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The Caregivers Marketplace and Mom's Smart Values - Another Way to Save Money

Updated on July 3, 2011

What is Caregivers Marketplace?

Caregivers Marketplace is a program built to "ease some of the financial burden of caring for an ill, elderly or disabled family member or friend." But the good news is, anyone can use it who is a caregiver! And they define caregiver as " Any person who cares for another person – adult or child, sick or healthy, disabled or non-disabled." They also mention on their FAQ section that anyone can become a member, whether they are caring for themselves or someone else. Basically the program is open to anyone, and it is FREE.

The Caregivers Marketplace is able to offer cash-back on many items that we use for everyday care. I learned about Caregivers Marketplace because they used to give a rebate for every package of baby diapers. That added up to significant savings over a year's time. But once I started using them, there were many things that I could turn in on my rebate form at the end of the year.  This is especially beneficial if you are buying your items on sale, using coupons, and really trying to save money anyway.  This can be the little boost you need to get some of your grocery budget back.

Here's how it works: you register for a number, like a grocery card, and send it rebate forms. You may send in a rebate form each time you have purchased FIVE participating items. I usually submit one form near at the end of the year. You must fill out a rebate form, and send all of your original receipts. You may shop anywhere, and you don't have to save barcodes - just receipts.

Mom's Smart Values

The Caregivers Marketplace has been in the process of creating a sister site, Mom's Smart Values, for quite some time. I'm not sure when it will come to fruition, but in the meantime, they have added several child and baby care items to the rebate form. This can be a great money-saver for families. Just check out some of the items you can submit!

List of items with the rebate amount

Here is the 2011 list of rebates, and the rebate amounts. I know in some cases I have changed brands because when the rebate is factored in, it saves me money. Take a good long look at the list and see if it is worth your time to go and enroll. I was very pleasantly surprised and get so excited when that check comes in around the beginning of each year!

Aspercreme $1

Balmex $1

Benzodent $1

Colace (100 mg 60 Capsules) $5

Cortizone-10 $1

Gold Bond - $1

Kaopectate - $1

IcyHot - $1

Peri-Colace - $5

Senokot (100 tablets) - $5

Senokot-S (60 tablets) - $5

Surfak - $1

TriDerma - $1

Traditional Medicinals (Organic Mother's Milk Tea 16bags) - $1

Where to go from here

If you found some items that you use, head over to The Caregivers Marketplace and take a look at the extended rebate list (that lists the particular products of each of the brands I listed).  Sign up, and start reaping the rewards of joining this great program!


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    • cheapsk8chick profile image

      cheapsk8chick 7 years ago

      It is awesome Rob! I love it!

    • rpalulis profile image

      rpalulis 7 years ago from NY

      This care givers marketplace sounds awesome, what another great way to save a few bucks, thanks for sharing, every little bit ads up.