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The Black Tax

Updated on October 3, 2012

The Black Tax

Where I stay, many folks pay “The Black Tax” in addition to mandatory state and federal taxes. This is a classic example of taxation without representation which is inflicted on a voiceless minority. You may receive a “DWB” or “Driving While Black”, which is the penalty for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and of the wrong complexion. A DWB may result in a falsified ticket, beating, tazing, or potentially a shooting and generally always an unlawful search of one’s person or property provided by the long arm of the law. Officers of the law may fabricate suspicion in order to justify their inappropriate behavior. They may include additional charges to give the courts room to plea bargain your case. If you should find yourself in an encounter with such a devious character please remain humble and patient; you may go to jail for no reason but at least you’ll be alive. Should the villain become aggressive, restrain from physical reaction but yell for help as if your life depends on it, because it very well may. You might not beat being processed in a corrupt system, but you may avoid a beat down or worse.

The next phase of the black tax involves time; the time you spend in jail, the time you spend in court and the time you spend in probation etcetera. These countless hours may cost you your livelihood and your peace of mind. Being handled like a criminal can be demoralizing to the innocent. Jail houses are filthy and unsanitary and extremely uncomfortable places filled with unsavory people as well as those paying their black tax such as yourself. Be prepared to be strip searched and cavity searched, and use the restroom in front of a crowd. I hope you’re not shy! The food is like pig slop and the jailers are equally odious. Picture grown men shining the shoes of corrections officers for a bit of favor. A little power in the wrong hands is dangerous.

The next portion of the black tax is monetary. You must pay for your vehicle if it has been impounded, you must pay to be bonded, pay for an attorney, court costs, probation fees and a slew of miscellaneous charges. The state may add surcharges that must be paid to keep your license in good standing. You will miss several days of work, so I hope your employer understands. At the end of the day you will be thousands of dollars poorer and may be out of a job.

Finally you must say good bye to your good name. Besides expressing your situation to your loved ones and anyone aware of your arrest, you will forever be blighted by a police arrest record and criminal record which will make you even less attractive to potential employers or higher learning institutions. You will have some explaining to do for sure. It is possible to have your record expunged at a later date for an additional monetary fee.

This is Black Tax in a nutshell. I dedicate this hub to ****. ****** and every officer that fabricates police reports to harass minorities, the district attorney’s paid to lock people away, instead of review facts in the best interest of justice, and everyone who profits from the unjust incarceration of others. PWIV

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    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 5 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      I have some news for are right there is a black tax, but it isn't administered by the system or on just blacks. It's administered by rogue redneck cops who if they weren't hiding behind a badge would be in jail themselves. I know from firsthand experience cause one of these ahole cops stopped my son on his way to work for this reason - he was driving a conversion van (my van) was 18 and had long blond hair. For no other reason than to fill a quota because it was 4th of July weekend (my son was working overtime to make the holiday bonus money) he pulled him over on a four lane interstate and detained him while his buddies searched the van twice once themselves and once with a drug sniffing dog and of course found nothing. Then told him he could go but he complained that they made him late for work and sarcastically said "Well thank you for protecting the public." They arrested him for disturbing the peace, took him to jail (treated him and me like crap while in jail) and I couldn't get him out til the next day.... The court eventually threw the case out when they heard what really happened.

      It's not the system it's the scum they let become cops and the "good" cops and DAs who allow the scum to stay..