefully and debt trap of many persons may be solved.

Creation of UPI ID

The creation of UPI Id is very easy. I myself created many UPI ids. No problem to share our UPI Ids. No one can misuse it without sending collect requests. When getting collect request from unfamiliar ids, either try to cancel or react it. It will expired automatically after 24 hours.

I got many collect requests, I don't care such requests. Also one person mistakingly send money to my id. I returned that money to his Id, is very easy.

I formed many many Ids in the first part of my name INDRA - no one can take that name @upi, @sbi or @obc. Fastly you should try to get a suitable and convenient UPI ID before some other person obtain that ID. Your mobile number can use an ID. Paytm is the app which using Mobile number@Paytm as ids.


Before the evolution of present currencies, many stages have developed in various periods. In future, physical money should be disappeared. It is the smooth way for tax system for governments and to its citizens. In place of book and papers, computer is using for official purposes. Mobile phones also created a revolution. SMS in mobile phone is outdated with the arrival of WhatsApp. Change is inevitable. Don't try to swim against flow. Approve changes, if that don't create any obstruction to easy living and useful to nature.

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